World Of Warships – Teamup Tuesday [Episode 11] – Des Moines’s Blockade

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Smoke, Radar, Torpedoes & Teamplay.
That’s what this Teamup Tuesday is all about.


  1. Yay!!! 15 mins of fun. Cant wait….thanks Robin.

  2. NC paid the full price. GG

  3. Nice vid!

  4. I hope you quit the smokes while sick 🙂

    Angry about what?

  5. A nice example of division support play and positioning. Good vid matey.

  6. BIA World of Warships

    Hey Robin! Very nice stuff here, I just got my Des Memes and while I’ve only played four games I absolutely adore her 🙂


  7. Foul mouthed and apologizing for it…. Frenchman confirmed.

  8. Robin what is your Des Moines upgrades and captain skills? I’m a Des Moines main and your damage numbers are making me jealous XD or is it because of the div ?

  9. Wow that game was insane 🙂

  10. Sure would be nice if I had games like this.

  11. Never really understood what you native English speakers have against swearing. Nothing wrong with that. Is it because of your culture or your upbringing you feel that guilty?

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