World of Warships – Teamwork

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Go to or text jingles to 500 500 to get your free trial.

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  1. The Mighty Jingles

    Go to or text jingles to 500 500 to get your free trial.

    • Actually Jingles it was the divisional commander talking to the U.S general who said “its getting a bit sticky” not the Gloucester’s co who was understandably a bit busy at the time. (Sorry will do a double shift in the lowest level to make up for this correction)

    • Can always recommend Brad Thor’s books about Scot Harvath. If you like Tom Clancy, Brad Thor is right up your alley!

    • I normally skip right over sponsor spots, but yours are always worth sticking around for for the book recommendations

    • Max Hasting Overlord- the battles in Nornday and The Falklands War , Jack Higgins, Colin Fobbes- Alavance Express. that is my picks, Tom Clancy Red Storm Rising if you want if cold war when hot.

    • Fan of audible and you Mr. Jingles have made me spend some of my credits to your suggestions (James D. Hornfischer), now its my turn: Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (you learn the history of general sciences such as chemistry, paleontology, astronomy, and particle physics in a very, very funny way and also learning the shenanigans and bonkers personalities of the scientists behind some of the greatest discoveries (e.q. did you know that Isaac Newton inserted once a thin rod in his eye to see what will happen or that he spent most of his time in alchemy?!) Also, anything narrated by Stephen Fry.

  2. For a good book, if one is willing to give 40k a shot, is absolutely “First and Only” by Dan Abnett. The first book in the Gaunts Ghosts series. I cannot recommend it enough.

  3. Just started playing PC Wows recently (I only had Blitz and Legends before), I just wanted to thank you Jingles for the tips, especially for torpedoes. I also try to keep as least toxic as possible, so if anyone sees CaptainAlpha627 say “Hello There” feel free to say hi (or “General Kenobi” ofc) 🙂

  4. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    As the saying goes “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

  5. I always know I’m up too late when I see jingles posting
    It means I need to be awake in 6 hours

  6. I have always loved the British gift for understatement. Thank you Jingles for sharing another.

  7. The salt mine leader will be the salt mine leader…never changes and we love him for being himself!

  8. A possible blunder on the enemy’s part is not capping out B, though it may not help much.

    • Jaco Hollebrandse

      I thought the same. I wouldn’t have been suprised if they would have won on points if they would have gotten B.

    • @Jaco Hollebrandse it would have been close but considering they were still 100 points behind at the end it may not have been enough

    • Jaco Hollebrandse

      @Cynical Fox Actually it was less than 70 points when they still were both in the cap, and they were at 3/4 cap progress. Capping takes 90 seconds (with two persons in the cap), so they would have gotten the cap within 25 seconds. That would have left 48 seconds to gain 68 points. With 5 points every 5 seconds they would indeed have run out of time.

    • @Jaco Hollebrandse Another way is to send the Aviere to block the final cap, ideally with a speed boost. Killing the low hp Fubuki would end the match, but it is too uncertain and improbable. Points, though, are solid gains. An inch of progess is progress.

  9. i would recommend “Old Mans War” by John Scalzi, there are like 3 or 4 books that come after it, but you can DEF get a good read out of just the first one.

  10. To those of you who see this, I’ve played fewer than 25 battles in WoWS, but today I got 129K damage and 8 kills in USS Wickes. Should I send Jingles the replay?

    Bonus: I forgot to take screenshots of the battle results screens, so we would get to see his amazing artwork.

    • @Vaughn Blaylock DAVE!!! RETURNS!!!

    • 2015, DD main, got couple solo warrior, never have 8, 6 is the MOST i have… send it, and write a short essay about your replay. so he interested to watching yours.

    • It was a random battle, right? Cuz co-op doesn’t count XD

    • How many of them were bots? Low tiers are infested with bots these days, so if half of them were bots, I doubt it would make the cut. Which is really sad, because there are a bunch of low tier ships and maps that are fun to play. Still a good result though! Congratulations!

    • never hurts to try, either way we gonna get more awesome jingles vids lol

  11. “Who would want to watch Jingles at 3AM?”
    “OH BOY, 3AM!”

  12. 13:54 “Get off my lawn !” – Made my day XD

  13. ToughAncientSpark

    I stick around to the end of battles offering advice and views of the enemy they can’t with camera view and the team always takes offense at me “telling them what to do”.

  14. Lars van warendorp

    A few good books i can recommend mr jingles, all written by Edward L Beach, run silent run deep, dust on the sea and cold is the sea, a few well written series about a submarine commander during WWII and the cold war. Oh and he also wrote Submarine! A recollection of stories about famous US subs, all well worth a read 😁

  15. Another one of those very rare battles that somehow gets past the malice of the matchmaker and teams get divided in a balanced fashion.

  16. Jennifer Stewarts

    nose in to the torpeodes, untill he saw the other battleship, then had a choice “risk eating a torpdoes” while giving another battleship a flat broad side… which is certain death… OR.. Turn to angle against the other battleship, a positive target, and ignore torpedoes that may or may not exist.

  17. Agree with Rear Admiral Jingles. This a well played game! Much fun to watch!

  18. Jingles so true on Randoms: “one team throws as hard as they can and the other benefiting.”

  19. They left B without taking it. If they had kept it, I think the enemy team would have won.

  20. I’ve been into space opera’s recently, and a really good series I came across is Wayward Galaxy. Fantastic listen.

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