World of Warships – Tech Tree Overview – IJN Battleships

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Trial episode, let me know what you all think. These videos are meant to provide an overall impression of a tech tree line in World of Warships. This first episode covers the fantastic IJN Battleship line which is made up of the Kawachi, Myogi, Kongo, Fuso, Nagato, Amagi, Izumo and Yamato. I talk briefly about their strengths and weaknesses and also things that I’ve noticed about each individual ship. Enjoy!

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  1. Do more! This was great. No one else has things like this out really.

  2. Great job more more plz

  3. Great vid chase

  4. Please do this for the IJN cruiser line! thanks for this video!

  5. Thanks for an informative video with lots of good tips about the various

  6. I’m currently at the Nagato and I love it. I find I can often kill
    destroyers (one game, i got all 3 of the enemy ones) due to the accurate
    fire. I find myself often against Tirpitzs and I tend to do ok (perhaps
    because many of them cannot play I guess!).

  7. When will you release USS Battleships Overview LOL

  8. Not a bad format, especially as the game goes on.
    Good place to put ship review links as well.

  9. More more more next dds any nation

  10. I have all the upgrades and the modules on the Izumo and it is still a
    terrible ship. I haven’t had a single good game with it yet. The thing I
    find most frustrating is the dispersion. Even after the upgrades/modules I
    was in a game where an enemy Iowa either went afk or crashed. He was just
    sitting there 15-17km away and I turned my full broadside on him. I was
    able to get off 3 complete salvos and yet EVERY SINGLE shell straddled him,
    drenching the deck of the Iowa and leaving it completely unharmed. I
    finally managed to get a single shell hit AND IT BOUNCED off his armor.
    Utterly enraged I fired one more massive salvo which looked like it might
    do some damage but a second before it would have hit the Iowa was sunk by a
    spread of torpedoes. I look forward to the day when I can junk the Izumo.

  11. Plz compare Kutuzov vs 155mm Mogami

  12. Do a tech tree overview of the American battleships next

  13. I like it! Maybe do a destroyer line next? =)

  14. Make this kind of video more plz…..

  15. nice overview of the IJN battleship line. I am currently on Nagato grinding
    to the queen of the ocean Yamato. look forward to other tech tree overviews
    from you

  16. Gregory Clarke (TrueAssassinsCreed)

    please make more they are great

  17. Awesome vid! Do the USN BBs next iChase please!

  18. I’ve gone on about this before elsewhere, but there are few ships that
    frustrate me more than the Myogi, and that’s not because of how bad it is,
    but rather how much it could have been. The Myogi has a great arrangement
    for brawling: fast-turning guns, a fair rudder-shift time, potent guns,
    reasonable durability, and excellent secondary guns. The problem is,
    however, that the secondaries, as good as they are, are still secondaries
    and therefore useless. The guns are strong, but never behave, compounding
    the problem, and the miserable volume of fire presented is just the
    crippling factor. In the future, if BB’s get reworked to reduce the
    influence of RNG, she might become an incredible ship, but until such a
    time, the poor girl is stuck with one of the worst hands possible.

    Fuso is one I don’t know where to stand with. She’s got great guns, but
    she’s also very prone to taking citadel hits, presumably because of how
    many turrets she has that need fed. While this isn’t enough to make her
    bad, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it does mean that she
    doesn’t like my very aggressive playstyle much. Of course, that’s more my
    fault than hers.

  19. Great overview…I didn’t play BBs until i watched some of your videos
    cause it was so painful with the low tiers…now loving playing my Nagato
    and New Mexico. These overviews help give you hope while grinding some of
    the baddies. Thx

  20. Great vid, please do USN BBs next.

  21. Definitely make more of these videos! These are so good for clarifying to
    people new to the game!

  22. More! More! Enjoyed it a lot Chase!

  23. Bravo Chase, now I’d like to see IJN Cruisers.Also question, do you think
    they should add in new ship classes like Battlecruisers?

  24. Thanks Chase! Loved the review, even though I disagree on the Kawachi/Myogi
    analysis :). Would definitely love to see more!

  25. The A hull of Fuso is correct for range. Her turrets only elevated to 30
    degrees as built, but this was increased to 43 degrees after modernization
    in the 30’s (B hull).

  26. Good job m8

  27. I like this show! But i think it would be better if you compare the
    Japanese BBs together with the US BBs tier by tier.

  28. American BB tech tree next time?

  29. I love this possible series. Do the Japanese cruisers next!

  30. i would like to see more tech tree overview’s also mny favorite ship while
    in beta when in played had it was the kongo i had a fuso but wasnt getting
    much of good games but that was when the us battleships came in so no i
    feel like i want the kongo, fuso , nagato, amagi, and yamato

  31. Please Sir may I have more?

  32. You should have mentioned, that the Izumo and especially the Yamato can
    easily do huge damage to their US counterparts even if they are angled
    because the shell caliber is so much bigger. On the other hand a Montana
    can bounce all day long on an angled Yamato.

  33. Ross Godding (Nasheron)

    Ichase I have to disagree! the Kawachi is by far a worse ship than the
    Myogi! The kawachi has too short range starting 8.9….it cant hit
    anything, its slow and turns like a oil tanker. The Myogi is faster, better
    range, turns on a dime in comparison to the kawachi which is required as it
    faces more carriers most of whom know it doesnt get AA till the C hull (it
    had none in beta!) so attracts lots of torps to turn away from. Other than
    that your review is spot on keep up the good work ;)

  34. More of these please.

  35. Hi *+iChaseGaming*, first I wanted to say thanks for sharing your knowledge
    with the Community of WoWS for many of us it’s very useful and much
    appreciated your work.

    I love the video and would like see more of them, if you can after make a
    video for each individual ship (with more details), it would be excellent.

    *+iChaseGaming*, A series that I would love you to do it’s to explain from
    the basic to the advanced of Carriers play could also be started with the
    carriers of Tier 4 up to 10. I know it would be a lot of work but it would
    be an invaluable material to Carriers Captains also would help more people
    be encouraged to use them, favoring the game.

    I hope you can read this message and thank you for your time!


  36. Great new series. Isay do more of those

  37. Kongou, there’s an accent on the o. The proper term is Kongō, just wanted
    to give you a heads up :]

  38. more! please!

  39. Although you will use the same upgrades throughout the line…maybe mention
    them and captain’s skills for a complete line walkthrough

  40. very good analysis. much appreciated.

  41. The firing range for Fuso is really not a bug
    The A hull is the initial design with range finders only 3.5m high in the
    forward superstructure and 4.5m high on the roof of turrents.
    The B hull has the displacement of these range finders (those high
    superstructures you can see) and the highest one is of 8m, which allows
    Fuso to aim at targets much far away

  42. Really liked this vid and I’m waiting for the IJN DD line video 😉 ps. I’m
    currently on the Kagero in that line ;)

  43. Hey, I like the Myogi: good AA, good speed, good AP damage and an
    advantageous turret placement for running battles which supports the speed.

    Much better than the Kawachii and a solid battleship, but she can’t stand
    up to the mighty Kongo I must admit… But that’s a good thing, she’s a
    tier higher.

  44. Thank you for the overview. I absolutely agree. Most of the IJN battleships
    are rock-solid. I would never sell my fuso, for example. I even like my
    Mikasa. But that’s just because she is beautiful. 😉 She is not
    competetive at all.
    I hope to see the United States BBs next. Because that’s very interesting
    in terms of that totally different playstyle and the characteristics of
    each of those legends. I absolutely love the US battleships. They are (at
    least up to, and including, the Colorado) big brawling, knife-fighting
    monsters. A like that a lot.

  45. I liked the Tech Tree Overview, keep up the good work.

  46. great video

  47. Great video Chase, I found it very informative & interesting. Thank you for
    the good advise & keep up the great work you do!

  48. Enjoyed this video. I don’t get to play as much as I would like so this
    video was helpful.

  49. Can you do an overview over the american carriers ?

  50. Straz_ Gaming_legend

    can we please have more know your ships plus i got a class that maybe you
    can do it on the Renown class and or the mikasa class predreadnought maybe
    short episodes but interesting.

  51. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on different lines, Chase. Maybe
    you could do the American Battleships next when you have the chance?

  52. And Chase sorry BUT with the Myogi i have to disagree it is a BattleCRUISER
    so i played it a bit different i rushed forward took attention away from
    the enemy team turned around and rushed back the Myogi is fast it is
    manoverable and most of its firepower is at its back so you can advance run
    away advance run away it depends on your playstile as well but it is your
    personal experience and this one which i wrote is mine so 🙂 but also like
    and please more of this sort of video (small suggestion: How about German
    Cruisers next? :))

  53. Enjoy this tech line episode, but I feel you could include some footage of
    the ship in action so it’s not just you talking whilst we stare at the
    dock. That’s muh feedback 🙂 Other than that, keep up the great work.

  54. This was cool I would love to see more of these for other lines as well.

  55. Lol i did read IGN instead of IJN ok nice one Chase nice one…. :)

  56. Robin Tilbrook (Myddrun)

    Nice job :). I preferred the myogi myself but hey!

    I’d love to see you do a tech tree of the US dd line. I’m struggling with
    those. probably too many newb mistakes being lulled in to by the Japanese
    dd play style. 😀 Yeah I’m new only at tier 4/5 in two nations and not
    really focusing on the Russian or Germans.

  57. Great line review. Please do more of them. Preferably USN DDs.

  58. but fully upgraded Myogi >>>>>>>>> Wyoming

  59. Marty Rudd (Bad Wulf)

    Like, please do more Chase.

  60. keep on going. like it. next US BB’s or Cruisers of some nation

  61. IJN bb’s………. bb’s with training wheels

  62. Andrew Wong (qwertwaszx3425)

    what is FCS?

  63. 2K14 SNEAKY (2k14sneaky)

    random suggestion can the next monday challenge be the guy with most damage
    in a nagato wins :)…it can be nice to see who has good bb playng skills
    and good aiming skills

  64. Andrew Wong (qwertwaszx3425)

    Yes!! do more XD American CV next pls thanks

  65. Absolutely do not agree about the Myogi, especially when compared with the

    When I started playing BBs (started USN and IJN simultanously), the Kawachi
    was pure horror to play. Horrible gun range, horrible dispersion (I shot at
    a Wyoming that ran itself aground 6km away … and all shots missed, either
    plunging in the sea before reaching the target or flying harmlessly over
    it!) and too slow to manouvre yourself into a favourable position where you
    can play it like a brawler unless you’ve been lucky enough to spawn close
    to such a position. Practically everything outranges you and can outrun
    you. I’ve had a game getting the Dreadnought award and didn’t even get to
    fire a single shot because the enemy players were smart enough to stay out
    of my range. Yeah, the Kawachi can take a beating, but ultimately that
    doesn’t change a thing against halfway compentent enemies because it just
    means you die a little slower, but you’ll die anyway. The experience was so
    bad, after I had fully upgraded the ship andthe next game was still really
    bad, I just free XP’ed my way to the Myogi.

    As for her, let’s just point to some numbers:

    Kawachi: Average XP earned – 365, average damage dealt – 12.914, Kill/Death
    ratio – 0.67, survival rate – 25% (8 games played; like I said, free XP and
    skipped the horror)

    Myogi: Average XP earned – 759, average damage dealt – 30.900, Kill/Death
    ratio – 1.5, survival rate – 45,45% (22 games played)

    Subjective feelings about how I think I’ve done aside, the raw numbers
    plain doubled.

    The Myogi is fast enough to take some measure of initiative (i.e.: not have
    all her actions dictated by the enemy and/or circumstances), has very good
    range, the guns are more accurate and even though she has less armor, the
    placement of her turrets allows good angling whilst keeping your firepower
    on the target, especially if you turn into the enemy during reloads.

    The ship is so much better than the Kawachi in more or less every aspect.
    Yes, you’ll be put in higher tier matches were fantastic ships like the
    Kongou, Fuso can make your game a tough one. But thanks to the Myogi being
    a so much better ship, you can make a fight out of it if you play it well.
    With the Kawachi you’re just a XP and credit pinata if you had an unlucky


    As for the video series, I think you could do better if you made it just a
    shorter representation of what it’s general characteristics are and keep
    the in depth informations in a ship review format. For one you’ll have much
    more room to make your videos without being forced to play an entire line,
    meaning you can frequently post more videos, plus each ship getting a
    focused review will ultimately be more informative to your viewers. Ten to
    fifteen minutes long reviews for each ship beats out one twenty minutes
    long video for all of them. You can make them at your own pace and ensure
    you feel you have enough experience to make an informed review, which only
    helps us viewers more.

  66. roller coaster ijn line lol

  67. I have the Kongo right now but working up to the Fuso. I still have my
    Myogi and will probably keep it as it is a good ship when playing other low
    tier ships. I will admit that I’m more of a cruiser guy though. BB’s take
    to ling to load.

  68. Yes plz keep doing these iChase

  69. Great watch, looking forward to more.

  70. I don’t know but i really like the Myogi

  71. The dispersion in the Nagato seem incredibly random at times for me, It
    gets frustrating and it seems to occur at the worst time for me to. All of
    a sudden after a couple good salvos boom shotgun, shells go everywhere.

  72. really? I had a good time in my myogi, I rarely had trouble hitting things
    when I was playing it and at best it was my 3rd bb if not 2nd bb

  73. cool video, keep doing this series!

  74. Initially, I only went down the Jap BB line because I wanted the kongo
    (30kt BB? Who *doesn’t* want that?!). But seeing the Nagato and the
    Amagi… oh man, I have some grinding to do!

  75. Nice video, i think this is going to be a good series. Maybe give some
    advice for captain’s skills and modules in future videos

  76. Really like this series, plz do more. But I noticed you didn’t talk about
    the AA on any of the ships.

  77. I’ll take the fast myogi and her 14in guns over the slow Wyoming

  78. Only IJN(ARP) BB I like is the Kongo.

  79. You should consider nut saying b hull cause immature people like me just
    giggle every time you say “first I went for the b hull”

  80. what dose thw pa atvthe end of your name mean

  81. Drikus Kuiper (Bratyn)

    Keep ’em coming Chase! Very useful info, really looking forward to more of
    these overviews!

  82. Want to come out and say this is an awesome series to do. If you’re taking
    requests maybe the USN DD line next?

  83. Really nc series! Maybe next time, u make USN cruisers tech tree?

  84. Good video. Can get even better if completed with recommended modules :)

  85. I hated the Myogi, then both Kongo and Fuso were strong and awesome but I
    did not really like them. I felt they were strong and I was doing good in
    them but I did not like them. Then came Nagato and I fell in love. This
    pen, and damage. This tight spread. Armor when angled well can take even
    some Iowa shots. And this amazing plethora of secondaries. Finally
    secondary guns that counted for something. Many a time I had DDs trying to
    ambush me, only to get their torpedoes dodged, and their HP melted by
    secondaries alone. And all that package at T7.

    And now I learn this is the ship people have problems with. No I feel like
    a freak

  86. like the series, do the American battleships next!

  87. Nicely done, hope you continue with the series!

  88. Kongo looks pretty darn like Hiei…
    interestingly enough “Kongo” on Steel Ocean also looks like Hiei as well.
    Looks awesome anyway tho

  89. Thanks for the video Chase! I sold my Amagi to buy the Izumo and miss it
    immensely! Working to rebuy it right now.

  90. Yes! Please keep these coming.

  91. Really like the idea behind this series and looking forward to see more of
    it. maybe you could even a do something like comparison of same tier but
    different nation ships.

  92. I like overview videos like that. Sitting in port all video makes it a
    little dry though. Maybe record a few clips of gameplay with each ship
    starting at tier 5 since from that point on you are actually spending time
    in a ship and grinding a fair amount. That would make it a lot more
    entertaining. But also a lot more work I guess. So I don’t know if you can
    do that with your current schedule and all that, but I think it would make
    these kind of videos a lot more entertaining to have background footage
    that where a little more is happening, even if its just cruising around in
    a co-op battle with the UI disabled randomly firing and driving around.

  93. Tier XI Space Battleship Yamato…

  94. Great vid man, Plz make more of these. I’d like to see one on the Russian
    DD line.

  95. I remember playing the Myogi. Engaging at distance and hitting the entire
    grid square when you fire. Still I liked it because when you hit something
    I usually did good damage and in Tier IV people love to give you their
    broadside. Good show Chase hope you feel better about the game. Watched
    your last stream on twitch ;)

  96. I like to think of the Izumo as a training boat for the Yamato =P
    I ended up going AA Yamato with the recent rise of CVs, 7/10 games there
    are cvs now. And her AA might not be as good as the Montanas, but by god
    ending a game with 40-60 planes shoot down at T10 feels so damn satisfying.
    I just wish we could use our main guns like real battleships to create
    water plums to scare/destroy planes.

  97. While undergunned, the Myogi is far better than the Kawachi. I did very
    well in mine.

  98. Gotta say, I really liked this overview. One minor quibble. I wish you had
    put more stats into it. For example when talking about the lower tier ships
    saying the range numbers also being more specific when talking about armor
    and pen would be great. Basically I think your format is great just would
    like to see a little more specifics when talking about each ship aka
    numbers and why they matter. Btw I have already refereed 2 people to this
    video lol.

  99. Carlos Andrés del Valle

    yes pleas
    ill like realy much that you contin making this overviews

  100. recommend you show what upgrades are available next time.

  101. Thank you very much! Waiting for the clip for KONGO, FUSo

  102. Loved the overview! Please Please Please more ship reviews!

  103. Can undo a us bb vs ijn bb line

  104. chase good vid. still love to have a tutorial on the izumo please :)

  105. Very interesting and informative. There are a lot of these videos on
    youtube already, but since most of them were made during Beta-testing a lot
    of things have changed, so please keep them coming. Can’t wait to unlock
    the Yamato

  106. nah first 3 battleships suck including kongo

  107. To be honest I think Yamato is probaly one of the few BBs that work. Yamato
    really feels powerfull and skill based while most of BBs are just pray to

  108. Good vid Chase, it let me know what to look forward to. As a more casual
    player, it’s taking a while to get through the levels, but I am enjoying
    it. My favourite ships oddly are battleships, and the Japanese are my
    favourite by far. I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed my Myogi, which if
    you always angle and pick your fights wisely, is an excellent ship. It
    plays similarly to the Kongo in my experience, though it can’t take the
    same punishment. I seem to get into higher tier battles with my Kongo
    frequently, so Im often fighting a running battle, which both the Kongo and
    Myogi do well at. I’d love to see a breakdown on the German cruiser line
    next if you plan to continue this trend.

  109. Big differential between the US and IJN BB lines and the tier 10 variants
    are almost laughable in contrast. I would suggest WG will be applying some
    nerfs and buffs to each line in the near future so enjoy this line while
    you can :/

  110. want more :D

  111. Good series. Good job.

    Maybe you should have mentioned the Ishizuchi unless you do not plan to
    comment of premiums in this series.

    I am not a BB player but I do like my Fuso. I agree with your opinions on
    anything up to Fuso. Don’t have the rest yet.

  112. Can somebody out there tell me why havent they add the shiratsuyu class
    destroyers? I’m just waiting for the day to get a yuudachi skin on it or
    smth other than just poi torp indicators

  113. keep ’em coming! I really liked that Overwiev :)

  114. I would love to have 147 mil credits O_O

  115. really liking this video! I’m up to the Izumo myself, so got a lot of
    experience with the ships myself to compare with yours, which makes it all
    the more interesting to watch. I’d very much like more of these!

  116. I’d like to know how to disable the menu interface as well… Is it through
    some mod?

  117. do american destroyers

  118. Well done, I would like to see more of these :D

  119. yavuz selim han osmanoglu

    Love the amagi and fuso.

  120. I VERY MUCH enjoy this overview series! You’re practically telling me the
    strengths and weaknesses of every ship in a line, how could that not be of
    some use?

    Although I won’t expect too many of these since you have to finish the line
    before reviewing right? I know you finished the US CV line and I think the
    US cruisers. But other than that… I’m not sure.

  121. great review chase!! i cant wait until you do both american cruiser and
    battleship lines to show the full difference in the two countries and just
    how much love the american lines need to balance them both out.

  122. Great initiative iChase, great video, hope you continue this kind of
    videos, it’s very nice to have a heads up on what is coming on the nations
    once you start to work on the line, recomendations on which modules get
    first and tips of each ship are very welcome! Thanks!!

  123. Manuel Merzinger (manimerz)

    I’m currently at 15000 XP with the Myogi and in a few battles I will
    finally be able to move on to the Kongo *sigh*
    If you look at my replays with the Myogi you will see me 90% missing the
    target because of the huge dispersion >.< Though I have to say, when I finally hit something even with 1 shell she does a ton of damage, not to mention her Citadel capabilities :/ But I like that you talk about these ships briefly and I am eager to watch your IJN DD line review, I want to see what you think of my favorite ships 🙂 P.S.: Is it too late for Monday Rules, I recently had a fight with 8 planes shot down in one barrage but I'm not sure if you will receive it in time

  124. Mike “OneMadTrucker” Hood

    Just take that brick called the Izumo and crack it over my head a few
    times, it’ll be far less painful than it’s grind.

  125. Keep them comming – good work :D

  126. “Adysmal”

    Excuse me +iChaseGaming it’s “ABYSMAL”

  127. i liked this vid. maybe it would have helped if you went in a bit more
    detail as to how best to play each ship for all of the ships (not much
    detail for lower tiers), but otherwise, very good vid.
    I’d like to see the other BB line examined as well for comparison

  128. Man, cant wait for H-class monsters. I wonder what are they capable.

  129. Good video, think you could make one for USN bbs or KM cruisers?

  130. This is amazing! More of this please!

  131. Anyone else think that once Russian BB will be added will cause rage to
    some players and would replace Yamato as the best battleship at tier 10?

  132. Love the vid Chase please continue this series.

  133. YUP, Myogi = the single worst ship and least fun I have ever sailed or had
    EVER, in ALL of WOWS since CBT!

    When I decide to go down the Japanese BB line, I WILL convert my way into
    the Kongo!

  134. Nice overview. Looking forward to hopefully more of these. 1 million
    doubloons, gadzooks!

    When playing the Fuso with just the basic range, I realized that the best
    strategy for me was to charge the enemy early on. By tanking the enemy and
    causing quite the carnage when I finally got in firing range, I was often
    able to create a very good start for the rest of my team. My matches were
    undeniably short, but the alternative was to be a big useless floating
    target for most of the match.

  135. Yes please. This type of Tech Tree Overview helps us to prepare mentally
    for different play style for those ‘off’ ships here and there. Thanks for
    your effort and please keep it up.

  136. Well…

    I did decent on both Kongo and Fuso, not only that but I did enjoy them,
    and then I got to the Nagato…

    And that was just a nonstop party… My best win rate, over 70 %, is with
    that BB. I love those secondaries. After the introduction of the Kraken
    medal, I got my first Kraken thanks to those secondaries and some foolish
    DDs who didn’t expect a charging BB.

    And guess what, I repeated that with my new toy, the Amagi…. I just love
    wrecking DDs with the secondaries hahaha! But it upsets me a tiny bit the
    fact that Amagi’s secondaries have a slightly shorter range…

  137. good overview. i’m up to the Fuso and pretty much agree with your
    assessment of the ships i’ve played so the kongo, will keep kongo

  138. Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

    I am not sure of the exact rational behind Fuso’s short range in stock mode

    however it does make sense somewhat that prior to getting it’s unique and
    VERY TALL pagoda mast (which is a subject often talked about when Fuso is
    mentioned), it’s fire control system wouldn’t exactly have the range that
    it would have after it gained the pagoda mast… given their rangefinder
    like most warships of the time is heavily reliant on line of sight visual

  139. Very helpful video. Thank you Chase

  140. Hands up if you liked the Kawachi ….. Crickets chirp……

  141. Loved this review! Very helpful. I’ve been struggling in my Kongo, but I
    hadn’t free xp’d the second hull, which really explains a lot. Looking
    forward to seeing more!

  142. Good video, thank you. More would be appreciated.

  143. Yes id like more of these, however, can we see some more of the ships…
    Just a forward bow shot, not so sexy.

  144. nay Iowa best BB. cheaper and more reliable :>

  145. Love your reviews, would love to see the American BB line next as well as
    single ship reviews. Keep them coming!!

  146. I mean it’s only fitting since you just did the IJN

  147. do you have any advice on how to play NC effectively? i find it really hard
    as the gun angles are horrid and u cant angle properly while using full
    firepower, unlike any other BB i EVER had

  148. good stuff, Thank you Ichase. Keep going on with this kind of Stuff.
    Regards from Germany

  149. Yes do more of these. I haven’t seen anyone else who has done a video like
    this. Very informative.

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