World Of Warships – Teamup Tuesday [Episode 14 / Part 1] – Des Moines’ Stature

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Hello people! Today’s a good day, ’cause it’s !
We’re sailing the , this time in a more edited and complete “normal episode” crossover for this 14th release. So, kick back and enjoy, you’re in for a hell of a live-commented ride. Until next time, have a good one & take it easy!


  1. also that second game, holy shit, dude, you are the king of hard carry comebacks

  2. Best ship in the game, love my Des Moines

  3. WOW that comeback was epic.

  4. Outstanding once again. Love your work.

  5. Your videos are so professionally made and well executed, you’ve earnt a subscriber

  6. Hmmmm well played i guess, right now I’m speechless, maybe later i can do a better comment ???

  7. 3 things.
    Why run Reload when you have the fastest firing 203s in the game? The 15km is a very short range and when you run into maps like Okinawa and Ocean that rage comes in handy.
    The *S* in Des Moines (both) are silent.(It’s an American thing)
    And I love the new intro to these videos!

    • didnt know des moines was english words lol

    • 15.8 is short but 18+ is too much. You can’t hit anything that moves reliably past 16km anyway. I find the extra range to be more of a burden than help. The spotting range blooms too much.

    • I run reload for the raw DPS. Same for my Minotaur. Combined with AR, Des Moines is implacable when in tight situations, and the reload module helps a lot.
      Then, range mod could come in handy when focusing HE on a stationary target. That’s it. Everything past 15 km is very, very hard to reliably hit (at least for me).
      And jsut to sum it up, these are personal preferences I feel most confortable with 🙂
      Thanks for the heads up, and the kind words, Bradon!

  8. The sailing robin can you do ship tutorials as some ships play style is pretty hard to master

    • I could do tutorials, but I strongly believe that taking advices from gameplay like this is worth the same as a full lenght explanation.
      Experience in game makes it all as well. I did not started playing the DM that well. I used to hate the ship actually. and then one day I’ve experimented with island cover and it all made sense.

  9. The Benson in your team did all the work 🙂
    He joined the queue, went immediately afk, started to play after 6 min, went to a straight line, and died. LOL

  10. New intro is epic!

  11. BIA World of Warships

    Very impressive as always. Makes me feel like a noob. What’s that song you used at the beginning? Sounds really good

    • Thanks BIA! Don’t, you guys are pretty impressive in your domains as well. The music is that one here [] cheers!

  12. I also run reload mod, love it. But I hate CVs so I run AA range :).

  13. great video and perfect gamplay. thx

  14. nice game, those mouse clicks tho

    • I should invest in a microphone stand… It’s sitting on my dest next to my mouse & keyboard, so parasite noises are, like you pointed out, quite a problem.

  15. Got the Des Moines myself a week ago. Love it!! Citadeled an NC from 10.6km lol. Very intimidating ship for any T10 cruiser!

  16. I played a clan battle this past weekend in the Tier X Hindenburg. My god what a fun ship. I’m starting my German cruiser grind. Luckly, I’m at the Yorck. Just a few more weeks and I should be set 🙂

  17. Karthik Vishwamitra

    Man, I feel like every video of yours I watch is better than the last! I once again LOVE the intro (especially with the detailed stats) but I have one note: when you show the captain skills, could you line them up by level? Like, group Priority Target with Preventive Maintenance and Adrenaline Rush with Expert Marksman and so on. And again, keep up the fantastic work!

    • Thank you karthik! that intro was an exception, it took a long time to edit and I don’t think I’ll have the courage to make it the standard intro for every vids. but if it come to this, yes, organizing the skills by level is a must, indeed!

  18. Why would you want smoke on A in that first replay? You would only end up not using it and wasting the Ognevois smoke. On a different note, I love the DM, it’s so versatile and completely deadly to DDs

  19. You guys act like a couple of foul mouthed 10 year olds.

  20. Yeah yeah… I potatoed hard on the second match! -.-‘

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