World of Warships – Tankiest BB in WoWS

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There can be only one tank and it's Kremlin, yes yes I know Curry is strong but Kremlin is the God…I mean it's Russian, ofc it's the strongest. Here we shall demonstrate just how strong it is, and just how bad teams can actually be.

Anyone ever heard of caps? Do you know what those are? Well if you DO, then you are in a minority.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. This thing has better concealment than Moskva

  2. I had a 4+ million potential damage game in a Bismarck, while my team refused to take advantage of it and didn’t try to push the flank. Feels bad

    • @Ramon Lewis – Exactly! That’s my point. They might as well play single player, because they are not playing to win. They are playing to survive and get the points. They need to change the game.

    • My best Was a 5.5mio potential where I tanked 7 people for almost 15mins and my team needed 12mins to get to my flank

    • I’ve had multiple 2m potential damage game in the Seattle, focused the entire game. Meanwhile my team was like: We’ll just hug the border because it’s cute

    • typical german BB player game nowadays: theres a chance to push, then they push, only to found out their team didnt push and just stay at the back and they die alone.
      i have been experiencing this a lot, like a lot in bismarck… nobody wants to push

    • Natsumei – Yeah, so have I. As I said, people don’t play to win, but to get kills, and to survive.
      They should change this aspect of the game. It makes it uninteresting.

  3. GK:I was called tankiest BB. I’m jealous. I don’t need accuracy but…Oh god…

  4. Why anyone wants to play kurfurst besides emotional reasons is beyond me anyway. Brawling is dead, burning, cv and baseline meta it is. The kurfurst barely hits 50% of its shells at point blank. That ship is dead in this meta.

    • @Mc Nuffin common sense man how many players you think have a Kremlin how many you think have a kurfurst. Kurfurst is in the game since ever Kremlin since like yesterday. Thinking is a skill that you have to have yourself. Can’t select it on a captain.

    • @greekmarine what’s up with you man, all your hate for german bbs, let alone your incredible expertise. You been on the Bismarck testing the guns?

    • @Rasmus Finn I dont hate them,i like Bismarck a lot for example but it had many flaws and people forget that

    • @Rasmus Finn my experience with the russian guns is still nothing less than inconsistent. even at their supposedly “accurate” range they still seem to fly over or in front of the target 50% of the time. i did a test with a buddy of mine and their accuracy is still questionable.

  5. “I love my spider sense..I know exactly when shit is going to get down” – Gets torpedoed 10 seconds later

  6. He’s not the Son of Jingles, he’s a very naughty boy!

  7. Haha! Didn’t even need to open the video to know it was the Kremlin.
    Remember when the GK gimmick was being tanky/area denial bully? Yeah… Pepperidge farm remembers.

  8. “Are you and Flamu related? Jingles is his granddad” LOL

  9. Monkey has to be the best wingman a guy could have in or out of the game.

  10. Apparently “Spider senses” is a consummable – sometimes it’s on cooldown 🙂

  11. I know he’s joking about Jingles! Jingles don’t have no wife LOL!!! -The Tank Commander

  12. Know how that feels bro! I would cap with you any day! =)

  13. Hey, welcome to random battles where ridiculous numbers makes no difference.

  14. Kremlin is the dumbest ship I’ve seen in a long time. It’s so obvious that they were trying to shoehorn their paper BBs into the competitive meta. The Russians as a whole are just “why didn’t the Germans get that?”

  15. Tanks 5 million, while i struggle to tank more than Conqueror. And they Call the RN heal stupid…

  16. I didn’t even realise there was a Hindenberg on your team alive until the match results popped up, was he fighting on another map?

  17. Who would have ever thunk that a Russian bb was the tankiest. Took me completely by surprise. (sarcasm)

  18. “Russian BB’s will struggle to hit far targets” WG 2019

  19. 4,8m pot very good my best its 4,7m with krem ofc

  20. Chinese saying –
    “Fear not God-like Enemies, but Pig-like Allies.”

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