World of Warships – Tech Tree Overview – USN Battleships

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These videos are meant to provide an overall impression of a tech tree line in World of Warships. This first episode covers the USN Battleship line which is made up of the South Carolina, Wyoming, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, Iowa and Montana. I talk briefly about their strengths and weaknesses and also things that I’ve noticed about each individual ship. Enjoy!

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  1. Watched both episodes very good and informative helped me to decide which
    ships to keep and sell. I would like to request another episode on
    destroyers USN and IJN will be enough if you have gone through the USSR
    line throw that in as well.

    And thank you for the grate work and good videos m8.

  2. I actually loved the NC more than the Iowa! And I hit way more consistent
    with my Izumo than my Iowa. Soooooo this is weird to hear IChase :P

  3. Should I buy the Colorado or just free xp it?

  4. Kurama Gαмεριαy's &'nd мεня™

    great game, nice vid. bro <3

    LG: Etienne :*

  5. +CitizenSoldier Agree. Even though the Montana and the Yamato had similar
    penetrating power, we have to still factor in the fact that the Yamato has
    significantly better armor than the Montana, which results in the
    phenomenon reflected in game: that on a 1v1 duel the Yamato can pen the
    Montana much easier than the other way around. This is caused by difference
    in armor, not shells. Since most players don’t simultaneously own a Yamato
    and a Monana, the fact that both ships can pen the SAME target relatively
    similarly (if we factor out the ridiculous RNG) is mostly overlooked in
    this discussion. Montana CAN pen a Montana as easy as Yamato can pen a
    Montana. Montana CAN pen a Yamato as easy as Yamato can pen a Yamato (which
    is not really easy lol). Montana CAN’T pen a Yamato as easy as a Yamato can
    pen a Montana, and this is caused by defense power difference, not offence
    power difference; and this creates the general unbalance we all notice.

  6. Thanks for ichase’s comment on the american BB, I’ve long thought about
    just getting to the Iowa(since the kancolle counter-part is having the new
    toy 16inch mk7, which makes the Iowa really appealing to me)

  7. On my NY I’m getting a max range of 18.1K with module hull and Captain
    Skills upgrades generally I prefer my NY over Kongo

  8. Well I’m one of those people who disagrees about Colorado being worthless
    compared to Nagato. Yes I like Nagato more still, but Colorado after buff
    is a heaven compared to pre-buff Colorado. Better ROF, better turret turn
    time and (IMO) better accuracy.

    And the thing about the range upgrade issues. Yes you can get up close and
    personal. But on many occasions it’ll be hopelessly outranged by other IJN
    and higher tier US BBs. And if the map is not the one u can go up close and
    personal, the decision of not upgrading range to 19+km will be VERY
    painful. Yes u can use scout, but it’s duration’s short and reload takes

  9. That thing about the dispersion issue in this game is really BS. The REAL
    accuracy of the 10 BB’s built during WWII in the US battle line is
    spectacular. It has been recorded time and time again that the MK1 FCS
    (which was still being used on the Iowa class when they were mothballed)
    was the most accurate ballistic fire control system ever built.

  10. Thank you for this! I’m not a fan of US BB’s after playing the SoCar
    (scrapped her fast!) and the accuracy of the Wyoming is a joke. She
    performs so much better now that I take one ranging shot and shotgun the
    rest of my turrets. I was considering upgrading to the New York, but
    decided to go with the Baltimore in the US CA line instead. I’m certainly
    looking forward to your videos on the rest of the US tech lines!

  11. The German BBs will wreck the current USN and IJN BBs, cant wait to play
    them! VI- Bayern
    VII- Scharnhorst ❤️
    VIII- Bismarck ??
    IX- H-39 (Bismarck with 16″)
    X- H-42 ?

  12. So, why is the game so imbalanced in favor of the IJN battleships? Why even
    bother playing the USN line?

  13. is it only me or WG make japan so overpowered?
    please do tell me what USN have in superiority compare to IJN?
    and dont even mention “DD guns” knowing DD role, do you want to obliterate
    a Battleship with 127mm gun?

  14. If you get a chance, go see one of the 4 Iowa’s. They’re all museums now.
    The USS Wisconsin in Norfolk VA has a spot where you can see the bow
    profile, and it is indeed stunning that something that big can suddenly
    look very small.

  15. Upgrade the tier 7 for the love of God

  16. while talking about the New Mexico you kept on referring to the New York –
    is this a mistake or was it intentional??

  17. I really enjoy this tech tree review series. Please keep them coming. I’ve
    asked this before but I will ask it again (because I’m a pain in the assand
    that is one of my best characteristics) but you did an excellent video some
    time ago about how to use American cruisers – Are you going to expand that
    video series to other lines? That US cruiser video is a primer for anyone
    thinking about doing them. keep up the good work. BZ

  18. Ross Godding (Nasheron)

    First let me say I luv these tech line reviews lets us know what to expect
    before we grind. I’m playing free to play so it is a massive grind.
    I agree with most of this assessment however I’ve only played up to tier
    five in usn/ijn BB’s.
    I would like to post and unrelated comment as you have some contact with
    WG. Enough with the Russian and Polish premium ships and the Russian and
    German post wwII and or fictitious/deveolpmental German line and give us
    real ship lines line any Royal Navy lines , French Navy, Italians and of
    course German heavy Cruisers and Battleships please… end of rant ;)

  19. once again awesome review, totally would have bought the Colorado; now I am
    going to skip it 🙂 please do more.

  20. Another big problem on North Carolina which does not mention in the video
    is “The firing angle of 3rd turret is really bad.”
    An NC has to angle like ~60 degrees to fire the 3rd turret, while the New
    Mexico, Colorado, Iowa only need to angle like 30~40 degrees.

    This problem makes a big difference because NC can not make a full salvo
    most of the time while Colorado or Iowa can still make.

    To make things worse, you actually lose ~50% of your damage output instead
    of 33% when you lose a front turret.

    Overall, this problem makes North Carolina performing not as good as she
    looks like.

  21. “Kawachi has to close within the firing range of the St.L” and take burning
    inferno of shells from the St.L just to fire her guns and miss….

    Also do the repair party consumables loose affect after multiple uses, I
    noticed towards my 4th and 5th one they were healing a fraction of the
    first one (no fire or flooding was present)

  22. Is the montana better as an anti-any-but-yamato? perhaps that is its
    role… i think they could do what they did with US DDs/Yubari and maybe
    give it the AA consumable with one charge?

  23. I really don’t get all the love for the Iowa (in game, that is).
    Statistically, Iowa and Izumo are almost perfectly even right now, with
    Izumo having an ever so slight edge (that wasn’t the case back in the day,
    but it is now). Iowa is certainly not better than Montana. I don’t even
    think it’s really better than North Carolina. The major issue with it is
    that while it has good* guns, it has the most protruding citadel of any
    ship in the game and still only has around 300mm of side armor. That was
    pretty good on South Carolina down at T3, but it’s hopeless at T9. Also,
    unlike the North Carolina (which also suffers from citadels from the side),
    it has an abysmal turning radius and really sluggish rudder, so it’s very
    hard to keep your citadel protected at the same time as you have to worry
    about torpedoes.

    Iowa may have been a good ship irl, but I found it to be a bit of a
    disappointment in the game. Montana didn’t suck as bad as people told me,

    *good for a USN bb. Still a shotgun at long range. Deadly as all fuck close
    in. Unfortunately, you only get close in by accident or by having won

  24. Maybe IJN CA line next time?

  25. I have to disagree with your assessment of the Colorado. Since its buff, it
    is a really good BB. It’s dispersion is way better than any of the
    battleships on the US line which allows you to pinpoint many of your shots
    to get citadels galore.

    Yes its range sucks, yes its HP pool sucks, but it’s accuracy is pretty
    darn good and I delete cruisers regularly with 1 salvo Full HP to 0 in this

  26. Did you forgot about how South Carolina, Wyoming, New York, and Colorado
    are all smaller than their Japanese counterpart?
    They are harder target for torpedoes (both plane and ship) also harder to
    hit with plunging fire because of how small they are, high chance you gonna
    hit their guns instead and deal 0 damage.

  27. WG should put in Mk.23 nuclear shells for Iowa :p

  28. Ichase, i gotta say i disagree about the Montana vs Yamato. Yes the Yamato
    is glorious, but you got to remember most players playing high tier BBs
    aren’t always great. I’m not great at BBs anymore since they nerfed them,
    but i still find that i can mag and citadel Yamatos in my montana even at
    Bow on. I think really it comes down to RNG and the way people play BBs. i
    tend to notice that when people see a Yamato, they think ok i will never
    beat this thing, when in fact if you keep cool and stay confident you will
    win against a Yamato. yes the monster heal on the Yamato is great and it
    has a lot of armor, but confidence and taking advantage of every mistake,
    which i tend to see a lot from Yamato captains over Montana captains, will
    in the end allow the Montana to over come the Yamato. I know it works for
    me all the time.

  29. I appreciate updated information on the Tier 3-5 USN Battleships. That what
    I play. Good information.

  30. Excellent. Love these. Keep it up.

  31. One question do anyone know haw you get epic in your ships?

  32. I loved the Colorado after watching your video on it. I used camo to lower
    my detection range and get in close to wreck things. It is the ship I have
    the most kills in.

  33. Given a brick’s length to width ratio, a brick would probably turn way
    better than an Iowa. :D

  34. LordFrederick plays

    so would you do ca next or dds

  35. I like these keep them up mate. :-)

  36. I think no one should ever skip a ship.. In my opinion its a big mistake. I
    heard this often, but if you play a bad ship, you learn the most. The Izumo
    on japanese side was my personal nightmare.. but after all this matches
    with this terrible ship (and a win rate of 36% :D) I would say that I’ve
    learned more about BBs than with any other Ship in this row. My next aim is
    the Montana and I’ve reached the Colorado now. I don’t think, that this
    ship is bad, I like it and I spend more patience to learn it.

  37. The only questions I have are about the FCS of the various ships. Some of
    them will improve your dispersion and some will give you shotgun blasts.
    Any idea in which ships the FCS upgrade functions as a downgrade?

  38. ichase will you be taking a stab at Naval Action? Its pretty legit

  39. Tier 8-10 US BBs should be considerably more accurate at range than the
    Japanese BBs. These newer ships were sporting surface radar and (not sure
    about N. Carolina but) the Iowas have a rudimentary computer fire control
    system which by extension means the Montana would’ve had it too if she had
    been built.

  40. Basically, prepare for the grind of hell. Gotcha. I did play this line in
    CBT, but I stopped at the New Mexico. After hearing everyone’s claims and
    watching the streams, I’m glad I did stop.


  42. I think the Colorado is far better than the Nagato. You should play a few
    games in the Colorado now. The shell from same turret has a tendency to
    form into one. The confidence and security in that ship is unbelievable.

  43. Chase are you going to do anymore of those nautical tales video because I
    have a replay with a great example of how a colorado does well in close

  44. One thing you forgot to mention chase: UZN BBs have worse HE resistance.
    When I’m playing DM, ZAO, or atago. It’s really easy to get 4k+ damage and
    one fire in a HE salvo. I even got a 10k salvo in mogami against Iowa. HE
    shell does not consider armor angeling, which means this damage is high and
    stable. However, this damage hardly appears on IJN BBs, most of time is
    just 1k and no fire. Plus, consider their really slow speed before T8, most
    of time they were caugt up by cruisers and burn to death.

  45. I skipped the Colorado b4 it was buff I may need to buy it to see if its
    the sniper, one that can outgun a Nagato the 2nd best US BB after the Iowa
    players claim it to be.

  46. I was already planning on stoping at the Iowa. The Iowa class was a beast
    and it should be buffed a lot in certain points and put in tier X. I don’t
    care how good the Yamato was supposed to be, it wasn’t, just like most
    things in totalitarian regimes(Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, URSS and WWII
    Imperial Japan) it was mostly propaganda. The Yamato couldn’t easily
    outmatch an Iowa class, it would be a Kraken brawl if it happened, but
    there wouldn’t be such huge advantage. Iowas were so tough the Navy kept
    one in service(outfitted with modern systems, from rockets to phalanx type)
    almost to the end of the Cold War. I wish I could go on a trip to a certain
    place in Hawaii to see a BB goddess!

  47. Thanks for the effort again ichase o7 great videos and review like always.

  48. Montana is just fine..Montana really cant fight a Yamato even in real life
    so why buff Montana … :)

  49. Hey iChase, do you think that the Montana might get a buff or maybe move
    the Iowa to T10 instead with a buff? Wargaming did skip a few US BBs that
    where not just paper ships along the way though the tiers.

  50. great guide :D

  51. If they improve the penetration capabilities of the ONE TON shells that
    both the Iowa and Montana are designed to fire, then both of those vessels
    would be more competitive in top-tier games.

  52. I enjoyed the Colorado the most, except when I was against tier 9. The fun
    part was, use the islands, get close, hit hard and the Colorado hits hard.

  53. In my opinion the only problem with the USN BB’s is the dispersion ( except
    the Montana nor Colorado , which has other problems) as like you said , but
    then it could be negated by going closer though yes you loose that range
    advantage. For me the mid tier USN BB’s ( 5-7, even the NC in my opinion)
    are good as brawlers as the armor is a bit stronger than the IJN ones and
    combined with angling it will make it harder for the enemy to pen , and
    also a slight advantage in the number of guns ( negated by the dispersion
    of course). And also the higher tiers there much of a good AA platform and
    can cover other Battleships, though currently CV is not as widely used as
    it used to be( by a bit) in the higher tiers (or at least in the ASIA
    server) so yeah. But that’s just my opinion, from my experiences playing
    the USN BB line

  54. It’s really sad how much Wargaming dropped a big old steaming deuce on
    American ships in this game. They are so under powered especially the Iowa.
    I would honestly argue that most of the US Battleships are very terrible
    save for the North Carolina and the Iowa the rest just suck and those two
    are still out matched by other ships, the Iowa being the only one that
    isn’t outmatched by the Izumo.

  55. They should put the Iowa to tier X instead of tier IX
    And maybe replace tier IX with something like the 1st 2 hull of the Iowa.


  56. What? You say the Colorado’s guns are n ot accurate? This thing is a
    fucking sniper. And probably the second best bb of the USN after the Iowa.

  57. The thing you said about the New Mexico ALSO Apply to the New York! When I
    bought my NY, I played probably 3 or 4 AWFUL games in it stock! No matter
    WHERE my shells hit what – I just COULD NOT CITADEL AN OMAHA!

    So I was complaining about this apparent DOWNGRADE from Wyoming to New York
    – but everyone in chat kept saying “You MUST BE doing something wrong

    Not a SINGLE person told me that STOCK the New York’s shells not did they
    do like 300 less damage on paper, but they would NEVER penetrate properly!
    Seriously, with my Stock New York, I had unleashed at least 6 full
    broadside volleys into Omaha/Murmansk/Phoenix – who were ALL FLAT on to my

    I just could NOT figure out why the ship was such a bad downgrade! So
    eventually I used convert to get the best hull – and WHAT DO YA KNOW – the
    VERY first engagement in my VERY first match in the fully upgraded New
    York, an Omaha pushed forward into my guns range, at full HP this Omaha was
    broadside to me, so I aimed, and launched a full broadside at him!

    Had my fingers crossed, everything else around me went silent…. And..
    BOOM! “Enemy Cruiser Blown Up!” 4 citadel hits and like 3 or 4 regular, and

    See I had done EXACTLY that before, many times from much closer range, and
    I NEVER got a single citadel, UNTIL I upgraded the hull!

    So If ANYONE ELSE feels like the New York is a step down compared to the
    Wyoming in terms of guns, and you don’t have the hull upgrade yet – GET IT

  58. Ichase plase do IJN Destroyer review

  59. please buff the montana WG, I’m struggling with colorado and want to be
    rewarded for trying to get tier X 🙁 Looks like I’m gonna have to force
    myself to stop at the Iowa :/

  60. Thanks m8

  61. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    I’m sorry but the whole 14.3 overmatch mechanic is a big stinking pile of
    New york cant penetrate the kongo at an angle….LOL..iowa and montana cant
    penetrate the yamato at an angle….the yamato’s bow would have been
    obliterated by the mark 7 or even the mark 6 16 inch guns.

  62. In regards to the really frustrating things about the North Carolina, while
    I agree 100% is its dispersion, but also, its ballistics. Very high
    arc’ing, very slow speed shells making hitting things with the already poor
    dispersion even harder. Sadly the biggest problems with the USN battleship
    line, is that the IJN battleship line exists. For the most part, it pails
    in comparison, and it seems that someone at WG either really hates the USN,
    or really likes blowing sunshine up the, imo inferior, IJN’s ass. What’s
    funny though, and although I have no played the Izumo, I felt the Iowa was
    nothing special at all either. Just more of the same North Carolina
    mediocrity one a slightly larger scale. The dispersion is bad, the
    ballistics is bad, the top speed while nice isn’t still not accuracte, and
    you finally start to run into issues with destroyers. The vast length of
    the ship, plus the high turn rate, and poor rudder shift time, make it
    extremely difficult to completely avoid torp waves from things like the
    Kagero, or worse the Shimakaze. All in all, while I felt the North Carolina
    was ok, the Iowa and Montana only inherited that same level of “ok’ness”
    while every tier you go higher, its flaws continue to be magnified.

  63. In my personal perspective, NC’s problem is shell speed…

  64. Monty is definitely better than Iowa, it’s just her counterpart Yamato
    outshine her way too much.

  65. Great video as always Ichase.

    Think you could do German cruisers next?

  66. it’s such bullshit the way the montana is right now, on paper it actually
    stands a very good chance against the yamato. it would of had;
    -thicker deck armor, it would have had 236mm of deck armor not fucking
    150mm. this is because WG decided that only one of the three decks should
    be in the game, because reasons.
    -much more accurate guns due to the addition of radar and analog computers
    that assisted with aiming. this should translate in dispersion stats in
    -it’s shells penetrated much better at range irl than they do in this game.

    the montana isn’t shit in this game because it’s badly designed, it’s shit
    because the devs are incompetent.

  67. What do you think if giving Colorado MM protection so that it won’t be
    thrown into a large maps while being the bottom tier?
    It is frustrating to play Colorado in those maps while everyone run faster
    and can outgun you

  68. Vice Admiral Dusty Attenborough

    Sorry to say chase, but I have to say, the Colorado does have better turret
    arcs (which allow it to stay angled when firing) and Isn’t that bad as
    people think. The rate of fire at 2rpm since the buff helps, but higher
    tier games are where people start spamming their long range torps (IJN
    especially) and its quick turning circle helps a lot. This ship was not as
    hard to play compared to the shock change of playstyle of playing the North
    Carolina, which had comparably rubbish armour and bad rear turret firing
    arc – it took a lot longer to adjust tot he NC but now it is also a decent
    ship in my view

  69. they should replace the colorado with the south dakota class battleship,
    then it would be fair game at tier 7. the last 3 US BB’s should receive a
    big accuracy buff because they have radar guided guns that allowed for much
    greater accuracy irl.the japanese did not have radar or analog computers to
    assist with aiming during ww2, therefor the last 3 US BB’s deserve to have
    much better accuracy to reflect the fact they have radar to aim.

  70. Fun fact! The 406mm 50 caliber guns on the Iowa and Montana, (Not the North
    Carolina however) had the same offensive power as the yamato’s 460. This is
    because of the larger caliber of the Mark 7 guns that allowed them to shoot
    the projectiles faster. The yamato couldnt get her shells to move fast
    enough too become more powerful. Its a fun fact because Wargaming even
    admitted this in their most recent Naval legends video on the U.S.S. New
    Jersey, yet the imbalance remains…..

  71. I love the AA rating on NC. Mine is up to 90 and is virtually untouchable
    by tier 6 and 7 planes.

  72. Wargaming should buff Montana a lot

  73. Well, IMHO South Carolina is crappy compared to Kawachi. I had some great
    times in Kawachi, while the only things I can remember about South C are
    massive doses of frustrations.

  74. USN BB, all you do is tanking damage while one shotting enemy…or citad

  75. Bùi Việt Dũng Trần

    Gib Montana a nuke shell xD
    Balanced xD

  76. The major problem with the US battleship line they are not equally
    competitive with the IJN battleship line. This become even more apparent
    when you hit tier 6 and on. Dispersion has a direct effect on accuracy in
    this game. The US BBs have the worst dispersion when compared to their
    counter-parts of the IJN battleship line. The North Carolina compared to
    the Amagi has an 80m difference (greater) than the Amagi and this IJN BB
    can use the Fire Control Mod 1 that reduces its dispersion down to 214m
    while the North Carolina remains at 293m. The same with the Iowa, however,
    it does get to use the FC mod, but not the mod to reduce its reload time.
    However, the Izumo and Yamato do. The Montana has a 297m dispersion and is
    in the same place as the Iowa. Japanese battleships in this game are
    superior to US battleships, something that is a complete reversal from what
    they were really like. Yeah…WG gives the IJN BBs better accuracy and
    armor than what the latter tier US BBs. And that’s called balance?

  77. +iChaseGaming Nice guide. I was planning on grinding only up until Iowa but
    now that I saw this and heard your opinion I might make some room for NoCal
    as well xD Btw, will you be making German Cruiser tech tree overview as

  78. Đức Việt Nguyễn

    I don’t really agree with your comment on the Colorado. Sure its
    survivability is lower than the Nagato, however after the buff I find that
    the Colorado’s guns are much much better now, even more consistent than the
    Nagato. The turrets now turn a little bit faster than the Nagato’s and the
    dispersion is just amazing. I even think that they might have somewhat
    overbuffed the guns of the Colorado.

  79. who cares? the American bbs look way nicer than ijn

  80. Regarding Colorado, sometimes despersion works for her. As cruiser, you
    will turn and Colorado will “miss” for 1-2 citadels.

  81. I dont really think you made enough about the New mexico’s armour. I played
    all the way to yamato in closed beta, and in none of those ships do i have
    the fun i have in this tier 6. Angled or front on, nothing at its tier or
    even one above can pen it seriously within your own gun range. The immune
    zone is HUGE in a brawl.

  82. The Montana needs a buff it’s underperforming like hell

  83. nerfe Yamato.
    buffed Montana

  84. ichase not taste

  85. I’m sorry I taste but I really really really hate your review on a new
    Russian cruiser and your opinion of telling people not to buy when you
    don’t know how to use the cruiser and if you angle properly you can even
    bounce Yamato shells off of it I’ve done it before several times

  86. First with a useful comment
    Its nice to hear your suggestions on how to play them

  87. Do you have access to the upcoming Chinese DD? I heard that there will be
    no standing tech tree for minor nations, instead, a combined regional tech
    tree, something like the Pan-Asia or Pan-Pacific. Any inside news?

  88. i have to say, for some reason i am a god when in my North Carolina, i was
    actually able to take out a yamato and 2 other NC’s then in the iowa i just
    suck, don’t know why but my iowa is worse than the freaking colorado.

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