World of Warships: Taihou – They Were Better Than Us

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Sometimes the enemy team is just than yours. You can try hard and your team can not make big obvious mistakes, but you still lose. This is one those times.

of footage of the aircraft .


  1. His Majesty King George V

    *pats Taiga*

  2. Hey, this is Nots…

    oops, wrong video

  3. I do enjoy Nachi voice over 😀

  4. I would totally use Ashigara :3

  5. one does simply incur the wrath of aerroon with DFAA

  6. Lews Therin Talamon

    I like games where the enemy is better- well, I don’t, but they’re better than the games where you get unlucky, or deleted, or you make one huge mistake and screw your team. It’s nice to know you actually put forth your best effort in a game, even on a loss. Oh, and I like the Nachi voice 🙂

  7. Cycling your defensive AA wouldn’t have saved you, only better fighter control could

  8. Nguyen Ba Nhat Minh

    Hey Aerroon since you like the ARP voices you should try out the HSF captain voices as well

  9. Nice to see a new Video ^^
    I’ve send you an EMail regarding a Replay, if you are interested and still do these kinds of videos

  10. Carriers are so sneaky…
    They always get the drop on me.

  11. nice to see you back

  12. and that nht …the last still sit here!?

  13. Much of the xp difference between you and the Essex comes down to the number of planes shot down. Shooting planes down gives unreasonably much xp considered the actual impact it has compared to %damage done on enemy ships.

  14. A lot of people forget this !

  15. Turning off AA no longer resets the cooldown on it.

  16. so do you recommend going for CE right after the first 10 captain points or first get the additional ammo and then CE?

  17. So you play the point-click-delete class and you’re petty because people cover teammates? Maybe you should go back to farmville, since you’re really not contributing anything to the WoWs community in this manner. If you were a super unicum player, sure, I could understand, but a sup-par player, tsk tsk. Good luck I guess.

  18. senpai why you post such a sad game? *cries

  19. That mission is cursed…i got 280’000 damage, 230k spotting and 50 planes down, we lost of course….but i got the mission.

  20. At least you didn’t say or blame Battleships for ruining all of the game.

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