World of Warships – Takes OP to win

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Today it took me something OP to even stand a chance at winning.
Some days teams are beyond no amount of carry can help.
Sometimes you are able to carry JUST enough to squeeze a win.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Wow! My first ever first comment! What to ask… hmmm… Well, I always interested, where are you from, Flambass?

  2. I’m just wondering when they’re going to fix cv play after they destroyed them in the last patch.

    • they are ” Balancing ” the CV’s and the AA over the next few patches and ” Hot Fixes” …… Fingers Crossed it is all settled in time for the summer 😉

    • yep youre pretty fucked at the closing stages and if its the last stages of the game with few players to support you with aa/.. the cvs with their unlimited planes will just wear you down.

    • +Krishna Raju They also never fixed the bug with IJN torps being invisible and dropped from a long distance. Honestly feel CV should just be put into a new game mode till they balance them.

  3. Oh Oh Oh Oh … I think I am in love … HMS Audacious .. I can’t wait till you and all you sisters are in my port <3

  4. *misses all 3 torpedos on that roon* , *hits one and detonates it* perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  5. greetings from Ohio,,great vids!!

    • John Frazier
      I grew up in Ohio as well, about 20 miles south, southwest of Toledo.

    • im about 30 miles west of Columbus,,i work at the Honda plant outside of Marysville,,uncle was station with coast guard in Toledo yrs ago

    • I think we might have fought in warships ,,name seems familiar,,i go by stonemason

    • It’s possible I’ve seen you on the game before I’ve put a lot of time in the past few months but I am taking a break for now, probably the next few weeks or so. Next time on I’ll add you though.

  6. this ship is stupid, no wonder people calling it OP. well at leas its still WIP

  7. I just can’t see anything positive about CV play, it’s dull to watch and no doubt play and it’s not enjoyable to be playing against CV’s on the enemy side. They just don’t add anything positive to the game…

    • That you should change your playstyle. They nerfed CVs really hard with patch 0.8.0, but i dont think that you understand this. The nerf was right because CVs got to much impact. If you smoke when a CV is coming for you, he couldnt attack you and he cant sit there for 1:30 min and wait for you…also you need to change your positions. you cant just run straight into cap at the beginning and die there against the next DD like the most DDs did it in the old days. Stay in front of your team for the first minutes and use your torps. Your torps are to short? Sign! But thats the problem because of the absurde range of camping BBs who destroy WoWs not CVs. What do you think if there were no shimakaze ingame and the release this ship now…what kind of flaming about OP shima will you read at the forums…and do you think, after all this years with shima ingame that she is OP? NO! players and especially bad players had it to change their playstyle and the need more time for it. after a few weeks you see a lot of DDs ingame again and the good players still dominating the game…think about this fact. i dont say it is easy but you cant continue your old playstyle and flame CVs because you dont want to change. and if you dont know…what for the next patch…a really hard nerf for DDs incoming (flooding).

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Silberkralle I’ve already done that. Quite effectively. DDS have my highest winrate out of all my classes, they’re the most fun to play (or were). But the gist of that is : tough luck, you can’t do anything about it and now instead of playing the points and hunting down the enemy destroyers you’re playing a “don’t die to the carrier game”. So why would you play DDS anymore? Powercreeped to bits. They’re also buffing radar if you haven’t heard, so they killed off DDS in my eyes. CVS simply aren’t enjoyable for either the player or those who go against it.

    • +Just a random Horse. Move with the cruisers and BBs at the beginning….. I see these DD players, way too often, running ahead full speed to spot or be first to get to the cap, but put them selves 7-10 km from any AA help.

      Go at half speed and roll with the group a bit in front, when you get to cap you can push ahead slightly or start contesting the cap with your teammates at your back. It sounds like you are yoloing to get to the cap edge and leaving all the helpful AA behind your wake.

      I did that running ahead stuff the first 3-4 days, then stopped going full speed and rushing from my team. My DD WR has actually increased, I think it’s mainly all the enemy DD’s running up, losing alot of health and then running into me with my team at my back and getting slaughtered. I come out with a couple K of lost HP while they have lost their DD in the first 4 mins or he has to run and is on precariously low health that he is useless for the rest of the game.

      Try it, it works!

    • +Matthew Robinson
      Preach, man.

    • +Keith Pruitt Indeed, not trying to be a dick either. Just trying to give good tactics. Had a game with a random who was in the only DD in the game with 2 carriers. Told him to stay with the div I had with 2 BBs and a cruiser.

      He dominated, planes couldn’t get near him, stayed with us and thanked us at the end for telling him to not burst out on his own. I have both mine and his replay from that and I’m gonna be making a video and posting on my new channel I made under a different account name. If I want I’ll link it for you when I’m done.

  8. Boring AF…

  9. Did Flambass said Alaska in T10?

  10. Wait, did I hear Alaska is going to tier 10? I’ve been paying attention to everything Alaska since I’ve been wanting one since the announcement and either I missed it or WG hasn’t said released that info yet.

  11. I wonder if the enemy team forgot they had no DD’s to get the caps for them? 😀

  12. That was one speshuuul enemy team… At T10 you should expect they New about “playing the objectives”?

  13. Carriers? No thanks

  14. Should just make a new game called World of Carriers.
    I wish WG listened to people’s feedback.

  15. well got tons of doubloosn from sellign saipan and enterprise :). Dont lose hope when u have a stupid Team..maybe the enemy team is even more stupid 😀

  16. Despite it’s flaws and issues that they have to work out, it IS forcing players to stick together and work as a team….you know…the thing we all complain that people don’t do?

  17. Top tier CV game play, what’s to say. GG.

  18. I’m just wondering when the Rn cvs will be out

  19. Such more simplicist than former cv gameplay for cv player.
    Before 8.0, cv was op when players knew what they was doing and managed many things in parallel.
    Now it’s just shooting fishes in a barrel.
    And all others ships have nothing to do, except lemming + activate AA key, and that’s it.

    Cv rework is just pathetic and boring, it sucks ?

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