World of Warships – Teamwork

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Never underestimate the value of teamwork, at best it can lead to a flawless victory like in todays’ . At worst, at least it gives the enemy something to shoot at other than you.

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  1. All hail the MIGHTY JINGLES

  2. It’s 5:30 and I’m up in pain and the awnser?(take pain pills and watch
    jingles and wake up)( It’s leg pain but feel free to write a reason why i
    have it and make me laugh since I’m stuck at home for the day)

  3. Legend says “If you are early, your gnome overlord might respond” I wonder
    if it’s true.

  4. This must be a mistake…. there is no such thing as teamwork in ranked
    battles. Shouldn’t this video be called “World of Warships – Destroyers on
    yolo-missions and potato cruisers showing full broadsisde 20km away from
    the rest of the Team”?

  5. This is almost enough to make me want to play a few games.


  6. I like it when stuff like this happens in Ranked battles

  7. the quality of the post-game screenshot….. enemy ships must show up just
    as rectangles representing the hitboxes xD

  8. It’s like enemy team watched Flamu’s video about ships that are good and
    bad for ranked, and they all went for the worst tier. Mogami, Lexington,

  9. #BringBackChems

  10. I don’t want to be mean, and I know lup3’s team wasn’t making it easy for
    him, but the enemy lexington really played terribly in this game. The one
    big advantage of aircraft carriers is that they can pick their battles, and
    yet here he decided to repeatedly ram his head into the same brick wall,
    with his strikes just becoming less coordinated as the battle progressed.

  11. Deutschland die Schöne

    What is this, ‘Teamwork’, you speak of?

  12. Plz BBs, fint leave your team mates they said, and then WG introduce German
    Bbs with torps and no citadel’s.

  13. Does it make me a dick that I see this guy playing in ranked, and my first
    thought is, “Dude plays ranked in a NorCar and can’t even shell out 8,000
    credits for the -3% concealment camo? At least he has premium consumables.”
    I mean, it’s competitive play. Take every advantage you can get.

  14. While we’re on the subject of BBs and CVs, can we all agree that
    Higher-Tier Battleship AA is kinda, sorta, just a little teeny-weeny bit
    ridiculously overpowered?

    My Hiryu can’t even APPROACH a Gneisenau without losing at least four or
    more aircraft even at long-range, let alone something with an insane AA
    Rating like the NC. It’s gotten bad enough to the point that I actually
    find it safer to attack CRUISERS than Battleships. At least those die

  15. I understand that this video was about the teamwork and not the actual
    gameplay but even this video makes me depressed at how bad I am. 41% win
    rate player and it’s only going down (playing around tier 5 mostly). I’m
    awful at leading shots, I can’t even hit straight moving targets without a
    couple of volleys to judge. I thought IJN torp DDs would be my calling but
    now that I’ve made it to the Mutsuki I’ve found that higher tier BBs don’t
    sail in straight lines the way Myogis and Wyomings do. The only ships that
    I get even half decent scores in are Soviet cruisers when hiding at the
    back but then my team often dies because I wasn’t taking any hits. I’ve
    played nearly ships from nearly every line and I enjoy cruisers and gun
    boat DDs the most but I’m just so bad at them. I’ve done everything from
    going on the forums to watching guides and tutorials on YouTube but it’s
    just not clicking. Someone, please help.

  16. Teamwork? Never heard of that ship.

  17. that moment when a battleship shoots down more planes than an aircraft

  18. Carriers are running out of planes far too fast with such AA ratings.

  19. when the stars align, you’ll get a game like this

  20. Stop playing that Warcraft crap and get back to the video making salt
    mines. 11min videos are not long enough lol.

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