World of Warships – Tea and Medals

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In which the suspiciously German-sounding “SirBratwurst” takes Her Majesty’s Ship Warspite to sea and proceeds to give Johnny Foreigner a damn good spanking.

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  1. Medals? Sure. Tea?? DEMANDED IMMEDIATELY!!!

  2. Last time I was this early I was sober!

  3. Jingles is about the only thing that could tempt me back to WoWS

  4. Tea and medals is all i come home to after a game in the Warspite!

    i just read the description and of course this vids about her majesty’s most prestigious ship of them all. not that i have a problem with that, she is after all the tier 6 ship in the game, change my mind.

  5. Thank you for all the videos, Jingles. You make my day just a bit brighter with your chuckle and good nature.

  6. Hands face aft to witness punishment – as meted out by the Grand Old Lady.
    Built during the reign of George V, of the Royal House Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; more British than a British thing 🙂

    Fog in Channel – Europe cut off.

  7. I’ve watched Jingle’s videos all the way through elementary, middle, and high school. I think I may watch it all the way through uni as well

  8. OI, you will NEVER take the dutch title of ”most european country”!
    We in the netherlands have basically no national identity except for tulips, windmills and hating belgium!

  9. AlibifortheAfterlife

    0:00 How most Phoenix kills are attained.

  10. Credit where credit’s due, the Brits did give the world The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and Pink Floyd. Not to mention Doctor Who, Top Gear, and Monty Python!

    In any event, it’s important not to give too much credence to names, especially when Jingle’s chief ambassador to the world is the 100% British cat named Akizuki.

  11. “Good day chaps, we claim this land in the name of the King, and for the Empire” “what do you mean, we were here first, you cant colonize us” “Ah yes, but do you have a flag” lol

  12. honestly, jingles always cheers me up, even when i feel really depressed

  13. European union = Europe

    False dichotomy friend

  14. When are you going to be added Gnomish Salt Mine Master?????

    You re-recorded your lines like 7 months ago now?

  15. Damn Jingles! Be careful what you say – it might be, that Boris Johnson is going to want to send you to vacation too 😀

  16. Serious question: Wouldn’t HMS Warspite be *HIS* Majesty’s Ship?
    Built and broken up before the time of the Queen, after all.

  17. I would argue Switzerland is an even more european country, and we are proudly not part oft he EU. But GB is always welcome to join the swiss confederacy.

  18. Alexander Guttman

    When the Discription has the words “Her Majesty’s Ship Warspite”. You know your in for a good time.

  19. “As British as the mini cooper” Ironically, the mini cooper is now german c:

  20. Oh dear Jingles, seems that you’ve upset the good and the great this morning….while overlooking the fact that our current great leader is an American…

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