World of Warships- Take Advantage Of This NOW + The Best Removed Premium

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Hello guys, today we start off the video with a PSA about the commander skills reset, and then look at a darn good Alaska game, enjoy!

Update Article:


Have a replay?

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  1. I reset all commanders once, with over 300 ships I kind of regretted doing it. I’ll go through them and see if there’s a few that I want to reset.

  2. i have WAY too many ships to a “reset all” gonna be a ship by ship basis

  3. Just finished with the Puerto Rico. It’s a fun ship. Can take a lot of damage and hits hard. I have the Congress too. Just missing Alaska.

  4. While time consuming to respec, this is worth every penny, especially if you have a lot of ships. So many lower point commanders just get played out of meta spec simply because lower point commanders weren’t worth 500 doubloons to reset.

  5. CruisingForMermaids

    Dismounting modules is also free.

  6. The Iowa class had so many barrels because they had built a ton to mount onto the 4 upcoming Montanas. When they were cancelled it was a happy accident that they had finished most of them. So rather than sending them in to re-rifle them, they could effectively hot-swap them in a couple of days whenever they needed maintenance.

    • Back in the 1980s, USS Iowa had an accident with one of the guns (It was mentioned in her naval legends episode). Did the Navy hotswap that then?

    • @MasterZ Pretty sure it screwed the breech too so it’s still broken. It’s Iowa’s middle cannon on her B turret. They could have, but before they fixed it, they mothballed her and museums probably can’t actually repair it.

      Yup, just checked. They made it look the part, but sealed the turret after that. It was really bad. Killed 47 people.

    • If I remember correctly Battleship New Jersey has a fantastic episode on guns.

    • @Herr Haber Yeah. They actually have one of the spares from the class. You can climb through it if you’re brave enough. BB New Jersey does a great job at making stuff like this accessible to people.

  7. The one of reason why CV gameplay is so hard was their autopilot…

  8. I wish the commander skill respec was always free so that it would encourage people to experiment with builds more, instead of just going with the cookie cutter builds as always.

  9. Man. Love that ship. And games like the one you showed us here are why. Will definatly buy it on BF.

  10. Hands down. the most dangerous cursier in the game… that Alaska is a beast!

  11. I love the USS Alaska.
    I’ve had lots of great games with her.
    My last the other day was during one of those battles where we had to make a comeback and the good ol’ Alaska got me a Kraken and we won as well.

    Oh yeh, if it looks like a Battlecruiser, smells like a Battlecruiser and tastes like a Battlecruiser then it’s a Battlecruiser.


  12. With the free respec, it gave me the unique opportunity to whale to just about all the T10s I’ve been wanting to get done.

  13. Alaska is not a “Battle Cruiser”. That definition classifies those ships that have the armament of a comparable Battle Ship but with much reduced armour & greater speed. The purpose of which was to outrun enemy battleships whilst catching & engaging enemy cruisers. Alaska is just a large heavy cruiser.

  14. You can also move equipment for free as well as reset commander skills.

  15. Indeed a good watch

  16. Ok, I’ll admit I squealed a bit when I saw your last shot. Great match !

  17. 12″ guns weren’t battleship-caliber guns when the Alaskas were designed. Her contemporary battleships had 16″ guns. The US hadn’t fielded a 12″ gun on a battleship in 30+ years.

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