World of Warships – Teammates one can only wish for

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My 1st match of the day was crap because was super bad and I was moody BUT then this match happened. Oh my God did it frix my mood, HOLY MOLY peepz, you gotta see it.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hon-hon!!

  2. I never was a passionate smoker i hated it. quit 3 years ago by vaping. Im a passionate vaper.

  3. That GK really played it well. The real MVP.

  4. And how much commentary do you think Jingles would do? Or how much he would laugh!

  5. amazing game. Nice job Flamby. and what amazing teammates

  6. LOL That heart rate spike at the win! What a great comeback!

  7. Faith in WoWS players: r e s t o r e d

  8. Papiren b*tch… haha;)

  9. Flambass – your team won — But your Kraken was the cherry on top.

  10. man where can I find teammates like yours

  11. I guess that Shima at 8:27 quit smoking too

  12. Gather around the Jingles Summoning Stone!

  13. congrat WP. But the SHIMA did it right. She spotted you 3 BB’s and try to help with torps. Be nice Hans!

  14. If you didn’t noticed Flambass it wasn’t a secondery spec Iowa it was the secondery from the Tirpitz behind him (behind the island actually)

  15. Everyone go to jingles and tell him to look for this replay

  16. I don’t think it was a secondary spec Iowa. If you look back at the minimap, there was a concealed tirpitz hiding behind a nearby island and lobbing his secondary shells over it. So Flambass was under fire from two battleships at once. If you look at the Iowa’s secondary tracers the shells were quite inaccurate.

  17. flambass, no idea what you mean, I see those types of teams quite often, There just generally on the other team.

  18. 8:30 , That was so satisfying. useless shima.

  19. flambass you are a speshual one, thanks for the laughs today.

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