World of Warships- Take Advantage Of This SOON!

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Hello guys, today some interesting and good deals have gone up on the armory, and we go over these! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
0:47 Premium Time on Sale
3:18 Premium Ship Coupons
4:38 What Premium Should I Get?


  1. I was wondering if they were going to do the discount this year…

  2. That is one of the better deals that WG extends to it’s player base, but over time and thru the RNG of the crate drops I am sitting on 2521 days of premium time, so, maybe a few years from now…

  3. I would say don’t spend dubs on any ship you can get for coal or free xp. Azuma is essentially a free ship just play the game and save free xp. Same with agir.

    • Coal, absolutely. Free xp, I would say, should be saved for the research bureau grind because those ships are only available from there, and the price of the free xp ships has skyrocketed for absolutely no value in return.

    • How i got my Alaska :). Already used a million to rb Ohio.

    • @Bombless Research bureau is such a FXP sink.Its insane so if someone really likes the mediocre ships that are for free XP they could get em.But grinding a whole line 3+ times for a ship doesnt sound as much an incentive to do as a newer player.So yes they could most definetely save the dubs and just buy a fxp ship.Or use their FXP for actually easing grind.

  4. I feel like you really should be calling out that many of your recommendations can also be purchased for free XP or coal – zero real money cost. Azuma, Kearsarge, Carnot, etc. I think there are a number of much better choices for dub purchases. Honestly, the only T9 ships that are doubloon only are the Giuseppe Verdi and the Dalian – and I think in both cases you are served better by putting that cash towards some T8 ships where there are zero premiums available for in-game resources. And there are a lot of very strong T8s – Tirpitz, Mainz, Kidd, Cossack, Kaga, etc.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      This is true, I was just going from the position of someone that wants the best premium atm.

      Of course too if you want to spend your coal on a commander rather than a ship, this is also a prime opportunity

    • Yayaya dude he not everybody have coal all the time. Or maybe somebody just got a coal ship and would like another and with the coupons this would be a great time to do it

    • @One ANGRY CANADIAN coal is so ridiculously easy to accumulate that it would be down right wasteful to burn real world money on a coal ship…

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth naaa not when your Rich like me!!! I wipe my butt with hundred dollar bills

  5. I got a ton of premium time from the mega crates. I now have 433 days left lol. I might pick up a premium ship though. Picked up the Alaska B on Black Friday, and recently got the Salem for coal. I wasn’t that lucky with the Santa Crates. I only got the Sims, Warspite and Molotov from them. So pretty disappointed with that. I mainly play BB’s, Cruisers and DD’s. I absolutely refuse to play Subs, and never played any Carriers. So, I am not sure which ship or ships to get. I certainly do not want to throw a lot more money at this game lol.

  6. The yearly 360 is very worth it as everything additional that you accrue over the next year is added on. I got a 360 last year on like the 29th…. We’re now less than a week off that this year and I still have over 90 days left. Having non-premium and then getting random days here and there often means they get wasted.

    • It’s not if you don’t play at least 5 months daily.
      Very, very few people will play this game for 5 months over a year period.

  7. I have a year left on my premium so I will wait till next year. I like the Groningen. Pretty good damage farmer. Not a big fan of the Iwami. I got it from a crate but its guns seem to be underwhelming after hearing the Yammy, Shikishima and theHizen blast off their canons.

    • If you have a full year, chances are you won’t need to buy next year, either… I have 288 days left, but with what you get over the year I’ll EASILY make it 360 days from today to buy the next sale…

  8. I got the azuma from stockpiling free xp. Its a pretty nice ship. The AP is not terrible when you get a nice juicy broadside but that HE just slaps anything it connects with and adds a ton of fires.

  9. Kaga is also a good credit farmer with blue boosters. She can do good consistent damage and does well even when uptiered.

  10. Thanks SLM, I love these informative videos. Not sure if I missed something but it would have been good if you had a little section on ships that are only available for doubloons. I have all the free xp ships and many of the better coal ships, Kearsarge is most likely my next coal ship. I don’t mind spending some money on the game but I definitely try to make well informed and worthwhile purchases. Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work and have a great holiday season.

  11. Premium time is the only element in the game that does not get nerfed.

  12. Just took advantage of the half-price on premium 360. Thanks for the heads-up. Keep up the good work.

  13. The 4 coupons are not new for this year. It’s been going on since I started a few years ago. You should use the coupons for at least 1 of the Tier 9 ships.

  14. Do the planes that just finish attacking an enemy ship actually just ‘disappear’ back to the CV? Or do they fly back suffering AA damage but the player can do other things? Bomber pilots over Germany or Japan in WW2 would have loved that. “Just get to the target and drop your bombs and we’ll whisk you back to base for coffee and donuts within 5 minutes”. Shear lunacy some things in this game.

  15. Another great battle, even if it is a loss. You forgot to mention that premium time gives more xp and captain xp.

  16. i have to disagree with Schroder vs Agir. i found schroder guns to be much more consistent and accurate which is what matters to me. Agir just always felt weak but it is a freemium so it has that.

  17. He really is A G.O.A.T Ain’t he

  18. @ScreamingShadow1 It is a cool ship and i love it too, just trying to get WG to add it. Never hurts to try they can always say no.
    Trying to hit those pesky subs that are so small with a rocket plane requires a lot luck and some timing. A bomber division would be more helpful. It would be cool if WG gave the commander the option of choosing the plane type before leaving port like in real CV operations. My dad was a fighter pilot in WWII and Korea so i have studied CV operations a lot. Merry Christmas!

  19. @w ramsey Merry Christmas and I don’t know if Dad’s still with us ,but if he is please tell him that I ,we thank him for his service.
    Thank you for your information.
    Son of a Vietnam veteran.

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