World of Warships- Teammates? Who Needs Those!

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Hello guys, today we have DragonKing, Gary, and Kerzner together showing that sometimes, you just have to be your own team! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. I’ve sacrificed to our overlords

  2. once again for the overlords

  3. I really like the formate keep this going sealord and happy new year

  4. When did they nerf the crap out of the Kamikaze? The detection range is 6 km now.

  5. Giving him the benefit of the doubt here, maybe he wanted to use the heal to have it off cooldown quicker? since he wasn’t Too too healthy and was getting damaged soon (unfortunately didn’t pay off too well, but still :P)

  6. More live commentary!!!!

  7. The heals were based off playing French ships all night. Correct I played heals wrong

  8. Very strange. When I went to play the Kamikaze earlier, It was showing a 6 km detection range. A few minutes ago it was back to 5.4 km. I have no idea what happened. I had the Kamikaze up, because I had to recall my commander to that ship. Sorry to bother you with a question I should have asked war gaming. It shows that I have more faith in you than I have in them. Continue with your great content. Thank you.

  9. Teammates are enemies in green.

  10. Has anyone had a T10 random that didn’t have auperships involved? WG said they’d be rare!!!

  11. I feel like this could be a good title for my Parseval carry.

    In the beginning there was a Z31 in plain sight charging me, but the massa that could’ve attacked it Bc it was bow in to a low HP zieten, but no it was up to the carrier to defend himself which is a bad idea if ur a average CV player *but I’m not average*. I killed that Z31 in 3 shots

  12. @sealordmountbatten5776 great video. Can’t wait to grind up to this ship. I was wondering what app are you using to do the voice overs? I just started posting my battles and would like to add my thoughts during battle. Thanks.

  13. SLM turning into Jingles.

  14. Ok I’m gonna be that guy. Look, I know its a game and I like to play it. My problem is the YOLO’s that die in the first 45 seconds and that usually accounts for 30% to 40% of my team and then from that point forward its just a slow loss from there.

  15. It would interesting for you to compare and contrast the Thunderer, St. Vincent, and the Conqueror.

  16. any game without subs or cvs is a good game

  17. Tbh they might’ve as well went for 3 smolensks instead

  18. With the benefit of hindsight, I think that if the DDS and CCS had played the LOIN a bit more instead of spaffing about in the BOON, they’d have made it to the end of this game. I know it’s easy to say after the fact but it just always seems to me that if you go headlong into the JOAN it’s not going to end well xx

  19. 😂This dude is sailing arround islands here seeing 3,4 torps..if i do thr same i eat 3 Walls of torps in secconds 🤦😅
    Awesome 👍

  20. Im the moskva, My 2nd game in it. To know whats at A you have to see whats at A. I was fine at b if I could mauever closer to the island but the birckyness suprised me of the ship. Still put out 100k, held the cap down while out team was supposed to be wrecking the patrie and kita. I dont care being the sacraficial lamp to buy the team more time but I shouldnt have been that open and been closer to the wall

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