World of warships – Taking the Minotaur to THE MID

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  1. credits tips pls

  2. Minotaur has strong AA naturally lol

  3. Don’t forget the Belfast results…oh 😉

  4. I think you meant “It’s raining men, hallelujah it’s raining men”. LMAO.

  5. Rain of shell

  6. MID OR FEED !!!

  7. Great game!
    I often here you say “permission” and “clip it” in youre vids, what is that?
    What kind of AA build do you have on youre Mino? Or is this base values? im only at Neptune.
    Would you recommend players bying the Yo Lang? It seems to be a favourite of yours?

    • he is speaking with the twitch chat, and you need him or a mod to post a link, hence the “permission”. “Clip it” is just a way for him to ask to the chat to clip a certain moment. For the mino he has BFT and AFT, plus all the AA module if i remember correctly.

    • samuele benetello Many thanks!!

  8. could you show your ship setups

  9. Anybody else get the feeling Flambass whines too much?

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