World of Warships – Talk about 2019 with Le Terrible match

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I decided to play Le terrible again, the new version which we received for testing and in the middle of the battle we started talking about all the things happening and game development.
Thought you YT ppl might wanna hear it as well 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. They just need radar and planes not to see though fucking islands/hard cover. Crusiers will need to expose themselves to actually look into the cap. Reality continues to elude them.

    • ye but thats very…unreliable..u expose ur citadel ur ship for a bb salvo for dds…
      its not gonna work..i prefer 1-2 heals for the dd

    • with radar I’ll agree with you but planes ignoring LoS makes sense both by logic and gameplay mechanics:

      if we just restrict radar to be LoS bound we get situation like this:
      Radar: counters smoke, countered by hard cover
      Spotter plane: counters hard cover, countered by smoke or AA

      and voila suddenly both consumables have their niches to be used in – a very healthy design
      (atm on any ship capable of equipping radar, spotter plane is meme at best)

    • Just consider if you could never see around and island though. Would you ever go around an island? Would you be more inclined to stay back and take routes farther from islands? I honestly wouldnt want to come around and island a destroyer or cruiser with torpedoes was hiding behind with no way of knowing they are there. Devestating strike every time you round an island, no thanks.

    • Kazeshini, but right now for DDs, the question is very similar. Cap and expose yourself for a pounding by every enemy ship within range. As for ships not wanting to creep around islands, so what? Use hydro if you have it, don’t broadside going around corners if DDs might be near, take a better route, or play more as a team and help each other spot around the corners.

  2. again, radar should give your position to the player that activated it, line of sight, that stops the island hugging brainless play. It should also make you a target to the ship that activated the radar,only he gets the lock on, not the entire team, they would see your position on the mini map, similar to when a storm is taking place, and can fire on your relative position using the mini map, which we all know works quite well against smoke, slow moving targets. I had 22 karma removed yesterday, for being reported as bad play for not jumping into the cap at the very start of the match, as i refuse to put my ship at risk so they can sit behind islands and farm damage while watching me melt, despite whatever exit strategy I have employed. Radar has changed the meta to the point, a dd’s major strength *concealment/smoke* is fairly useless. I will go into cap if the team pushes with me though, but this is also problematic as they tend to turn away once the first shots are fired. Playing around radar is a challenge, playing around being radared 3 times in a row from ships you haven’t even had the chance to spot first has me reaching for Kronshtdat faster than a fat kid rushing for a dropped chocolate bar.

    • Could also have radar affected by islands and weather. You mentioned line of sight. So in that instance lets you are radar’d and you hug an island to confuse the radar. Now the radar has trouble telling you and the island apart so all the player sees is your relative position (to use your words). Bad weather could reduce its effective range from say 9km to 6km or something like that. The closer the radar user is to another ship, the more effective it is despite physical obstacles. Its a rough idea building off of yours but I think it could work.

    • well said Sir I play DDs all the time and am fed up with the lack of support for cap capture

    • Good point. Some people believe that radar and hydro shouldnt see through islands but consider if you couldnt ever see what was on the other side. Would you ever want to round an island? Two destroyers can park and cover both sides with torpedoes. It also keeps ships like the Worchester from being spotted behind the islands it uses for covers, making it completely immune to fire and spotting unless its flanked.

    • Have to love the typical response when voicing these kind of complaints about how broken radar is – “Git gud”. It’s usually obvious when someone uses that line, they aren’t very familiar with DD play. It’s just easier for them to blame the DD player who’s trying to play well by spotting and capping, but can’t get anywhere within 10km of objectives because of one or more enemy radar ships. When someone throws the “play better” at me I usually respond with “Sorry, I don’t have a magic button like radar.”

  3. 53 kts……

  4. WeeGee seem to have difficulty designing the French ship lines.
    They are either meh, like the French cruisers, or OP like OG Alsace, T9 Jean Bart V1 and Bourgogne.
    Though the radar rework that affects the dispersion of ships in radar range that reduces their chance of deletion seems promising.

  5. I hate the idea of yet another consumable. Just put some effort in WG and change the spotting mechanics to allow radar to operate on line of sight already.

  6. Radar: Line of sight, increases detection range of radaring ship (bloom), and ships with radio location can see the radaring ship fully, but doesn’t share that information (like radar in a storm). Bam – no need for more consumables and still makes smoke useful, but not broken like before.

    • BulletMagnet1337 I like this.

    • Nope, just keep the LOS thing. Everything else is too much

    • So instead of getting rid an enemy ship with radar, you want to get rid of any ship using radar? 😀
      Because many radar ships don’t even survive their first radar with the LOD change alone, not to mention all the things you want to change.

    • Sidian42 See that’s where you are wrong – I play the US CA’s and CL’s alot, and without line of sight, I would be forced to use my radar less from being tucked in behind an island, and more as a direct counter to smoke/weather. The slight bloom wouldn’t change anything, as most people would activate radar as soon as they are spotted anyway, but would change how you can sit in smoke and radar, as there would be a larger exclusion zone where you don’t want enemies near – make it slightly less than the bloom when firing feom smoke. The RPF being able to see radaring ships will give DD’s equipped with that perk and caught hiding in smoke a chance to see the radaring ship, as well as fit in with the ethos of electronic warfare that RPF comes with. The absolute biggest change for radar ships would be the line of sight, and would affect USN cruisers most, BUT; you CAN equip a plane if you REALLY need to see what is on the other side of that island or canal 5km over.

  7. Radar should activate a circular sweep pattern, displayed on the mini-map (think classic radar/sonar green screens in films) that highlights enemy ships caught in it for a second or two *per sweep* (mimicking the EM wave sweeping past the ship structure), but LOS only, so not through islands. It should also make the ship issuing the radar signal visible to any enemy ship inside the diameter of the radar sweep in the same way (ie periodic).

    Could get more advanced and only have the ship being highlighted by radar appear on the mini-map (with an audio “ping” propagated to all friendly ships to draw attention to it), and utilise the new map circlet (that shows where shells will drop) to have some small aim bonus for people targeting the radar’d ship via the mini-map.

    • So then cruisers would NEVER see the enemy dds.. sounds like an interesting idea, or not.

    • Kalle Jonsson  Could you elaborate? They would see them when they are within radar range, unless they are hiding behind an island.

    • IRL, several of the earliest shipboard radars were fixed and did not rotate. You had to turn the ship to move the radar beam.

    • Glenn Hurrell  ships take a few seconds to be rendered when spotted, and if they go unspotted before being rendered, they will not be rendered. This sadly makes your idea a bad one.

  8. 70000 players in world of warships i foind they go in the wrong direction massive op ships which everyone want to have but have to pay a lot. Too many radar and they dont want to chance it to line of sight and DD with repair and mino reload the same with french BB with relaod boost can delete a other battleship with 4 salvos when reload is activated. For some time i like the game very much but now they dont care about the community anymore its really sad

  9. Line of sight radar makes most of the problems go away. Ideally radar would also illuminate the ship using it as well, this was a key factor in several WWII battles where IJN and USN both on different occasions chose not to use it for fear of giving their positions away.

  10. Radars don’t need nerfs. DDs are already brokenly overpowered in this game and radar balances them. Cruisers are supposed to be the most flexible class of ship, but no, DDs are. DD takes much less skill to win compared to a CA, BB, or even CV. Because you are op when in CVs if you can multitask a lot of stuff all at ounce. Meanwhile BBs, you constantly have to deal with fires, because every shell results in a fire and it’s generally not as easy to carry as in a DD. CAs if spotted get rekt if they don’t spam HE at max range and constantly maneuver at max range, changing course and speed.

    DDs pretty much control which team wins. If one team’s DDs die early on, 90% chance defeat. Why is radar so op? Because it can spot a DD like every other ship. If radars are op, the spotting mechanic is op too. DDs can perma spot a BB or CA. If radars need nerfs, then DD spotting ability should to be nerfed as it is broken. If your a BB or CA and you want to get up a flank, but then you get detected, you can no longer push as aggressively and you can’t turn away because if you do, your going to expose broadside to the entire enemy team. DD spotting ability is more OP than radars perma spot CAs and BBs with no harm to it’s own ship and no way to counter it unless you have a suicidal cruiser that is willing to get in line of sight of enemy DD and the entire enemy team. Otherwise you need your own DD, but what happens if all your DDs suicide rush or if your DD is capping an objective and enemy DD sneaks behind the lines. If radar gets nerfs, spotting ability of DDs should be reduced for DDs only. DDs should be able to get 8km spotting on CAs and only 10km on BBs. CAs and BBs should be the classes to keep their spotting capabilities because they don’t have op concealment. Radar also balances broken ships like Kitakaze, upcoming RN DDs (only if the thing about heal is true), German DDs with their op torp reload, Pan-Asian DDs with invisible torps. The radar change should be allowed to benefit IJN torp boats and USN DDs because of all the power creep. All DDs besides IJN topr boats and USN DDs need nerfs or radar change should not be applied to them.

    • Perfect WG-ey solution since it is completely contrary to how things are in real-life.

      Making radar line of sight only would balance the currently OP radar ability to spot from behind HARD COVER, which, by the way, DDs do not have when spotting conventionally.

    • Jim Rinkenberger 

      Well if you want to use the real life argument. In real life,

      DDs didn’t have 5.8km concealment, they had much much higher detectability.
      DDs didn’t have HE that would pen BB armor, let alone have equivalent penetration numbers to that of cruisers.
      DDs didn’t have AP that would do devastating amounts of damage to a BB.
      DDs couldn’t set fires to a ship within seconds of engagement. Especially since new ships were made of steel and had advanced fire control systems.
      DDs didn’t have better AA than BBs. (Grozevoi, Kidd)
      BB AP was a real thing.
      Almost all USN ships had radar, so give Texas radar and all the other higher tier BBs with the line of sight concept.
      Give USN DDs radar as a lot of them did have radar during ww2 with the line of sight thing.
      DDs shouldn’t be allowed to smoke fire as that also didn’t happen in real life. Only USN DDs would have the capability to do so with radar, but they didn’t do so in real life.
      Also a lot of those DDs were never released in real life so remove them all as most of them would have never been built in real life anyways. How can t10 paper ships even be considered to be built when most of the ships in the tech tree are paper ships.
      In real life DDs weren’t very effective. They were just escorts. They wouldn’t go toe to toe with other ships. DDs kind of had a similar role to that of submarines.

    • Jim Rinkenberger  As you can see, using realism argument is pointless in a game. In real life BBs had very horrendous accuracy, and DDs were pathetic ships. Radar also balances DDs, especially in higher tiers as they roam freely and cause havoc. Radar ships are the only counter to DDs if your team’s DDs commit suicide within the 1st 2 mins of the game. Radar is completely balanced and is critical to balance DDs and their overpowered characteristics. The only DDs that don’t deserve this OP radar spam are USN DDs and IJN torp boats.

      German DDs get op hydro and op torp reload that can force floods.
      IJN gunboats are broken having firepower that is literally superior to almost all heavy cruisers of the game.
      Pan-Asian DDs have invisible torps that slam into you at point blank range and can’t be countered. All you have is wasd hax, which is more of players skill than an actual counter. Hydro is only for German BBs and is situational.
      And Daring will be broken if it gets that heal. With that concealment, that gunboat has better concealment almost all the DDs. Other DDs have no counter. Ounce they detect a Daring they also get detected and while turning and trying to escape, after they outrun, they lose more than 50% of their HP and are rendered useless.

      All DDs except IJN torp boats (Shima) and USN gunboats (Gearing) need critical nerfs if radar will be reworked in such a way. Or they could just make it so that this line of sight thing only works for USN DDs and IJN torpboats.

  11. Radar sweeps round in a beam, just like real radar. You’re only visible when the beam is on you.
    DD, CA, BB all different sizes. Should have different radar detection ranges.

  12. DD Players will never stop complaining about everything until they are invincible and have every consumable in the game from T3 onward’s.


    • CL/CA Players will never stop complaining about everything until they are invincible and have every consumable in the game from T3 onward’s.
      BB Players will never stop complaining about everything until they are invincible and have every consumable in the game from T3 onward’s.
      CV Players will never stop complaining about everything until they are invincible and have every consumable in the game from T3 onward’s.


  13. I don’t get why nobody else seems to have come up with this, but – why isn’t radar in the game a PULSE of getting spotted instead of magically seeing the ship completely, with accurate placement, speed, etc? Radar is soundwaves bouncing off surface objects back to the ship, appearing as a dot on at screen (map). If they JUST make it a pulse instead of a magic eyeball of Mordor it would fix everything! If it’s just a pulse every 5s or something then you can fire at people hiding in smoke using the radar because they can’t move much, but you can defeat radar by going fast and meneuvering. An actually accurate representation of radar!
    Radar is useful for seeing an enemy coming and some aid in aiming… it’s however NOT used accurately as your only means of vision, and you can’t hit a moving target based on radar alone.

    It seems like such a simple solution but no-one is talking about it… What do you think about this idea Flambass? “speshul” commander out

    • What you are talking about is surveillance radar (the long range sweep) but if anything is caught in the surveillance radar you point your targeting radar at it. It is the literal eye of sauron, knowing the distance, angular velocity and rough size of its target (and feeding said data to your targeting systems). But it is line of sight only.

    • Anton Janssen  Thank you for the technical insight! I did not know that… but does targeting radar work at ranges as long as surveillance radar? Because that opens up interesting options if it doesn’t… it could mean that visibility increases the closer the target is to the ship using the radar consumable

    • +Bacon Muffin Both go so far that ships are out of sight only if they are beyond the horizon. Targeting radar is just a lot more focused so it can gather more information than just something is over there at x kilometers.

  14. Well, I am no fan of standardizing everything. I like it better when each nation has its particular benefits. Next thing would be to standardize ammo also. I would keep the consumables different as they are, and work on the radar to make it real (increasing the ship detection when radar is on, and block its passing through islands). But having everything standard just so no one has to think anymore just press some buttons is no fun. Just my thoughts. Cheers

  15. the french dd’s should get a +10% speed buff when they are running away from enemy ships…
    ya i said that

  16. radar shouldn’t be a consummable, it should be a module you can knock out with HE……should also be line of sight aswell…

  17. I wonder if, with the CV update, they will also update the AA so that it no longer shoots through mountains. I also wonder if you’ll he able to fly low enough to use ground cover on approach.

  18. they won’t standardize the radar because then they had to nerf their precious russian bullshit ships

    • Ah, but it will make the radar duration much longer than it is now. That’s much more important than an extra couple of km in range, since it allows a couple extra salvos to be fired while the target is lit up.

  19. Some realities of radar, which would be better for play and more realistic, if only WOW modelled them correctly: 1) Radars are detectable (much) further away than their usable range; 2) Unless you are locked on to by an active targeting radar, you never actually know if you’ve been detected, or not; 3) Radars cannot see through ground/islands.

  20. Radar is critical to balance overpowered German, Pan-Asian, upcoming British, DDs and IJN gunboats. Line of sight radar should be only applied to IJN torp boats (Shima) and USN DDs (Gearing).

    Also why do battleships like Moskva and Stalingrad need radar. That is broken, they even get better reload and pen than Missouri, their radar range is better too. Moskva having radar back then was okay because it was a cruiser like any other and had to be careful of positioning. Now they have battleship armor, battleship guns, cruiser reload. Russian ships should lose their ability to radar, they don’t need it at all. Only USN Worcestor, and Des Moines should keep it as it is very easy to overmatch and citadel them. Same with Minotaur.

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