World of Warships – Tashkent Impressions at Tier 9

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on Tears of the Desert moves out to try and range down some enemies. The Tier 9 version can equip rate of fire modules and a little more damage per shot from buffs. I don’t know how I feel about the Tashkent at tier 9, it feels but haven’t had that bust out game. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Soviet Tashkent Replay


  1. Im NOT gonna be that bastard who is gonna say: “FIRST”

  2. the 15.2 is completely lovely, though i dont find repair party useful…….DDs suffer more from direct AP/HE damage, which repair party couldnt repair 100% as opposed to fire DOT BBs mostly get

  3. I haven’t played my trashcan since patch yet. I think the heal could be fun xD

  4. Thanks, I waited for this review.

  5. It is players like that Amagi that drives veteran players to the walls, I’ve been to too many games where the match was thrown because of these potatoes.

  6. Make a video about the TV DD plz

  7. I have to agree with you about the importance of Destroyers and Battleships. And I am a Battleship Captain 😛

  8. Shock news NO CONCEALMENT ???! Cruiser spec I guess.

  9. I had my first game in the Tashkent with the repair party and I easily got over 110k dmg

  10. whats the reload time and turret traverse time on this spec?

  11. I like that you also commented on the aftermath!!! Very well done.

  12. its nice to see that my tier 6 ognevoi turned into t8 and my tashkent into t9 now im one step closer to one of two dream ships the khaba.

  13. hey, the range is great, have to grind the FCS upgrade and one point on captain for AFT … so smoke gen for me so far …

  14. I hated the Tashkent at tier VIII but with this health regen at IX it’s becoming one of my favorite destroyers to hunt enemy destroyers, they have no chance to beat you in a 1 on 1 fight and that is a great feeling.

  15. Holy crap! Tashkent didn’t have 15.2km firing range before. Interesting.

  16. Been a while since I saw you jump into the middle of a wagon circle by yourself! Entertaining for sure!

  17. You commented the DM but missed to comment the Shima, it did far more valuable work – I do not speak about the kills but the spotting and the capping at the end plus how he “flushed” out of the smoke the two enemy DDs that were capping the base after you were killed…

  18. lol in smoke you wouldnt be taking the damage you would have need to repair

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