World of Warships – Taking It Like A Champ

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In which Kelorn of the Podcast bites off a little more than he can chew in the

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  1. does the Hood come with a 100% chance of magazine detonation? ?

  2. Cue the Hood detonation memes in 3…2…1…

  3. ThethingAndit AndYou

    “To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.” – Kelorn

  4. The New Mexico wasn’t stupid enough to get rammed. No. He was so stupid he was going for a ram himself lol.

  5. What happened to the torpedo beats?

  6. …. Tirpitz… 911 hp…. rams an American vessel….. First the Islamic terrorists and now the germans, the US get a double 9.11… feeling bad for them :/

  7. Errrrr… Jingles? He actually scored 4 hits with 4 guns fired at 4:37!

  8. Rank 1 and plays without alternative interface. Absolutely barbaric.

  9. Yeah well, the Edinburgh only has a 9km radar if he chooses not to take smoke, so for all intents and purposes the Edinburgh does *not* have a 9km radar, since no one is stupid enough to not take smoke in a RN cruiser.

  10. Jingles on the 15th of April it will be the 4th year since you upload your first Mingles with Jingles and because of that can we for that day go back to the old days by you answering our questions???

  11. The dumbass that rammed the Tirpitz has CBT flag and whines in chat how op tirpitz is. Moron confirmed.

  12. “Error 404, citadel not found” I keked

  13. And this is why ramming in WoWs is idiotic, allowing this kind of griefing can only be attributed to a massive collective brainfart in the WG dev office.

  14. 1. Cruisers can repair party 30% of the damage done to the citadel hp pool, not 10%
    2. He didn’t pen the North Carolina’s citadel because he wasn’t even aiming at it, not because of “german dispersion”. Dispersion hardly does anything at that kind of range. The shots hit where he aimed them, above the citadel.
    3. He didn’t score a citadel on the New Orleans not because “RNG” but because he _overpenetrated_ the citadel with all 12 shots he fired. The shots went EXACTLY where he aimed them. If the New Orleans had bothered to load AP he would have probably deleted the Tirpitz’s citadel.

  15. 9:58 – Jingles, he was way too close to NOT overpen the NO’s citadel.

  16. Going down swinging. Bravo!!

  17. I think Jingles blew a load the second he heard they were finally bringing the Hood to the game.

  18. WTB an enemy team like this. O.o

  19. Jingles, what’s going on? You have featured two videos of game play from people who used to be in the TF16 clan.

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