World of Warships – Teamwork can fix bad mood

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I played 2 very good games in Duke of York and both were defeats because teams were really really bad. I decided to try once more and I’m glad I did. We had a really hard game once again but 1 good teammate and nice teamwork can go a long way.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Beautiful. That Chappy was blessed by Stalin.

  2. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    That chapayev are blessed by stalin and the entire communist party

  3. My mood is fixed when i see new Flambass video, and low tier fun from Bootneck, so i am happy today!

  4. Holds salvo even though he is sure to get the kill to wait on the DDs torps to connect. God you dont see that often

    • Holds the salvo as knows that torps will reach first.

    • @vladypunkyface He waited about 7 seconds at 7 KM so….no, he had that kill for himself if he wanted it

    • he expected that the only way to win was to play as efficient as possible. Saving a half minute reload is more important than taking a kill that would happen one way or another.

    • He held fire for another target if that one died. It’s being smart. Not friendly.

    • I mean…lads….nobody suggested it was out of altruism alone. Its just in this case being altruistic and practical happened to be one and the same thing.

  5. The Duke of York, that’s Prince Andrew. Check that ship for teenage girls

  6. MRnicolasthegreen13

    When wargaming says NO means NO

  7. 9:13 “I will murder you chapayev! That guy has been shooting NOTHING at me this entire game” Words of a serial warship killer, murdering ships for no reason 😂

  8. Robert Pettigrew

    Must admit it amazes me how you streamers manage to keep playing and entertaining when everything happening in the game has turned to shit, must admit I walk away and do something else and maybe try again later 🙂 If I remember this is why Jingles only likes to be guests on streams rather than stream these games himself.

    • I think if they had other options they probably would leave WOWS. A lot of the streamers seem burned out by the game and all the nonsense.n

    • ​@2639theboss Flambass and Flamu could both ditch WoWs and it would have little to no effect on their streams, in fact in Flambass’s case WoWs is actually holding his channel back from growing, the vast majority of gamers out there will avoid anything WG.

  9. Michael D. Uchiha90

    The server lag is real. Today a torpedo detonated in front of my ship and made dammage on me. That thing didnt even hit me. The Sync in this game is shit.
    And no its not my Wifi. CoD and WT is running perfect.

    • Domeniko Ležaić

      @Gtifighter My net is actualy preety adequately good (if that is what you meant) it is little over 50Mbit/s,I’m literally 20-30 m from the local(towns) source of my cabell connection and it realy doesn’t fail like that in any other game.

    • @Domeniko Ležaić Do you not know what Netcode is? it’s the coding of the specific game to handle packets to run the game in multiplayer. Please if you don’t know what the terms I use actually mean, ask me or google

    • Domeniko Ležaić

      @Gtifighter Hence was “if that is what you meant” I actualy though that you meant it as an error “code”. My bad.

    • @Domeniko Ležaić no problem, i didn’t mean to sound rude.
      the programming if wargaming is just awful, thats what I meant to say

    • Domeniko Ležaić

      @Gtifighter No prob. 🙂

  10. SanitaryCockroach

    Good boi Lightning doing *work* !

  11. Dont worrie be happy, if i could play like you, i would be on the moon 😂

  12. Silent Assassin Gamer

    I wish my chappy armor worked like that lol

  13. I love your pokerface Flambi, when you b*tchslapped the Huanghe! 😉

  14. Laszlo Kaestner

    I can see how that Atago was pink. He seemed to have an unnatural affection for sailing close to friendly ships and not always watching where he was going. I don’t think he was doing it on purpose because he always switched course at the last moment and avoided contact (this time) I think it was just poor situational awareness.

  15. also, stop with the getting pegged. Its bad for youre health. Im a medic I know these things to be true.

  16. I don’t know how that chappy lived so long, I’ve been detonated and one shot so many times by BBs in my chappy.

  17. That DD carried the match.

  18. Wait what the hell I dont remember British bbs ever having hydro in hand before… wut

  19. it’s funny how you whine about a fully aimed salvo at 17:32 not registering a single hit and seconds later at 18:03 a blind shot gets the kill. The Game gives and the Game takes away 🙂

  20. Chapy is working for durex, he has unreal protection

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