World of Warships – Tech Tree Overview – USN and IJN CVs

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These videos are meant to provide an overall impression of a tech tree line in World of Warships. This third episode covers the USN and IJN Aircraft Carrier (CV) lines. The USN line made up of the Langley, Bogue, Independence, Ranger, Lexington, Essex and Midway. The IJN line made up of the Hosho, Zuiho, Ryujo, Hiryu, Shokaku, Taiho and Hakuryu. I talk briefly about their strengths and weaknesses and what you should keep note of when going up against these CVs. Enjoy!

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  1. Tomasz Wasilewski

    well wargames sucks at tier 7 because ranger wasn’t full aircraft carrier i
    had less displacement then hiryu

  2. The element of USN CVs is being worse than their IJN counterparts. Ranger
    has always been the best example of this. You can never shut down a Hiryu
    unless he runs the 1/2/2 loadout (he won’t, 2/2/2 is almost guaranteed) and
    he’ll do more damage than you. Run strike, he’ll shut you down. 1/1/1,
    you’re just plain gimped. And they refuse to buff the Ranger, even though
    it’s getting slaughtered in the stats. They even nerfed its xp gains, so
    you get to suffer in it longer.

  3. Great video but it was like drinking out of a fire hydrant. I will re-watch
    this a number of times before deciding which cv line to follow. thanks.
    this was useful

  4. Brian Lock (神通)

    Don’t 122 Midway one shot Haki?

  5. Brian Lock (神通)

    Also, hakiuyru

  6. Hmm… I still believe that they shouldn’t allow the randomness of CVs
    going in “I’ma go strike” and then get shut down by AS loadout…
    especially for the lower tiers. Higher tiers can somewhat fight back with
    their loadouts but lower tiers have it harder with going one loadout or the
    other. Adaptiveness is key to this type of gameplay. Forcing some1 to play
    only one type of style doesn’t work well in strategy games.

  7. Nicholas Provenzo

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just want to know exactly how one gets one million
    doubloons, ninety-nine million credits, eight million XP, and a commander
    with +19 points to play with.

  8. Whats that cool port?

  9. IJN’s better at T10 in any line

  10. I question if the Bogue should be in the U.S. CV line seeing as it was
    intended as an escort carrier class for convoys, not a fleet carrier.

  11. I don’t care what anybody says. I think carriers are the best looking ships
    in the game, so graceful and majestic

  12. background noise 🙁 so load :(

  13. In a tech tree future video, can you go through the mods that we should use
    in ships as well? I’m sure most people could benefit with that kind of

  14. torpedo bombers>dive bombers tho. you dont need to worry about RNG and the
    damage is absolute. USN CV Nerf was unjustified and i cant see 1000 lb
    bombs being used as a viable alternative.

  15. Ichase when is my replay come out? I want to know my mistakes

  16. When I play my american air supremecy CV I will massacre jap CV’s planes
    but then I cant really assist my team with damage. When I play jap, either
    I get faced with an AA build american CV and get my planes murdrered or if
    against another jap, I can do lots of damage and have a decent game.

  17. Even though I don’t play carriers, I was really sad when I saw that there
    isn’t a Yorktown class in the tech tree. I mean, why wouldn’t you put the
    Enterprise into a WW2 naval game?

  18. Also were is the Yorktown class?

  19. Once again, World of Warships favors the Japanese. This game is fun to play
    but if the Japanese ships were so good, why did they lose? It not just

  20. Great info. keep them coming.

  21. New mic?

  22. cv’s are the best damage deallers ever 😀 i normally do 50000+ in an
    average game in my zuiho

  23. +iChaseGaming do you think you could put out a video on some attack
    suggestions for T10 CVs? I’ve been having a bit hard time getting used to
    midway’s new, faster dive bombers. ^^;

  24. i have tier 8 usslexington and still dont have air supremacy on captain. I
    can say for a fact US cvs suck it takes pure skill/luck to play them. You
    get 3-4 squads since tier 1 and jap has 6 7 or sometimes 8. If the 2
    players are equal in skill japanese cv will win everytime.

  25. how do you have everything unlocked and all captains maxed out?

  26. If I took a shot every time something is interesting or going to get
    interesting, around 16 minute mark my liver would give out.

  27. chase its going to be very interesting when the Russian carreas wil be

  28. Derpingames NOT FUNCTIONING

    Man, I miss the USS Saipan

  29. I like to play with the Hosho rather than the Langley. reason: 2
    Torpedobombers enable crossfire against DD’s, giving you a 100% chance to
    hit experienced DD Captains if executed right. Langley does not have this
    defensive power against good DD captains. and dont tell me he has
    divebombers, they are worth shit and are unrealiable as fuck against dds.

  30. “CVs all still suck to play”
    The “Balance” is stupidly not even close to being fun.

  31. The really sad thing about this video is that you are right about there
    being a clearly better option at every tier. Same holds true for the
    battleship lines so far as well. You’d think WG would be able to pull their
    heads far enough out of their own ass to be able to see this and actually
    balance the game, instead of trying to milk it for all the money its worth
    before it too goes the way of warplanes.

  32. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    You might as well make one of these videos every major patch as carrier
    balance in previous patches tends to go from one extreme to the next.

  33. So i’m a very mediocre CV captain. But im at essex, and nearly at midway
    (because i’m stubborn) I think you are totally right about the need for US
    CVs to specialize, but im not sure what are the best upgrades for these top
    tier ships. Should an AA CV focus on survivability/dps or on the ability to
    crank out more planes with servicing and speed?

  34. I just started working with the Langley – I have good games and I have bad
    games…..never anything in the middle.
    Thanks for this video, it helped out a lot.

  35. I wish you can do strafing on ships with fighter bombers, to knock their AA
    out or something like that

  36. Dont know, always thought the US cvs are crappy balanced and there is no
    reason not playing an IJN instead.Great video, thanks.

  37. unbalanced fighter number :p

  38. TY. Great info!It’s interesting to me that the US ships, which were IMO
    significantly stronger in the real world, especially in durability, than
    the IJN ships, are the weaker line in the game. I’d like them equal –
    obviously for game play reasons, I don’t want the US ships to be

  39. Just after playing Langley game with 109k damage in tier IV game, feels
    like kicking puppies. LOL

  40. What do you think about the new premium CV Saipan?

  41. could you please tell WG to fix Nagatos turret #2 and #3 and replace the
    current one with the one with Rangefinders (which are in the game files)

  42. As probably the best CV player in WOWS. This is great insight. Thanks.

  43. So why do you thing WG decided that you cant take 2 CVs into a division?

  44. Thank you for the video, I play IJN cv’s currently on the ryujo.

  45. “Interesting” counter: It’s over 9,000!!

  46. Still wish they would add the fucking Yorktown class

  47. Basically two once Extremely powerful class nerf to the ground. First the
    USN CV got a massive indirect nerf with the introduction of IJN CV, and
    then IJN CV got nerf something like 5 patch in a role, and then at last
    they ruined the (Now decent because how largely pointless IJN CVs are) USN
    CVs last few patches as well.

    Absolutely worthless.

  48. matheus fiorelli

    good video man, you should make one similar for Cruisers

  49. One time I was playing on the EU server, I was in tier 3 and at the
    Solomon’s. Entire team was dead. The only things alive was an enemy Zuiho
    and our Hosho and Bogue. Both the Zuiho and Hosho pushed forward into the
    middle cap. Everybody was yelling at our Hosho to ram him. And for a
    moment, it looked like he would. And then he turned away. And then he got
    killed by the Zuiho’s torpedo bombers. And then the Bogue, who had already
    lost all of his aircraft, could do nothing as the enemy team capped all
    three control points and won.
    Fuck those worthless sky cancers.

  50. Awwww 🙁 2nd like :(

  51. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    Carriers….yay….absolutely worthless.

  52. damn this early huh

  53. spot reserved ;)

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