World of Warships – Taking CHESHIRE down the middle xD

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My chat made me play this utter piece of crap and fate decided to play its part ofc, giving me 2 brothers map.

Ofc we went down the middle and ofc shit went down, ofc Monkey went full potato and…you’ll see the rest.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    I already hear her voice in Azur Lane, ITS LIT!

  2. wrong 9 times out of 8 :).

  3. lol okay…flambass with his signature move through the middle…and monkey with his own signature move… which is dying in the first 5 minutes 😀

    • @dave smith no, he wasn’t killed by a DD, he was killed by the Odin. and he was fired on by a DD, the Fuso, AND the Odin, all at once.

    • Stand name: Potato Queen

    • FLAMBASS… you look like a bitch with that neck-beard thing going… BE A MAN and put some hair on your face if you want to grow a beard. Jesus….. you embarrass the rest of us male population.

    • @Thomas Neal His comment was something along the lines of “It’s only a DD shooting”….Then he blew up.

    • It seems to me that if you go down the middle and the enemy is in either flank, either retreat or fly out at full speed so you turn your bow and stern to the enemy and protect your broadside.

  4. “My S key doesn’t work…” Best excuse ever!

    • My W key literally gets stuck because my laptop CPU is right under it and it heats the membrane or something. This is only while playing games for a couple of hours.

  5. Hay Flambass you shuld start a new series that you name Down the middle. And then you take every ship in the game down the middle ; )

  6. Joey Strittmatter

    That’s about the best excuse for being a potato ever “my keyboards brokes”

  7. Eh, the biggest mistake was sitting still after popping smoke….AND doing it right in the mouth of the channel. At least you were able to get into cover. Cheshire is an OK ship, but it can die too easily. I die a LOT when I play Cheshire, but I’m not sure if it’s the ship or me doing it :p

  8. I wish you’d stop promoting going into the “giant vagina of death”. Yesterday we had 3 potato BBs doing this because “uhuh, uhuh, we seen Flambass do it, uhh uhh”. Needless to say they all potatoed hard, getting wrecked while the rest of the team was 3 BBs short. 5 mins later we lost. Add a disclaimer at least 😉

    • Personally I almost never see people going down the middle on Two Brothers, and when they do, it’s around halfway into the game (I guess they got frustrated on either side). Then the problem is not that they die (mostly, they will), but that as they go there they’re not contributing anything to the team on the flanks.

  9. 6:06 Monkey’s Gonna Monkey

  10. 00:35 Leave that 2 Mrs. Citadel 😉

  11. Timothy Marchant

    “Taking Cheshire down the middle!”

    I hope you got consent first! You’ll get arrested if you’re not careful!

  12. I have it often that the program doesn’t response to keyboard or mouse due to latency….

  13. That’s called Noob Channel, and now you see another example 😉

  14. “I have torpedoes with pretty decent angles”. LMAO not even some DDs have these angles

  15. WG makes British heavy cruisers very meh then proceeds to give us glorious very famous Soviet ships to make up for it, no bias here go away

  16. Two Brothers Middle
    Flambass: It’s Free Real Estate!

  17. Really bad taste in Cheshire. Just like the people who live there!

  18. Joe Cool hope you enjoyed it

  19. Neko Maido

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