World of Warships – Teamwork, It Makes The Dream Work

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“There’s no “I” in team!” said the ships’ Executive Officer once. “No” I replied, “But there seven in “Idiotic platitude quoting imbecile.” Amazingly he saw the funny side. True story.

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  1. Can confirm, teamwork does in fact make the dream work. Especially if the dream you want to work is about teamwork making dreams work.

    • You lost me on the teamwork part, mind running that past me again?

    • @G.I.I.T.W I don’t blame you. It is an incredibly overpowered item and we are just waiting for the day Wargaming make it so you have to pay with money to be able to use it.

    • @Josh Creepa Ah you mean the “Seeing which team a ship is on” (the name is a work in progress) premium consumable! We must find out who keeps leaking such things… It’ll be great, especially combined with the return of friendly fire!

    • @Grimloon yup. Also works in tandem with the “Using team chat to strategise tactics with other members” (still in the early Alpha stages I believe so that name is probably subject to change) premium consumable. We really should find out who keeps leaking such things, because if it’s Sam Hyde, then he can’t keep getting away with this!

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    This in fact, a De 7 Provincien cruiser but without Heals or Airstrikes or engine boost, but you got Hydro instead and a combat boost from the superships.

  3. Dido = Hood now does it old man?

    Hope Eddie gets better!

  4. FatSeaDoggo 101

    Ah yes, HMS Hood, a Dido class battlecruiser that sunk the Bismarck. Never change Jingles

  5. the Almirante is absolutely stunning wow

  6. anonymous person

    Jingles, the Massa’s secondaries did fire, they just hadn’t reached the Alabama before the game ended. They travel slower than the main battery shots.

    • Christian Lütge

      It is mandatory to start this sentence withe a ” actually Jingles”.

    • the problem was that once a target is spotted in range, the way secondaries work, is that they have to load before they fire. Not sure why they aren’t considered loaded by WG, but that’s why there was the delay. I think they have pretty much the same shell velocity as the main battery.

  7. BigTallLankyDude

    The secondaries were on their way, but they were still travelling at game end.

  8. Almirante Grau was also *supposed* to be preserved as a museum ship in Lima, but then the Peruvian government sold her for scrap instead.

  9. Even at 480p on my tablet I can see at least three secondary rounds flying towards the Alabama to the left. They did indeed miss.

  10. Dido sure is an impressive ship, managing to be both a battlecruiser and an almost destroyer sized light cruiser in the same match

  11. Actually Jingles, Massachusetts did fire with secondaries. One second more and it would have hit. You can see those shells in the air.

  12. the chustetts secondaries did fire, it just took them a second or 2 longer, then the main guns, and thats why you can only see them coming, but not impacting, because the game already ended

  13. This is THE DREAM and his team made him work today

  14. I’ll be honest, I’ve been hooked on the Dredge series and genuinely disappointed to get a WOWS video, which I normally cherish!

  15. Hi, Jingles, I hope Eddie is feeling better. I had four friends get cancer, all of them are dead now and the oldest was 45. Take care, Mike

    • I very much doubt Eddie is feeling better, and hardly a ringing endorsement for Eddie’s prognosis! But I understand the sentiment, not meaning to be critical, and was also going to wish Eddie all the best.
      Also, a sense of humour can be a big help, so this might raise a smile 😛
      Always (try and) look on the bright side of life… and things can certainly get better.

  16. Ahnuld Schwarzenegger

    My father has served on the De Ruyter in the 60’s as well as on the Karel Doorman Aircraft carrier. He has the fondest memories from his time at the de Ruyter. Figures, Carriers ruin eveyone’s fun….

  17. Thank you for featuring us. My name is a reference to the Java Sea Battle. It was a tense game for sure.

  18. The Battle of the Java sea was a bit of a set back for the Dutch, British and Australian navies as well! It was an ABACOM operation.

  19. Classic Jingles, secondary tracers were maybe a second from reaching the ship when it ended. “And for some reason, the secondaries didn’t fire”

  20. Broccan Mac Ronain

    Great way to pull out a win at the end.

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