World of Warships – Tech Tree Overview – Japanese Destroyer Split

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The line has and a whole slew of changes and have appeared! Find out in this what these new ships are all about 😀 Enjoy and if you got , don’t forget to ask in the comments.

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. So they will out in next patch?

  2. My Benson is Crying in the corner cause less Japanese destroyers to

  3. I like that there updating the IJN ship tree as a general idea, I hope they
    do some changes to CH and BB line also. So what is going to happen for
    crazy peeps like me when patch goes live, that have all IJN ships ready to
    sail in port (IJN <3), will I lose the Shimakaze?

  4. Akizuki = mini khabarovsk/minotaur/zao

  5. Fog Battleship NCarolina

    Bravo WG, more torpedo and HE spam

  6. Wait a second
    What about the Shimakaze?

  7. The new tier 7 is the kitikami

  8. Because there aren’t already enough torps in the water. Now we get magic
    reloads for the Japanese tree. Yaaaaay. (that sarcasm).
    I also see the distinct hipocrisy forcing RN cruisers to stick to AP, then
    they boost the DD gun boat HE spam to another tree. GG WG. GG.

  9. That torpedo booster is ridiculously stupid.

  10. Will the US DDs and the Russian DDs still defeat the IJN ones ? You didn’t
    mention the Shima, so it wasn’t changed ?

  11. do these ships cost doubloons or can you earn them by getting xp and things
    like that, just like normal lines?

  12. “most people only have 18pt captains”

  13. …16 torpedoes. At 62kn. With a 10km range. At Tier VII, when you can
    encounter Tier V. Because that isn’t OP in the slightest. 0_o

  14. So they basically rebalanced the lines when it comes to gun fight to make
    them more flexible as torpedoes becomes obsolete as more people learn to

  15. Please buff Shima’s torp and make her great again !

  16. So… my Fubuki is gonna get swapped out for a shet kagero? rip

  17. Brian Lock (神通)

    1.6km is bad for torpedo

  18. What about Shima? Will it be changed as well or remain as it is now?

  19. Wargaming logic: put the torpedo cooldown mod on the gunboat.

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