World Of Warships – Teamup Tuesday [Episode 12] – KGV’s Backpain

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A pretty interesting game, featuring King George the Vth, with a little personnal challenge I gave to myself: AP only!
But the backpain is about to be real…


  1. Ohhh new Teamup Tuesday!

    *Looks at watch.*

    Wait, it’s only Monday. ROBIN STOP TIME-TRAVELING!

  2. Citadels everywhere!! lol

    Nice video as always, Robin!

  3. You say your good games are luck, but your bad games/disappointing games are better than my best. 😀

  4. Well played Robin

  5. … and every time I setted a fire they repaired and never was able to set another one right away…

  6. French alcohol would probably cognac.
    Its really good you should try it??

  7. I love Moonshine, and Jim Beam Black

  8. Germans have “Prima Sprit” just Google it and u know what we have 😀

  9. BIA World of Warships

    Hey Robin! Great stuff as always but I have a request. I asked the same thing on Jingles’ videos; can you make the mini-map bigger on your replays by chance? It’s something I look at all the time and its hard to read :P. Just something small, excellent game anyway.

  10. Brutal…some teams just can’t be carried. Nice game though.

  11. oh no, he has succumbed to the british filth…

  12. FInally a new video.
    Greetings from the friendly neighborhood Moskwa from last week. 🙂

  13. The AP on KGV is incredible if you use it right. Against a broadside Nagato, I got an 18k salvo. I’ve NEVER done that with just 14″ AP penetrations, there’s had to be a citadel in there.

  14. “good bye youtube” …. ewwwww. Stop making us French sound like perverts…

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