World of Warships- Take Advantage Of This RIGHT Now! Update 11.11: What You Need To Know

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Hello guys, today we go over update 11.11 and go over what you need to know to get the most out of this update!

Update Article:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
0:49 New Years Celebration (Snowflake Event)
2:48 Do This Now to Maximize Your Earnings In The Event
8:55 Carol Clash
10:27 Schroder Dockyard (Give my Siegfried Secondaries back WG)
13:06 IJN CL Event Continues
13:29 New BP
13:42 Bounty Event
14:55 New Round of Brawls
15:27 Tromp In Armory
15:57 Closing Thoughts


  1. Admiral Schroeder’s secondaries are pretty mix, the amount of them and the dps are good but the dispersion on them are just regular Germans secondary, and without the battleship commander skills. And then she got placed on the most RNG based tier in the game

    • Without being able to buff accuracy with a commander skill they appear very disappointing, makes you question how useful they are with both limited range and hitting 1 out of every 10 fired, the lack of torps is noticeable given how little you get in return from the extra secondaries. The better concealment than the Agir and Siegfried is the major drawcard of this ship, while it is tempting to spec secondaries due to the sheer number, makes you wonder if a non secondary build might be best… the ship has the same citadel vulnerability as those 2 ships (can cit them from front and back fairly easily)

  2. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Something that you missed in the bug fixes is that halland has her forward firing angles fixed

  3. This will help me get the last few tier tens on my shopping list and the best steel event of the year, 198 ships to date.

  4. So I guess the questions I have are, one do you have to get the base XP in one match or can it be over several as it has in the past. Two I really miss the Corgi fleet events and the reason they have to randomly select people is because they stop being fun.

  5. I wish, at a minimum, that the bb manual secondary skill was available to cruisers.

  6. A nice thing about the commander rework is that you do not have to have a commander on a ship to play it. So your old ships that you don’t use just play a CoOp game with no commander to get the rewards.

    I wonder what is going to be the default give away ship this year? I would not be suprised if it is the Russian sub. “Comrad you will play subs” says WG.

    Just don’t care anymore about the ships giveaway, or dockyard. The premium ships I would like to have, few of then, are almost impossible unless I get all the others first. Cammo give aways, why? They do not have function, unless you sell them. Why not containers with FXP? That is something I could use.

    How about a Christmas gift module of better/more AA guns for all ships. Give some ships a chance and AA only effects aircraft and nothing else in the game so the “balamce” change would be minimal.

  7. One way to do that, if you need to, is after playing one of your T10 that you don’t play much, sell it. You’ll be able to buy several T5 with that money. After the event is over next year, you can grind out the credit and repurchase.

    • especially if you got your x2 research available. plus save your steel for after cause after all your coal from the lower ones you might not have to use steel, cause the 25% off resource coupon is coming out in 2 more days
      ( i’d start on the higher tiers and work down personally)

    • I was already about to sell off some T10 and 9 powercrept Conde and CV fodder ships. But then again the chances of getting a actually good top of the food chain ship are low enough.

  8. I sold a lot of mid tier ships for 3 superships and it was a big mistake, been slowly buying them back for this event.

  9. May want to mention that this is when the large battle pass pack is worth it. The 5% bonus to Steel coal and RB points will stack up quick in combo with the snowflake event.

  10. I thought the last update was good. I cleaned up on Black Friday ships in containers.(went over budget). Battle Pass was good for me, I spent the dubs on the full pass and got to level 75, getting a pile of coal and boxes extra . Keep up the good work.

  11. Thank you for the insights.
    You and Jingles produced the videos that got me started with WOW.
    I will now bulk up on Lower tier ships!
    I was getting frustrated with grinding away and never getting above tier V (Still no Colorado!) So I got a Prinz Eugene and it is like giving the monkey on the grinder a super health boost! Still learning how to survive til the end of the match, but the points earned shot right up, even when loosing the match.
    Turns out in game I have trouble dialing back the tendency tp push too fast.

    • Try American heavy cruiser line, it is pretty great, improved ap angles, slow shells with high arc let you HE over islands. Decent speed and handling through the whole line.

  12. Another sterling example of how CHEAP WG has become, as previously you got a supercontainer for each tier 10 ship you owned, and now you get 1 Santa certificate, and it takes 5 of those to get the big container. Feel the Love!!

  13. 10:58 I keep telling you Sea Lord, AGIR Has FAR more secondaries and was FAR more effective with them in the old commander system. See Flamu holding off the Yuro division of 3 Alaskas by sitt8ng behind an island and letting those 9×2 128mm guns burn them to death! Siegfried has only 7×2 with worse placement!

  14. Once, I wanted Renown ’44 as a Tier 9 Supercruiser. Now, I want Hood ’44 as a Tier 9 Battleship!

  15. They’ve already “posted” the Santa container specifics, but this year they are forcing you to dig into the compensation page to get the info. The update article has a click “here” under the Santa crate info area. From there, “Container Mechanics”, then search for “Santa” in the search box.

    The percentages are 2.5%, 9%, and 16%, respectfully, for the 1, 3, & 5 certificate cost. Therefore, if you are only looking for the rare ship RNG rewards, then the 5 certificate 16% is better for the value (3.2% per certificate) instead of 2.5% (the 1 certificate cost containers) or 3% (the 3 certificate cost ones). Further, you get a better chance (in total premium time, if aiming for that) with the 5 certificate cost ones (5 certificates can get you 180 days, where 3 certificates can only get you 90 days… both at 1% potential drop rate).

    In summary, there is only one container type to get… the 5 certificate “Mega” ones.

  16. Something worth noting: If you are close to a break point on the multi-presents (100, 200, etc), and you have the port slots, Tier 1 ships cost nothing but still contribute to that count.

  17. I was strongly considering getting renown anyway, so thats a win. I probably won’t finish the overall dockyard, but I can try to get the renown

  18. I had that thought several Christmases ago when I paid to restore some premiums I sold. Several days ago I had the thought to sell the tier 4 and below tech tree ships that I was using soley as commander storage. They did a good job at that but took up valuable port slots that I could have been using for ships of tiers that would give me snowflakes. So now I just need credits to buy all of the 5-9 ships on top of the 10s I’m close to researching for more certificats. Time to grind a bunch of operations I guess!

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