World of Warships: Teamwork

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Played a match with Gamebird, where he saved me from a torpedo. Then I tried “helping” him with my smoke screen too.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 German destroyer Z-46.


  1. Love 吹雪&瑞鳳


  2. rest in peace in peace in peace

  3. Man please post more videos
    I miss seeing u online

  4. Rest in peace in peace

  5. Conqueror too weak confirmed. Needs Buffs.

  6. There should be an option/ability to tow friendlies who have lost propulsion or rudder control.

  7. Stinker A.K.A Alan

    It was the intent and effort that counts.

  8. T E A M W O R K

  9. RIP means rest in piece so u don’t have to say RIP in piece cause it doesn’t really make sense

  10. well, the smokescreen actually work. pity the torpedoes did not care 🙂

  11. recently had a Scharnhorst teammate who took like 4 torps for my FDG – not sure if intentionally, but I’d like to thank him here!

  12. SuicidalTendencies

    If that was me id be pushed in to the torpedos or out of my own smoke..or in to random shels not aimed at me but somehow they still citadel/pen me.. it hapend more times then id like to remember as a rule i try to sail at least 5 km away from closest friendly ship just to be safe and so they dont get any bright ideas of turning in to me xD

  13. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

    z 46 OP armor pls nerf

  14. maybe shells landed near u and damaged guns but not hp

  15. 1:17 – Rest in peace in peace? 😀

  16. yeahh, more aerroon-Stuff! Finally! neeed moooooore!

  17. LOL good stuff 🙂

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