World of Warships – Tech Tree Overview – British Cruisers

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Her Majesty’s Ships have arrived, packing unique AP and an array of gadgets for consumables. But these ships are ohhh so fragile. Learn all about them in this tech tree overview episode.

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. If we get a british port…I want a german port as well x.X

  2. Well London or Scapa Flow naval base as port would be awesome

  3. i think if you have the atlanta you are pretty much ready for these ships

  4. Wish the Dock would have been Scapa or Portsmuth, would have been epic to
    see Warrior and Victory in the background!

  5. U forgot to go over the details of the torpedoes, namely range and speed

  6. Minotaur: tier X cruiser that can infisi-fire *and* invisi-torp. Plus with
    an AA build you can wreck aircraft 8km+ out. So yeah, there is a light at
    the end of the tunnel…but man, that’s a long & depressing tunnel.

  7. what mod puts a potractor at the screen??

  8. I prefer the previous suture of the videos where you over viewed each ship
    by itself instead of each category across all tiers.

  9. London? I do not think so. Maybe Manchester or Liverpool since those were
    maritime ports, Also, just realized. When I got my Cambeltown and trained
    the captain for the cruisers, I might have equiped demo expert. Oh, shit

  10. If I’m playing those = citadel city

    If I’m playing against them = overpen city

    I just know it… -.-

  11. Carriers exist at high tier? XD

  12. When you use tea as fuel, the engine will be more stable.

  13. Talk about UK ships, the NDA ban on Belfast was lifted days ago but the
    ship release was delayed till next month. I guess they are going to
    re-balance it before release (obviously look at how OP it was).
    If so, will you do a quick update on the Belfast if it is changed before
    going on sale? I don’t like it when WG stealth nerf a ship in between
    review vid and sale day to scam customers but get away with the argument.
    It’s just a possibility but who knows.

  14. I’m on the Emerald, and it’s hot garbage. Not at all impressed with this
    line. The German BBs were so much better and seemed to be far more
    developed than the RN CLs at release.

  15. Question: if I take “demolition expert” on a British captain will I be able
    to set fires with AP ammo?

  16. I recommend expert loader and demolition expert on british cruisers XD

  17. Maximilian Graf Von Spee

    I’m personally hoping that they add a Wilhelmshaven port for the Germans as
    well. As there is no port that really makes sense for them at the moment

  18. I am not impressed by these ships.

  19. iChase, no WASDhax mod on that last slot? Look at that 10 second rudder
    shift time on that Minotaur

  20. +iChaseGaming would getting demo expert give your cruiser 3 percent chance
    to setting fire on your AP shells Or does it only work for HE shells?

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