World of Warships – Take All Comers

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Pretty fun random game in my Grosser Kurfurst, very different playstyle from ranked games. I hope you enjoy the change of pace and have a wonderful day!

Tier X German Grosser Kurfurst Replay – Discord Server


  1. 406 or 420 ?

    • Lodovico Carbone

      Davy Jones yo but 420 steeper arc is useful to citadel the shit out of bbs

    • Błażej Kurdyła

      420 have higher ballistic arc, which is useful if you want to score citadels instead overpens on cruisers. Also it is easier to fish Des Memes from behind an island.

    • although the 420 have a slower muzzle velocity, because the shells are heavier, they already have at 10km a flatter arc
      the 406 have a higher DPM btw (but not by much)

    • Actually I do. The damage difference is barely noticable, but I prefer the subjective higher alpha damage to better ROF on Kurfürst. Strange enough, on Friedrich I used 406’s all the time due to the 1 second less reload compared to Kurfürsts 406’es.

    • Using the 420 in ranked cause the windows of opportunity are mostly short, dpm doesn’t matter that much.

  2. 2:14 I can see why that Bismarck-class rowboat was blushing bright red, being so much smaller than Großer Kürfurst.

  3. just had a few games in my yamato. im getting very close to stop playing the game i cant deal with all the HE anymore i have a 17 point captain with all the fire skills and concealment and the modules as well but when you do your job in your BB and push and get 3 fires from German secondarys and the British BBs i do my job and i get punished for it.

    i like to think i am ok shot the last game i played today i got a 50k volley on a Montana 3 citadels in my yamato but i cant take it any more then there is the British AP spam from smoke from the the T10 and T9s sorry for the rant but i cant take it anymore i think ill stop playing the game i just get mad when i know im doing everything right and it makes no difference…once again sorry for the rant. just seems most of the paper ships in this game are far better then ship what where real..

    • Hey mate, if that’s how you wanna be about it, fine by me. I could care less about what you do and what you think of me.

    • *Risheen Mukherjee* no i was not talking to you thought you are the type of person i was hopping to meet thank you very much for the advise 🙂 and yamato was the only resoin i wanted to play the game and she used to be great now a days not so much you are right about what you said about BBs and its true thank you very much sir nice to talk to you ^^ sorry if you thought i was talking to you earlier have a nice day 🙂

    • *A Lemon* and you are the type of person that i was hopping to avoid see how someone nice talks to someone unlike what you said i would ask you to just leave me alone your not the type of person i want to be associated with.

    • Bobby Bobenation

      See Lemon is completely correct here. You just described exactly how not to play yamato. My suggestion is go play 20 to 30 games in each bb leading to the yamato starting at tier 6 or 7 with the idea of finding the correct way to play them. It should help revise your yamato gameplay and make you better in it.

    • Gary Anderson II

      I’m not sure if this is relevant but:
      This week WG has a thing going on for people to use Russian ships to kill German and Japanese ships for rewards. If it has gotten way worse since Friday (past 3 days or so), this could be partly why.

      Also, I have noticed that when I play in the Missouri and begin to go head to head with a Yamato (and a couple others ships) that I have a better chance if I use HE to set him on fire “first”, then continue with AP. After getting stomped a few times by certain ships, I start trying all kinds of weird ideas and HE seems to work well on certain ships.

      Maybe the fire thing is beginning to catch on and this may be why you get hammered by HE “lately”.

      But I know how you feel! Getting focused on by Carriers game after game is why I stopped playing my Atago for a long time.

  4. Hi, how are you? It’s me, the gaucho. I played with you yesterday, remember? Strong hug Tchê, Brazilian Gaucho.

  5. “I don’t know why the DD is backing up”

    Remember Jingle advise: Smokesreen is totpedo magnet. 😀

  6. Hi Notser! It would be awesome if you make a video of the kagero, I just got it looks like a great ship but the playstyle feels kinda different from the Akatsuki

  7. Wish you a wonderful day too =)

  8. watching Notser playing bbs tells me he’s not playing them that often 😀 nevertheless decent battle! o7

  9. How does one reach tier 10 and not know that firing guns outside an angry smoke screen reveals your cruiser or battleship to the DD in the smoke?

    • Maybe because it wasn´t that way earlier and he had a loooong break from Warships. Or there are just very bad players out there.. Had a Shokaku player in team on Saturday that didn´t know manual strike o.o I really wondered how he even could get to T8

  10. Hey, I’m not sure what you mean by “ducking” at about 14:51, but ships that use their guns outside of smoke have the normal gun bloom up to their max range. There is no special mechanic that allows a ship outside smoke to be detected by a ship in smoke other than the auto-detection at 2km (3km with Target Acq. Mod 1, not affected by the use of guns), radar, hydro, or plane detection. Another ship outside smoke can provide detection for a ship in smoke of course, but that wasn’t the case here. The “tracer” rounds can give away position, of course, but they don’t result in the ship being detected.

    • This is not how it works anymore – what notser said is correct – when you fire your main guns and nothing is in main bloom range with LoS on you game rusn a check for “inside smoke” detectability range and you get spotted if something is within that range with only smoke obscuring LoS.

      please bear in mind that smoke always behaved same way both ways, they just changed it to give concealment bonus instead of interrupting LoS between ships.

  11. Hey Notser, can you please perform some american ships, like Benson, Fletcher and Montana? It passed a lot of time since you showed a video on youtube of you playing them. Ty

  12. Question – If you use heals earlier are you less likely to have multiple people firing at you because you aren’t an easy low hp kill?

    • WarNock07 Yes!! Just keep one for the end of the match just in case. Don’t do that if you are a German or French BB, as in that case you want to absorb hits for your team, and also even if you have full health but are presenting s perfect broadside to the enemy the enemy will likely fire at you rather than a medium health angled ship.

  13. The Budgie Admiral

    Awesome game Notser! I remember I ONCE, only once had a game in my North Carolina in which I dealt 80k damage, not that impressive, but I took over 5 million potential damage before dying. I went to the right flank which happened to be where the majority of the enemy team went. All my allies died in short order, which left me to bow tank four enemy BBs by myself. As you know judging by your commentary, tanking such numbers of damage has its very own feeling of satisfaction.
    Thanks for sharing this video Notser! Best of luck in ranked!

  14. that BB pen at broadside kagero…. #NotLikeThis

  15. I heard the GKF is so big that on the virtual tour you can go to the capt’s cabin and see a Yamamoto floating in the bathtub

  16. Can you do a new video of Shimakaze since her concealment buff please and also any word if she will get deep water torpedoes or not? Thanks from an Okie.

  17. Hey NOTSER. Your streams are at a very bad time for me ( 2am ). I appreciate that you record and put them up later so I can watch them. ALL the best. And thank you again.

  18. A recent Musashi game for me: Over 4 M potential damage. Meanwhile team ignoring me just farms damage on the target fixated opponents. As I had 1 or 2 small concerns (I think I spotted over 20 torps + dodged / ate 2 air strikes, and who knows how many hundreds of shells) I could not spend too much time properly aiming or picking right targets, I dealt very little damage (which was farmed by my very healthy teammates). I finished second from the bottom with just a Dreadnought as rewards (maybe fireproof too). None of the guys at the top could have had such an easy game if I had not tanked every-single fucking thing for them.

    WG, thankfully and finally, made possible for the player to see in-game the potential damage. Too many noobs do not know what that is, nor why it is important, but I feel WG should reward more proper tanking so that more noobs stop being snipers on their German BBs and actually see first hand the benefits of tanking for the team…

  19. Matthew Griffin

    Noster. Your comments are great, but your gunnery is SO BAD!

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