World of Warships – Tech Tree Overview – German Destroyers

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The Germans are coming! Their are ready for action and this hopes to provide you with the best possible info on this line. The low tier DDs are loads of fun and the tier 10 in the current configuration is an absolute beast. Enjoy this tech tree overview!


  1. huh the embargo lifted eh? 44 mins ago jingles uploaded his. now your turn.

  2. this sound like very YOLO dds in this line tho.

  3. Why is chase so quiet in this vid?

  4. stop recording at midnight eh, don’t hurt your stamina.

  5. Omg I run mainly. IJN DDs and I cannot WAIT for these to come out.

  6. I’m getting giddy for these destroyers even though I don’t play destroyers

  7. Dat tier X…where have u been all my life?!

  8. i retrained this captain for destroyers. i laughed no last stand

  9. well time to grind to tier 10 before they nerf them.

  10. I couldn’t care less. German destroyers are boring to look at and dull to

  11. Really hope they implement the HMCS Haida!! But looking forward to theses

  12. Tier-9-and-10-Will-Be-Nerfed-The-Video. Just a prediction. :/

  13. who’s brilliant idea was it that the 150mm cruiser guns shouldn’t have
    higher range than the 128mm dd guns?
    btw they’re probably going to nerf the tier 10 (but not until people have
    spent a bunch of cash on free xp to get it of course).

  14. Man the Germans are taking over the game

  15. all i have to say for tiers 2,3,4 dd’s are WITNESS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I thought WG said they were trying to do away with stealth firing? Silly

  17. Slawomir Chmielewski

    This is useless.
    You are not showing any optional modules, which drastically change things
    like artillery range and torpedo range. I don’t care if the original torp
    range is 6km if the upgraded range is 8. I don’t care if original artillery
    range is 9km if an upgrade makes it 10 and thus allow concealed shelling.
    Why are you just regurgitating the stats that everyone can see anyway? We
    can read, you know?

  18. You know you will grind up to T10 and right after they will nerf the crap
    out of her. :)

  19. well my shimakaze can go fuck her self away

  20. Fell asleep 3 times during this video… gj Chase.

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