World of Warships – Teamwork in Ranked?!

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RQL’s Shipstorm Saturday

September 8th, 4:00 PM Eastern

1st Place: 9000 doubloons per player
2nd Place: 4150 doubloons per player
3rd Place: 1920 doubloons per player

Watch as my team actually works together in a ranked match to counter the menace a pro CV player. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X German Hindenburg Replay – Discord Server

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  2. Teamwork ? good one ^^ =)

  3. I’ve found having someone at least take the lead in the battle really helps, and especially if they have a clue what they’re doing. Similar to Notser here, you might come last but the intel and direction is what won the game, of course people need to listen but when they do its great! Last couple of games I’ve found myself directing way more and its helped most of the time.

    • Could not agree more mate. Just talk, just put it out there, talk though the battle and you give yourself every chance…👌

  4. in Asia 80% of the team don’t talk cause they don’t speak english
    when no one is communicating you know you will lose this round (-_-)

    • The vast majority have some level of English.

      I think it’s more about diverse cultures than language.

    • Galen Gamotin but just using the quick replies is good enough to coordinate. I’ve had games where teamwork happened thanks to those quick replies and nothing else

    • Anirban Chakrabarti

      +TheRobbiUno diverse culture? My ass, all they do is type boxes… dont mean to be culturally insensitive though, but ffs if they are playig a multi player gane they ought to know how to communicate using a common language, and all these cunts do is type FYCKING BOXES!!!!!

  5. Montana WASD hacks lol

  6. Clickbait title

  7. Hold the f up how much sacrifices to the MM god did you make

  8. It’s so nice when a random group of people get together and work as a team. Regrettably  it  happens so infrequently though.

  9. Was a good game Notser
    I was your aircraft carrier that game 😛
    I was also delighted at our teams’ effort

    • hint if anyone sees this guy in que or knows hes getting a game bring a full aa Worcester and have your team sit around you. 🙂

  10. Teamwork, where CG and BB yell at you in your DD for not spotting or capping when you up against 4-5 Radar/Hydro Ships!  I try to play as a team and do thing for other I.E smoke CG, spot, denied cap and it gets me nothing.  When it comes to Rank it should be lower tiers with less radar.

    • I totally hear you on this…been there done that 🙁 And yes, lower tiers without friggin radar would be nice

    • Chris Hogancamp
      Feel you two sad but true
      It’s gotten worse every season i feel. Even stop playing dds for a long while. Mostly I played bbs as a brawler and watch the other bbs stay way back

    • Yeah I start playing BB, but I get yelled at for attacking and not staying back. Can’t win

  11. finally got to play with you in a random on the weekend and had to yell at my wife to watch LOL. And yes we won and you got first place lol

  12. please teamwork doesnt exist , its a legend.

  13. Team work in Rank…are you mad there is no team work in Rank. There is only a soul crushing grind that will convince you half of the people in this god forsaken game mode are window licking mouth breathing troglodytes. The sooner Rank goes the way of Team Battles the better off the community will be.

  14. So how does this game restore my hope in humanity…? I get the teamwork bit, but still.

  15. ϟϟ PanzerShafter ϟϟ

    When teamwork is almost impossible because people are just typing alien language, Asia server…

    • comon dudu lol

    • Even using the ‘Quick Commands’ most SEA server players ignore them and go off to do their own thing. You ask them to focus on the objective, and you still see 2 DD’s and a BB chasing a single enemy CA to the border of the map. Then those same DD’s and BB call the rest of the team Noobs for losing.
      As soon as the opportunity to transfer to another server I’m leaving SEA. I’d start again on NA, but there’s ships in my SEA account you just can’t get anymore.

  16. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    But but…where is The Killer Bunny? The Holy Grenade? The Black Knight?? Sir Robin? Oh nvm He ran away

  17. I’m struggling with terrible teammates right now…. I keep getting someone in a NC who doesn’t do anything but sit at the back of the map until everyone is dead.

  18. CV’s are broken and don’t belong in this game

  19. thats all well and good Notser but I can’t hear any of the ingame sounds…

  20. I have experienced great teamwork in both random and ranked. Then we play to win, playing smart and playing to survive. Oddly enough there is almost always a guy on my team yoloing ahead and afterwards reporting the rest for being cowards, p…ies, not trying hard enough etc. Such teamwork is beautiful but it is fragile as it only takes one player to ruin it by going solo.

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