World of Warships – Taking down Smolensk in a BB

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How to take down a Smolensk in a you wonder? The most efficient way that guarantees his death 100%? HereR;s how 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Gordon Goldsteinburg

    I wanna guess its secondaries and HE?

    Im guessing it.

  2. Yeah, any old BB huh :P. o7 Flambass.

  3. Nicely done, a good Smolensk is a dead Smolensk. Was a pleasure to play a couple of matches with you this season btw, first time I really enjoyed playing ranked battles 🙂

    • @Gulaschiltis if there would be a private EU server with no recent patches like the Chinese one I would move there in a second

    • @Oct8pus Gaming same mate

    • @Lay Lobinson no, they should remove it from the game, with no compensation to the unsporty people who have used it until now

    • @Lay Lobinson I’ve spent an inordinate amount of money on Santa’s containers, but they listen to me the same way they listen to you
      Spoiler alert: they listen to NOBODY

    • @Antonio Soffici Yea true they should. Same with Benham tho if you ask me. That thing spits out torpedos at a sickening rate. Just like the Pukelensk it doesnt require ANY skill, just spam spam spam spam and something will hit and give fire/flooding. Wargaming is ruining the game with all these OP ships. They ruin complete Ship Lines. Especially German BBs, just buy premium Georgia or massa and u got the same if not better secondaries and alot better Main guns. Germany’s turtle back has been on vacation too, how often i get blapped on my ass in a german BB is astonishing.

  4. Citadel-ing CV with French BB guns are really game of luck

    Also really didn’t expect you would use that method to kill Smolensk

  5. I’ve long range dev struck full health smolensks twice in the pass two weeks. Those were the highlights of my day. 😀

  6. Maciej Kwiatkowski

    Every god damn game EVEY single one 2-3 smolensk at least.

  7. I had this annoying Smolensk firing from behind an Island, popped the spotter plane and blinded fired. A few citadels and dead in one shot. He was rather salty in chat after that. Still never saw the ship, just where he was firing from.

  8. Seeing Flambass having my kind of dispersion makes me believe in humanity again 😄

    • Confirmation bias. Here on YouTube you see the highlights, his Twitch would show a more common level of dispersion. Not to mention Flambass almost certainly has better positioning and aim than you, and so improves the luck of his dispersion with consistently firing at targets with good angles and placing his shells accurately.
      I get that I’m a killjoy taking a joke seriously, but I see this comment all the time on every CC’s comments section, and it’s just not accurate.

  9. I enjoyed seeing you run over the top of that little cockroach, the Smolensk.

  10. Flambino going full Truck of Peace on that totally balanced light cruiser.

  11. i was playing ranked and a smolensk was spotted roughly 23km away so i popped my spotter (in a GK) and took a pot shot , 2 cits and 4 pens and one shot it at the beginning of the match i kid you not i almost nutted

  12. Watch Wargaming add anti-ship and anti-airship missiles to DD’s (like the Småland in real life) to be able to fend off CA’s, CL’s, and CV’s even more.

  13. Confused Blue Dragon

    Here’s a little random thought: a *sixteen* gunned Bourgogne… not only would it be like a Lyon at T10, but slap on the Reload Booster and you’ve got yourself a thirty-two gun broadside!!

    It’s such a simple idea; break out the Republique’s hull, slap on four sets of 15″ quad turrets (two turrets fore and two aft), and bam! New T10 Premium!

    The sheer quantity of both AP and HE flying your way would not only make any cruiser flee for their lives, but also send even the mighty Kurfurst and Kremlin burning in near-eternal hellfire…!

  14. A Die-Hard in Ranked, and on a Smolensk no less !! So much “YES!” to this one.

  15. When a battleship killing a light cruiser is considered a major accomplishment, you know something’s wrong with the game.

  16. 14:00 for those who doent wanna spend 14min waiting

  17. Alternate title: Doctor Utilizes Rare Technique to Remove Cancer…

  18. Lmao, when I read the title, my mind went “why am I expecting a ram?”

    And voila, it is a ram xD

  19. Keep driving those French Baguettes,and we’re gonna have to start calling you “Frenchy”!!!

  20. The heavy sighs of bad RNG, I know them well.

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