World of Warships – Tech Tree Overview – German Battleships

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The German BBs are finally here! Find out what is in store for you with these German Battleships and whether or not they have lived up to their hype or not. Enjoy!

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. so what going to be the best captain skills for these ships?

  2. Montana: Massive 16inch guns BB
    Yamato: Tiny 18inch guns BB
    G-Kurfurst: ??? ??? BB
    I dont know what to do.

  3. EF2000Typhoon7LWA

    People discussing about the warspite or the bayern as best 6bb.
    Fuso has:
    best armarent
    best range
    good accuracy
    for amount of guns insane angeling
    insane torpedo protection
    good speed
    reasonable aa
    extrem good secondaries
    and many hp

  4. iChase, you have an incredibly polite way to say “this tincan is utter
    crap!” ;-D

  5. L is watching you

    Is this just me, or does someone elso also find it kinda weird that the
    german ships are getting quite strong AA? I mean the upgraded hulls are
    fantasy hulls made by Wargaming, and i thought AA always should be the
    weakness of the german navy… :o

  6. lol, just ran into PKSoldier45 just now. beat his ass with my Arkansas when
    he was in the König.

  7. love teir 7 play german schanhrost and her sister ship

  8. thxs again

  9. I agree that Grober Kurfurst is poor Hit points just like higher HP than
    Montana and Yamato. This is the worst Battleship if I ever had

  10. Glad it sounds like a cruiser and dd line are next. I like this series.

    The que bloat may not die down for a while. Poor Cruiser captains. Think
    they may need some love.

  11. So… it takes the length of an ENTIRE small town to turn the fucking tier
    10 ship? Time to rape the Gross Kurfisted in a DD.

  12. In the video, you mention that the Bayern gets better AP shells with the B
    hull. This is incorrect, the only thing that changes with respect to the
    guns is an extra 1.1 Km of range.

  13. The hitpoints you have listed for the Grosser Kurfuerst is incorrect. The
    Grosser Kurfuerst has 105,800 hitpoints on the live server.

  14. ahhh tier ten, needs two postcodes and loves to eat torps. wait….. thats
    not a good thing

  15. I’m loving the Konig at the moment: the only thing that sucks is the 150mm
    secondaries fire AP and not HE but that’s a small thing to deal with. the
    only thing that I’ve found is the guns can be kinda meh at range…you have
    good salvos then suddenly the next one straddles. I can deal with that
    though (it’s like SOP for BBs)

  16. Anyone else think the Bayern look like an over sized Russian DD?

  17. i am one of those poor players.. i downloaded as soon as update came in my
    server. hopped in game… just to realize i dont have credits…

  18. Overlooked, from tier 3-6(stock to top), the 150mm guns(secondary arm) for
    the German line fire AP, not HE. Don’t know how effective they are but it
    sounds like they can help to shred cruisers and destroyers.

  19. In my own opinion, I hate the gun layout of the Grosser Kurfuerst[THIS IS A
    CORRECT SPELLING], due to one reason. That reason being, the fact that all
    of the H-class ships were 4×2 layout. NONE were 4×3.

  20. “Pound torpedoes into her” lewd

  21. War gaming should release a Norwegian fjord as a port along side these BB’s

  22. Well iChase, I followed Bisko in my Hipster thru B point on North Map and
    just just say she obliterated 80% HP Amaburi and 100% HP Iowa with

    All that dakka

  23. Ive only played her in Coop so far but the Nassau is amazing.

  24. How long does the repair time last on the German BBs (Japanese is 10
    seconds, US is 20)?

  25. +iChaseGaming so do you think the German BB will replace the USN ones at
    least at lower tiers it seem that they will do a better job at brawling and
    seem to have better AA and better things over all except for citadel armor
    but I’m not sure it that matters spence it seems it’s still hard to citadel
    then regardless?

  26. Gernam BBs….new best sealclubbing ships

  27. Yeah, even with its health boost to nearly 106k, I’m just not seeing the
    Kurfurst being particularly great. Especially since it is actually worse at
    the secondary role than either of the previous two German BBs – or, if
    limited to T10, the Yamato. And for one simple reason – those 128s instead
    of 105s.

    Sure they’re better AA, but they only have a 5% fire chance per shell. As
    opposed to the 105s the Bismarck and multiple other mid-high tier German
    BBs carry, with their monstrous 9% fire chance per shell. This is actually
    something of an issue with having a secondary build Gneisenau as well –
    it’s only carrying the 128s.

    Additionally, unlike the Bismarck, which has the clear edge in secondary
    range at T8, and honestly more effective individual secondaries as well,
    and the Friedrich which manages to just barely edge out the Izumo in number
    of secondaries in a broadside at T8 – though the range and individual
    effectiveness gap has closed – Yamato matches the Kurfurst both in range
    and number of secondaries in a broadside, along with them being more
    effective (8% chance of fire on its primary secondaries as opposed to 5%).

    So it’s outmatched in guns at long range, worse at brawling in close, and a
    gargantuan torpedo magnet. At least it’s ~2 kts faster, I guess?

  28. Low tiers are so bad today. You cant play cruisers or other BB.

  29. +iChaseGaming any app for doubloons??

  30. iChaseGaming how do you get 1 million doubloons

  31. I think you over exaggerated when you said that the Bayern is the best t6
    ship, very similar to other t6 ships if not worse (especially on
    survivability side)

  32. Jack Packet (gaming)

    why do you never say much about secondaries?

  33. the grober kurfurst is a cross between the h41 and h42 designs but doesn’t
    have the 480 mm or 18in’s of the h42 designs main armament

  34. Look at the Kaiser like this, 3 turrets to the front, 4 turrets to the back
    and 5 in a broad, and that all from only 5 turrets 😉 German engineering

  35. knowing that secondaries are great and long range AA is great …. what
    would be better ? AFT + manual secondary or AFT and manual AA

  36. 1 millions doubblons ? care to share ?

  37. So why does Bismarck have an AA gun on top of turret 2? That was never

  38. why do they tie the shells to the hulls, and not to a gun upgrade?

  39. Bismarck bs Amagi?

  40. The german tier 10 is essencially a H44 Class with H41 armament. The H44
    class proposal was supposed to get 50,8cm guns, granted they didnt exist at
    that time. Even the H42 and H43 proposals were supposed to get 48cm guns. I
    get that they dont want to get any bigger than yamato as they already said
    at some time, but why add such a ship with a in comparision tiny armament
    compared to what it was designed to support? They could have atleast give
    here more hp imo.

  41. Cool! Can’t wait to experience it myself.

  42. Großer Kurfürst pronounced just right.

  43. I want whatever the boys over in russia were smoking when they ‘balanced’
    the tier 9 and 10

  44. the tier 10 is like 1.4 times as long as yamato. why does it have less HP
    by a most 10k. the thing should have at least 120k if not 130

  45. Hey man, I’m new to WoWS and your videos, but I’m really liking them so
    far, keep up the good work, and the only place you’ll go is up. I’ll
    definitely be keeping an eye on you, and watching your new videos.

  46. Great video, as always, do you wish though that Gniesenau had the same
    historic guns as in Scharnhorst as a option so that players can choose a
    historic ship or as the planned upgunned version of Gniesenau

  47. “Bismarck, good AA”

    How deliciously ironic.

  48. AdmiralCrazyhead the boat geek


  49. The guns behaved?

    like.. with that dispersion number the guns behaved?

    Do you think the dispersion is only bad at longer range and will quickly
    get better when you go below max range before getting an “average” decrease
    the closer you get?

    I don’t have good experiences with battleships that don’t have that many
    main batteries (*cough* Myogi*cough*Kongo*cough*)

    I would love to see a video soon, about those ships, if you can, especially
    the Gneisenau and Tirpitz, I’m really interested now, they both seem like
    ships I might want to keep, if they really perform like you described them.
    (not really sure with the Bismarck as I have no experience with it myself,
    though I heard the guns on it will quickly get accurate if you go below max

    thanks for the overview, was nicely summed up and very informative

  50. me: fuck yeah german BBs!
    *gets on laptop*
    *bluescreen of death*

  51. Who needs super thick citadel armor when your gun casemates are that thick?

  52. The German BBs were so fun to seal club in my Clemson.

  53. Still coming soon

  54. Aziz Hari Maulana

    Two thumbs up !!!!!

    this is what im waiting for ….. keep it up Chase !!!

  55. Well, this pretty means we just go to tier 8 and stay there…

    Anyway… Chase, quick question: You think going secondary build on all
    german BBs is viable? I mean, I wanna try to carry my captain from my
    recent bought Nassau to the Bismarck, but I don’t know what mods to fit on
    the ships themselves. Given the fact they are all sort of brawlers, I
    figured I would go all secondary mods on then and hope for the best.

    Also, given that we have limited port slots, which of these BBs you would
    say “man, keep this ship!”? So far I have been keeping all my IJN BBs(I
    don’t play USA BBs cause I’m still stuck at tier 8 in IJN… damn Izumo is
    expensive…). So I was wondering if I should sell any of my IJN BBs to
    make room for the germans.

  56. Good of you, iChase, to point out the numbers error for armour. As you
    said, it is a display issue, not an ingame performance one. WG has actually
    inversed the numbers for citadel armour and gun casemate armour (they
    should be the other way round, explaining why the König and the Bayern
    bounce a lot).

  57. I really wanted to see the H-44 with 20 inch guns.

  58. Can we expect Tier X change of ship to the H-41 or even H-44 and Buff out
    the H-39 a bit more.

  59. You are the opposite of Aerroon, he loves the Friedrich Der Grose like
    nothing else

  60. wasn’t the H41 meant to have 20 inch guns?
    (understandably Wargaming would never implement that, but I know I heard
    that from somewhere)

  61. The Gneisenau is by far the best looking ship of the German BB’s… Holy
    molly the lines on that ship!

  62. Hi TX HP will buff ?


    The British cruiser branch iChase! Did you see it!?

  64. Best think about Scharnhorst and Gneisenau is they’ll be invisible for
    British ships. 🙂
    But i think Groser Kurfurst is awesome, you can make football turnaments on
    it. One pitch at front, second on back…or Airport, maybe?

  65. Fleet Master Gruber

    I disagree that Bayern is any better than Warspite. Warspite has far more
    accurate guns which are also fire shells that are much more punchy than
    their German counterparts. In addition, Warspite’s incredible
    maneuverability really gives it a significant edge in battle that Bayern
    simply cannot match.

  66. so ive gotten to midtier on most of the lines and im deciding which line i
    want to go the full length on and i cant decide. if there a line that
    specialized on long range accuracy at the moment? From your vids it seems
    russian ships have decent accuracy but i cant bring myself to take the
    russian line seriously given the fact the soviet navy was one step above
    horse piss historically.

  67. Thank for the great video review of German BB, I will to go zero dark
    thirty on those tier 9 and 10 German BB with my Gearing.

  68. The German tier X, wasn’t she suppose to have 508mm guns…?

  69. Finandi Amartyadeva

    Brit cruiser overview

  70. Is the model of the König bugged or is the armor belt supposed to look like
    that? The area I’m talking about is on the side, in front of the front
    turret. Looks very strange to me at least :P

  71. It seems T10 battleship has been buffed to more than 105k hp. I guess it is
    a bit better now?

  72. I don’t know what the fuck Wargaming was thinking making the designated
    brawlers have cruiser level torpedo defenses.

    And, of course, any Battleship that has a chance of threatening their
    precious Yamato has to be nigh worthless against it. Can we not have one
    ship that can kick that Japanese bitch in her fucking teeth?

  73. as a dd player, my only thought:”yay wg trying to buff my average damage”

  74. Thing to note +iChaseGaming : the armour stats are wrong. Read Gun Casemate
    as Citadel. Don’t ask why, it’s just broken.

  75. t10 with 10km secondary range base oh my

  76. well, German tier X BB have been buff now

  77. Crysis176 “Crysis” R

    groder vs yamato

  78. wy does the low tier german bb.s armor less in wows then real life

  79. It still amazes me just how insanely gigantic the Grober Kurfurst is. I
    never thought we’d see a battleship ingame that would make the Yamato look
    small. Or that the ship would have less powerful guns and worse armour.
    Where the heck is that extra size and displacement coming from? Did they
    plan to put a couple dozen Tigers below-decks or something? 0_o

    I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s new and unique, and sailing this
    monster after it’s buffed could be fun. But…holy Hannah, that thing is

  80. At current state, it’s best to say go up till Bismarck and STOP. Joy while
    playing Bayern to Bismarck!!

    That’s what stats say… :(

  81. It’s like Christmas with the release of the Scharnhorst, German BBs, and
    soon Royal Navy cruisers! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!

  82. Bismarckの提督

    Bismarck best BB ever

  83. RN cruisers announced!!!!! Belfast is a premium!!!! Woot

  84. Can the Kaiser fire all 5 guns?(it is possible in history,but will it be
    possible in game either?)

  85. you somehow didnt noticed the belt armor which is the thickest of all bbs
    and probably the most important aspect of german bbs. unlike american bbs
    which have strongest armor around citadel, germans have the quite opposite
    – strong belt but weaker citadel

  86. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The citadel is wrong it should be 350mm from kaiser on both belt and
    citadel but eh! Nerft it cause they are german!

  87. “Her rear end is well protected”-iChase 2016

  88. Lucky Na, us Europeans get German BBs Tomorrow (August 18th). And everyone
    is moaning about not getting the Scharnhorst xD

  89. Muhammad Zafranuddin

    I’m really happy, I planned to keep Gneisenau and Scharnhorst because they
    look pretty, and now the video clarify the Gneisenau is great

  90. The only experience of the Gneisenau (on EU) was in my Nagato and I went
    straight through the A/B turret barbette for citadel damage at a 40 degree
    angle. So maybe not that troll.

  91. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    T9T10 are designed almost entirely by WG. no wonder they suck. WG has very
    bad taste and ability in designing ships on their own. they are even worse
    than wwii german ship designers

  92. Isn’t the Bayern basically a noticeably better Warspite?

  93. Chase, you are horribly wrong. Less than 3 days ago, seen more than 4
    people with more than 1.2 million free XP to research Germans

  94. 32:00 LMFAO! “You will have an easier time hitting her (Große Kurfürst)
    than you would something smaller… … like the Yamato.”

  95. By the by, Chase, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your historical
    knowledge of 20th century naval warfare. There aren’t many of us battleship
    nerds out there! Keep up the good work!

  96. Sorry chase, but no one is convincing me that Warspite is not the best tier
    6 battleship.Because it is better at doing the one main thing battleships
    do more than anything else. Deleting things in single salvos. Not to
    mention the lighting fast damage control cooldown and tier 10 Health regen.
    And the lighting turn radius. And lazer accuracy. Ill take slightly less
    effective armour for those perks.

  97. at least tier IX and X can blaze it


  98. By the way guys the tier 10 has 105k health now in the new patch 5.10 but
    still its to big 3-4 turrets hace crappy angles and also the trop
    protection is craaappppp

  99. Paul Conrad (Kelorn)

    iChase: note that the Bismarck never had torpedoes, and the Tirpitz as
    designed didn’t either. They were retrofitted onto the tirpitz after she
    was commissioned. That’s why Tirp has them and Bismarck does not!

  100. Nassau – Dat Sternz

  101. König is the only one (exept Scharnhorst) from that line that has 2.0
    Sigma, maybe that is the reason? Cant wait to actually grind them. (only up
    to 8 tho, 9 looks even worse then Izumo 🙁 )
    btw: spotter and fighter from T7 onwards?

  102. Looks like I’m only playing till T8

  103. Wait, what! Are they already here for the NA community?! WOW, WG is just
    taking the piss on EU community.

  104. Best thing about the Bayern and up are the 380mm guns? yeah, i hiiiiighly
    doubt that, considering theyre the same caliber guns as the Tirpitz, who
    90% of the time over pens everything it shoots at… seriously, its getting
    beyond a joke. Had a match today that gave me 47 hits, only around 8 of
    them being actual damaging hits, for a grand total of 56k damage, the rest
    of them were bloody over pens.

    I really dont have high hopes for the guns when ive been getting nothing
    but hate fucked by them.

  105. The NDA curse has been lifted

  106. Giant buff to shimakaze!

  107. Congratz. rly good ship tree review. Keep the good work. i will wait in
    future for ur ship review with modules and commander skills.

  108. we should dare Eurobeat to do Torpbeats with the Great Elector

  109. Which ship is worse, the Kaiser or the Myogi ?

  110. “This is one tough cookie.”

    – IChaseGaming 2016

  111. im very disappointed at the T10 as im a very advent T10 player and it just
    looks painful to play

  112. Gneisenau’s guns looks too big for such a thin hull.

  113. Conclusion to German BB line : Tier III – Tier VIII ( 404: Tier IX and Tier
    X not found )

  114. Knowing now that the Bismarck’s torpedo protection was so strong (no
    torpedoes penetrated her hull through her defense as proven when she was
    found and surveyed), how can WG justify giving her and the Tirpitz for that
    matter, 25%? Based on the factual evidence, she should have as good torpedo
    defense as the Yamato.

  115. So the Gr. Kur. does not look that good in camparison to Montana and

  116. That Nassau is going to be such a great sealclubber :D

  117. Historically, the Bayern’s top speed was around 21 knots or so…

  118. Renegade Commander

    I love you iChase!!!!!!!1!!!!

  119. And they only come tomorrow in germany :(

  120. lol already using troll 16 pt 2ndary build on my tirpitz/scharnhorst now. i
    thought it was strange that the scharnhorst comes out at 7.8km 2ndary range
    and the tirpitz comes out at 6.8….well the bismark is going to be like
    9km 2ndary range. awesome, i love german 2ndary gunners, theyre such

    never had so many close quarters ribbons as in my german premiums, even got
    a 6 kill double double kill close quarter ribbon the other day. simply

  121. Just 1 day, can’t wait for it. And then the UK cruisers are announced. I
    have a video online with a little research on the tier 6-10 UK cruisers.

  122. The Germans are just out of the gate and already we can see the British
    Cruisers. WG is working hard to get those ships out huh.

  123. The British are coming, the British are coming!!!

  124. German BB’s are so sexy

  125. Majestic Hotwings

    RN cruisers have been revealed!!!!!!!

  126. So available on NA server? not EU, as usual

  127. finaly we can see the future of wow :P(or the past if you see this coment
    in the future)


    And british light cruisers officially announced too.
    And I only had to work half an hour today.

    What a bloody good day!

    Now I only have to win the lottery and it’s perfect :)

  129. im also early and im gonna watch while eating

  130. Oh my, chase lost weight :D

  131. +iChaseGaming what? German BB s what is this sorcery XD

  132. im so ready to pwn noobs again. im getting really tired of the t9-10, then
    back to atlanta or warsipite or tirpitz, for some quick cash.

  133. ichase can you please respond to this ASAP I need you to explain to us what
    is shell normalization because I have no idea what that is or how does that
    affect gameplay and this patch got it shell normalization and I don’t know
    what it does to gameplay so can you please explain it and layman terms
    where I can understand it

  134. OK my question from stream yesterday Should I stop my grind up the USN BB
    line to try out the German BBs?

  135. I’m jelly on those doubloons :)

  136. SO looking forward to actually playing them.

    On a side note, what’s up iChase?

  137. German engineering at its best.

  138. Forget the German BB’s…British Cruisers are coming!!!!! :D

  139. Holy Hell I’m early.
    Hello iChase! :3

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