World of Warships – Tech Tree Overview – Russian Cruisers

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These videos are meant to provide an overall impression of a tech tree line in World of Warships. This fourth episode covers the Russian cruisers. The Russian cruiser line is made up of the Novik, Bogatyr, Svietlana, Kirov, Budyonny, Shchors, Chapayev, Dmitri Donskoi and the Moskva. I talk briefly about their strengths and weaknesses and what you should keep note of when going up against these Russian cruisers. Enjoy!

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  1. ok so we have one british battleship but almost every russian ship ever
    built or planned…wouldnt you guess that devs are from russia?

  2. I don’t understand why do we get this instead of the
    British,Germans,Italians,French! They should be already in the game for the
    sake of balance for fuck’s sake! The game’s a fuckin mess!

    Fuck all the Russian developers and their bloody favoritism. It’s either
    that, or the NA and EU playerbase is so small that they just don’t give a
    fuck and focus of the RU and Asian market.

    I just can’t believe that there are nations with COMPLETE historical
    navies, easy to implement, and yet they focus on this crap. Half the ships
    don’t even have anything to do with WWII and they are in the same tier with
    classic WWII ships.

  3. question about radar do they just detect just the ship alone and not the

  4. I think the word you’re looking for is Battlecruiser to describe the

  5. did these ships just come out

  6. I honestly don’t care about the russian ships at all.

  7. Do you know when they will be released for everyone?

  8. the bb player will have fun with the russian cruiser.

  9. The new DD killers :O We shall see balance restored to MM no more 8-12 DD

  10. great balti got even more useless at T9 =.=

  11. Ichase , you described the shoddy armor and compared the maneuverability
    against the Konigsberg. Could you compare the Armor against Konigsberg, or
    Omaha? I’m asking in terms of effectiveness more than numbers.
    Also, Do you believe the Bodyonny will survive long without a nerf, given
    your favorable comparison against other T6 ships?

  12. ‘They looked at the Cleveland and said how can we make it better’
    Wargamings stronk patriotism wins the day again. ??
    P.S Still can’t believe soviet and German lines came before Royal Navy. I
    get that they want Russians to play the game but still.

  13. thank you man i really needed a sneak pic of these!

  14. Russian… cruisers? … Russian Battle-Cruisers… More like it aaaaand of
    course prototype OR 10 years of tech” gap. Otherwise anyone with a bit of
    knowledge about the Russian navy know exactly how shit they where at this
    era…. But well… – Slowly clap with one hand and facepalm with the
    other. –

    Edit: Anyway, still a good review “IChase”, thank you.

  15. So to counter the Soviet cruisers, get in close where they can’t maneuver
    well to dodge shellfire or torpedoes. Duly noted.

  16. these ships look like they are meant to snipe other cruisers at range. how
    do you think they stack up to the German cruisers which seem to have the
    same style. long reaching guns, thin armour.

  17. Admiral Ichase, with the Russian cruisers absurd good range and she’ll
    velocity, do you think you can convince wargaming to increase the shell
    velocity of American cruisers to their high capacity powder velocity of
    somewhere around 850 meters per second? Even with the arcs it would keep
    them competitive. Right now tier 6,9-10 really need that velocity since
    battleships can evade ur fire beyond 15km and destroyers are extremely fast
    to begin with.

  18. so the Russian cruisers aren’t quite as broken as i though they are easy to
    spot and they turn like small moon

  19. So all the things that made the mogami OP as WG deemed it they included on
    the RU cruiser line. Considering guns are the deciding factor whether a
    ship is dominant, WG puts the best guns on the RU ships. Hmmmm rigging
    comes to mind.
    People can argue all they want that the ships are really slow turners and
    have bad armor but when they have most of their guns forward and angling
    mitigating damage and the radar that neuters DDs WG has given their russian
    fan boy ships everything that they deny the rest of the fleet.
    The fix is in, lets not fleece over this point.

  20. Well…
    Am I the only one think that WG really hate USS ships?
    Cleveland RIP

  21. when can we have {US Cruisers – Tech Tree Overview}

  22. When these go live i will do nothing but focus them i swear to Christ.

  23. Russian bias? Well see once the stats appear…

  24. The best part of the Russian cruisers is that they’re named after
    revolutionary heroes who have awesome songs written about them. This should
    make the Shchors more tolerable:

  25. For a T3 ship that getting the gun upgrade for makes your guns worse except
    for the shell travel time, a stat not even included at port, is pretty
    strange. Also, expecting noobs to understand how the gun upgrade is better
    without realizing the bonus in-game, is just the icing on the cake.

  26. That radar is just nasty. I had a game on the EU server today where I faced
    one Moskva and one Hindenburg with my Kagero. And I was being tracked by
    radar. I’ll send the replay to you +iChaseGaming with screenshots when I
    get home.

  27. Pretty sure Moskva is just Moscow in Russian tongue?

  28. Nice review of the new Russian cruiser line, the tier 6 looks interesting
    but the rest of the line is just meh.

  29. I think I’m gonna love this line… I loved the german’s firing arc :D

  30. Another ship to stay away from. The tier 6 is the only one I would keep.
    Thank you for this, your the best. Keep them coming.

  31. 15:20
    IGN- Imperial Gaponese Navy

  32. Looks like the German CA will have a field day. :D

  33. The Master Chief 2000

    Moskva is pronounced Moscow

  34. TrungVN the Purpdonkey (MinecraftVNteam)

    The Russians seem to be pretty OP at the moment.
    With that arc it’s probably gonna rekt some Jap and Murica Cruisers

  35. Why does it feel like USSR cruisers are going to make DKM cruisers
    obsolete. I mean USSR are long range, accurate, poor turning circles, poor
    detectability, poor armor just like the DKM cruisers, but then get radar
    which is better then hydroacustic and can still have AA ability and even
    have better arcs on their shells (don’t know about speed) and better HE.
    DKM cruisers get what? Torpedos and slightly better reload, wow much wow.

    Unless I’m missing something here, which I hope I am, USSR cruisers just
    seem better then DKM cruisers in every meaning full way.

    Also by the way when are we getting DKM BBs I mean the most wanted ship
    lines now are RN ships and DKM BBs not some USSR cruisers, oh way RU server
    wants RU server gets. WG …

  36. +iChaseGaming, was that Svetlana fully upgraded? I thought it got a way
    different looking hull when upgraded.

  37. +iChaseGaming ~ gg the other with ur moskva against my des moines

  38. Can’t help but notice just how gigantic the superstructures are on the
    higher tier Russian cruiser, DDs are going to be HE spamming the hell out
    of them just because of how over sized the superstructures are on these

  39. who is staling?

  40. WG says they don’t want player do HE spam, but they are adding a new tech
    tree which has the overall charismatic that encourages players to do HE
    spam on long range.

    Sounds legit.

  41. 8:44 Chase, I’m pretty sure you’re going to suffer regardless of if you’re
    in the Kirov or not when a battleship can see and hit you :P

  42. Are these the stock cruiser stats, or fully upgraded? I didn’t see that
    noted or mentioned anywhere.

  43. The only thing that looks to be “over the top” on any of these, are the
    guns on the Tier 10 – 6.6 rpm, incredibly fast shell flight time, 155 meter
    dispersion at over 19 km – as you said, laser pointers – the dispersion
    alone at that range sounds nothing short of phenomenal.

    At that, the faster shell flight times and flat shell trajectory on many of
    these cruisers will be reason enough for many to play them – all other
    things being equal, faster flight times and flatter trajectory means more
    accurate gunnery and more rounds on target per salvo – especially if the
    shell dispersion is better than average as well.

    On the Tier 5 Nicholas, I use the stock hull with the 5″/51 guns – even
    with the roughly 30% slower ROF compared to the 38’s, I end up averaging a
    far higher hit rate with the 51’s due to the shell flight time and flat
    trajectory – and with AFT invisi-firing at range, it’s much easier actually
    hitting the target. If there’s a comparable difference with the Russian
    cruisers vs other cruisers tier for tier, even with poor armor and
    maneuverability, more accurate guns can make up for a multitude of sins in
    many player’s books.

  44. dsfghfdshfghfh fdghfghfcgh

    OH MY F**KIN GOD! Dmitri is like so sexy!

  45. Bathtub of Bricks… :D

  46. I like how the tier 7 description says “not as good as other ships of the

  47. So the Soviet Cruisers are mostly paper ships in more ways than one…

    BTW: Are these the updated stats or the stock stats? THe IJN cruisers
    actually often have worse rudder shift times in the stock versions.

  48. Chase, do you know why some of the low tier Russian cruisers have a
    complicated rail system on the back of the ship?

  49. How is the Hydra at lower tiers should you go default with defensive AA?
    Radar sounds broken but it`s needed against the DD spam of torps, will
    radar detect torps at 11km as well? Like Hydra?

  50. your video always have commander unavailable. how do you train them a vid
    on best method would be great

  51. If they buff the Russian ships, the ‘russian bias’ party gets their
    pitchforks ready.
    If they make the ships reasonable, the ‘russian bias’ team doesn’t know how
    to react as they don’t do subtle, so the reaction usually is ‘I can’t
    believe that they are balanced, something is wrong.’

    It’s really funny actually…

  52. Long range, high accuracy, consistent damage, but shit detection and armor,
    and I think they don’t maneuver well. Not as stronk as people fear,

  53. What is it with tier 7 cruisers??? they all suck, with the exception of the

  54. Tier 5 and 6 are easymode, since 66% of their firepower is in the front.
    and that are good, fast firing, accurate guns with a low firing arc. you’ll
    have to hide your broadside constantly (…like every other cruiser needs
    to, too) but once you mastered that you take huge dumps on your enemies

    and I dont like that WG rewards that awfully “I sit back at range and
    snipe” with the Moskva. I really hate this kind of playstyle in the high
    tiers :/ and with this laz0r-guns (with 6.6 rpm WTF?!) that just sounds too

  55. Can you please do German cruisers next?

  56. Everything is sooooo INTERESTING!!! :D

  57. Why everthing is solid? Nothing is liquid? ;)

  58. Did all of these ships actually exist and build or are there also paper
    designs in this line?

  59. They are all op, i expect impenetrable armor, super long range HE
    spam,blessed by RNG god and could destroy a star in a single shot

  60. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Budyonny seems like an unnerfed Cleveland, which begs the question of why
    they nerf the Cleveland and then plan to introduce the Buddy in this state.

  61. I’m impressed, this line is not OP at all. Nicely balanced (even a bit less
    at some tiers).

  62. Russian cruisers, long range HE spammers. Wonderful.

  63. I take it that the tier 8 Chapayev does NOT get smoke like the Mikhail
    Kutuzov either, does it?

    I LOVE KY MIKHAIL! And I am so very glad I bought mine against your
    “mediocre” rating!

  64. 13:00 Atlanta says “Hello, my – what large and open citadels you have!”

    Seriously, Atlanta has 89mm at best, this ship 75mm!

  65. +Notser hey! You know how people usually complain about the Ocean map?
    Oh they will love it now with this Russian floating bricks line!
    Imagine all the Notsers being pulled on EVERY, OTHER, MAP, that has a tiny
    bit of land sticking out :D

  66. Why do smaller guns get a better ark???

  67. Svetlana MAY be the most stealthy – By Suface Detection, BUT 6KM AIR?! That
    is TERRIBLE for a ship with sub 10 km surface detection!

  68. +iChaseGaming so RIP USN cruisers now ? Lol??

  69. I want that tier 6! >:D

  70. This is a bit irrelevant I guess but the Russians used the pronoun him for
    their ships instead of the usual her. I guess this could be useful for when
    you review Russian ships in more depth. Anyhow, the videos are great and I
    enjoy them a lot, keep it up!

  71. Lol, all tier 3 cruisers are basically a st.louis, beside tenryu

  72. Moskva’s maneuverability is not too bad. Des Moines has nearly the same
    rudder-shift time and turn radius.

  73. So the Moskva has biggest gun caliber, best arc, best speed, has German
    torps, most health, decent AA, best armor, worst concealment and turning
    radius, with RADAR,faster ROF.

    Look like the Ruskies get everything that are good about IJN and Germany
    while the U.S cruiser is garbage at everything except their AA.

    10/10 World of Rusky fantasies

  74. I would imagine radar will be available for US cruisers and (eventually)
    British cruisers at some point no?

  75. This further prove the point that US cruiser are garbage lol

  76. Budyony look pretty op

  77. Excellent video iChase, thanks for sharing!

  78. haha capt. akbar Moment ca 18:45

  79. Played the game some month ago…Did they update anything big?

  80. Say what you want about the balance, but these are some damn beautiful
    ships! Soviet engineers sure have esthetic taste, who would have thought.

  81. right now pretty much everyone who owns a Murmansk or Aurora is probably
    rubbing their hands together like an evil genius. I know i am :)

  82. I think by now there are more fantasy-ships in the game than real ones. For
    me there is no point playing that junk.

  83. 18:39 “Our Cruisers can’t repel firepower of that magnitude!” – Admiral

  84. Nyet, only MK is playable !!!!

  85. How do you think the Kirov will compare to Furutaka? Or Moskva with Des

  86. Roon > Dimitri

  87. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    12×1 and 2×2 Guns at T3. Those are 2 Shells more then St. Louis has per
    Broadside (since Twin Turrets at the Ends) i think…holy smokes…

  88. Chase there’s a class for the Moskva in history…… its called a
    Battlecruiser: Big Guns, Cruiser armour and high speed

  89. A “Battleship, Cruiser” at tier 10.. maybe “Battle cruiser” would be an
    appropriate term?

  90. gameplay on moskva please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Mr iChaseGaming could you make a video from the T3 Bogatyr?

  92. the teir 6 is basically a modifed beta test sever cleveland

  93. Based off your video and caliber of the guns these ships have mounted, and
    because of the huge arcs, would it be viable to spam AP and hope for
    citadel penatration, or should we just keep spaming HE and continue to piss
    everyone off with our fires :D?

  94. do you guys realise that the tier 8 can stealth fire

  95. If we are seeing the Stalin cruisers, are we going to see hitler destroyers

  96. CynicallyObnoxious

    If Soviet cruisers are meant to stay at range then I think theyll be fine
    honestly with bb dispersion should be alright but def looking forward to
    how they can fight it out with the IJN and USN cruisers.

  97. thanks for another great vid chase!

  98. Now just gotta wait for Tech Tree Overview German Battleships <3 So excited
    to see how they will play out especially after Wargaming, or at least their
    Team Battles team, hinted they would be like the Tirpitz in playstyle sans

  99. For the Moskva, I think the term you are looking for is battlecruiser which
    is what you said, capital ship with battleship guns but cruiser armours

  100. 18:40 Nice star wars Ref. Good vid Chase as always.

  101. the answer with most of WOWS ships, and their system of winnings [ship
    damage is the only thing that matters], is to forget about winning and
    engaging too much. they are encouraging sniping. I just wish the crybaby
    stat obsessed youngins’ woke up to this. winning is a luxury. unfortunately
    it’s the way the game is designed

  102. Where can you see how long the shell takes to reach the max distance?

  103. when will they be released

  104. Stalin applauds you from the guläg

  105. How/ where can you make an account for the testservers

  106. Are they released or in public testing?

  107. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    Stronk stalinium cruisers!!!

  108. Ah, a video about new stronk Soviet cruisers, that are superior to the lazy
    capitalist American and fascist German cruisers. Lets sail in our glorious
    ships that Comrade Stalin provided for us and drink lots and lots of vodka.

  109. I wanted to public test

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