World of Warships – Taking out Ze German sausage

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When I take out ze German sausage, a lot of stuff gets slapped. What do you mean that sounds inappropriate?
OH…amm…well…just watch the damn video xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Trenlass is a prophet of our mighty german savior the große Kürfürst

  2. Save your rear gunners for the kill!!!!

  3. I think the accuracy is a bit too shitty on the GK, it wouldn’t become OP making it at least a bit better – it can still be the worst, but it shouldn’t resemble a shotgun… that’s ridiculous.

    • the kurry accuracy needs a close range buff really. missing 50% and more shells even at 5km and below is ridiculous

    • Take a look at the videos from earlier. Since the accuracy was a lot better. Currently there are only shotgun shots especially the Scharnhorst with accuracy mod. They nerfed the Germans BB pretty hard. Turtleback Armor is completely devoid of sense as every shot will cause massive damage to the superstructure. I drive primarily German BB and notice the difference extremely.

    • Raul Alexandru Bota

      They can delete the German Battleships already if they hate em so much but than who’s going to be the free dmg targets for other warships? ffs even the Hindemburg is so much more enjoyable to play than the GK and I’m getting better results with Admiral Hipper than with the Bismarck…

    • I’ve seen shotguns with better accuracy than some of the ships in the game.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Josh Corbett For a German BB, I’ve found Bayern is actually quite accurate, especially compared to Gneisenau and Bismarck

  4. Ibrahim Mamdouh

    Love the videos Flambass!
    Still waiting on that company of heroes video :p

  5. Rear guns best guns it it known.
    Look at your Massachusetts videos

  6. Problem with GK is everyone knows you have 11km secondary, so they just stay further away from you than that. And you can’t miss it.

  7. “hey, they seem to be coming our way!”
    “finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!”

  8. german bbs zero accuracy at point blank even, Russian bbs super accuracy from 0-100

  9. GG, it’s really nice that you keep taking those guys with you on games 🙂 Is that like an outreach program or something? hehehe, just kidding.
    I only see the YouTube vids and they always seems to be ones where the others get hammered and Flambass goes on to win and top score 🙂

  10. Your German sausage? But Flambass, I thought you were Croatian.

  11. just wondering why you always use the german version of WOWS? Big fan btw.

  12. oh look flambass has his two meat shields wonder how this will play out

  13. This one ended just like The Blair Witch Project.

  14. German ships are just cooler, the tanks too…oh and the planes, and the artillery…soldiers also…hmmmm. Then there is the u boats…thank God I’m Bavarian.??

  15. please do a video where you’re just yelling non stop 🙂

  16. Update after update. I wish they adjusted the RNG in an update!

  17. 2:33 – “They’ve got no idea what’s coming (…) We’ll go through them like through butter”
    3:09 – “Ohhh, we’ve got a Yamato on our broadside… and a Henri coming… Oh shit, 2/3… 3/4 of their team are here”
    5:25 – RogueMonkey dies
    6:10 – Tremlass dies, Flambass reversing, Jingles laughs

  18. Hendrikus de Tuinman

    No IFHE on ze german sausage, why?

  19. They should test 15 km secondaries

  20. “Shoot for the cheek! Shoot for the cheek!” I kept saying at the screen while you wasted shots on the turret :P.

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