World of Warships Tech Tree Ships for Sale – So What?

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of Warships is now selling Tech Tree ships int he premium shop, starting with New Orleans. I lay out why itR;s a big deal, and why you shouldn’t be concerned too much.

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  1. How dare you think about sleep when you have followers to satisfy? 😉

  2. If WG want more players to play low to mid tier ships, why sell tech tree ships that make players skip low tier?

    • To make money? They don’t work on the game out of the goodness of their hearts. They need to get paid.

    • @grbaillif i have No problem with WG making money. But they said we need more players in low tiers, this is not the way to get more players in low tiers. This is to get more players skip tiers.

    • @9 Hells The option to skip is already there with premium ships. Plus it’s close to 50 dollars for a tier 7. You buy one as a new player and there are a ton of other lines to play. Unless you buy through all of them which would be expensive. If someone does it great. Wargaming makes a ton of money and continues to use development time on the game.

    • Agreed 9 Hells!

    • @grbaillif you cant skip a line of ships in a premium, only make credits and xp that you will need to convert if used on a ship line. Why not make all ships available for purchase in premium shop then. That will generate more money?

  3. I suggest putting a restriction on the new players they need to get to tier 4 and have X amount of battles before they can buy the “skip grind”

  4. $60 to not play the pensacola? Seems worth it.

    • The Pensacola is actualy my favorite heavy crusier on t6. she was bad as a t7 but as t66 is she decent. better then the Aoba imo

    • Schrottding well I don’t have to worry about this deal anyways but I just hated pensa and the nola. Their guns were just meh to me, kept getting citadel’d out the whazoo.

    • @Carrot__Panda lul just devstriked a pepsicola from 22km with North Carolina

    • cola is solid now…firepower is great. AP can crush cruisers easily even when somewhat angled. it can use all guns when heavily angled too.
      it will suffer vs most BB players but can dish out solid damage.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Having played Pensacola at t7, that was (and still is) one of my favorite heavy cruisers in the game to play. However, I don’t like the t6 version in comparison, so if I had to play through it now, I’d love a way to make it easier (plus most people I know absolutely hate either version of it). That being said, I am definitely against the selling of tech tree ships in the premium shop for many reasons – not only are you giving people the option to skip part of a line (which is the whole reason WG introduced the NTC in the first place), you then run into potential issues if you have to make a specific balancing change to just that ship, since now people have bought it with real money and you will get complaints that it’s different from how it was when it was bought.

  5. Yeah this doesn’t bother me at all. Much less concerning than the original plans for the NTC. You can pay for higher tier premiums so what’s the big deal if you can pay for tech tree ships? I skipped a bunch of the RN Cruiser line thanks to an in game event. WG gotta make money for the game to be available to us and if people dont have the time or inclination to grind, well it’s their money. For me I enjoy playing the game so the grind is not unenjoyable to me.

  6. Next thing they’ll sell is your CC-badge kek. 70$ and you can be Zoup, but you’ll get a booster so you can maybe one day upgrade to a Notser lol.

  7. I thought WG had done this already, but the Japanese Battleship Booster has you start at T3. Inexperienced players rocketing to high tier is not great, but agree they can do this already. Further, not sure how many new players would do this. Probably targeted more at experienced players who have ignored USN CA until now.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      The difference is, that was just a booster, it didn’t include any ship to skip ahead in the line (even if it was just the t3 and you didn’t have to play the early cruisers to get to it). If you want to get technical, even premium time is sort of a mini line booster in some ways. The difference here is the bundle includes a ship, and even more so one that’s above the mid tier that WG already says is underpopulated (hence why they wanted to add the NTC in the first place).

      And even if it’s targeted at more experience players, as someone who’s played a lot of USN cruisers (including Pensacola in it’s pre-split t7 version and loved it), skipping Pensacola is a bad choice, since it teaches you so much about the rest of the CA line and teaches you some skills that you otherwise wouldn’t get until DM.

  8. Darren Lee Hopkins

    This is all about making money nothing more

  9. Sons of Odin World of warships

    WG puts out OP ships that you can win by regrinding lines. Then they put out a $$$ package so you can grind said line faster.

  10. Why not? Because this is only the beginning. 6 to 12 months from now on you will be able to skip progress and experience for cash. T10 for a new player? No problem, 100 $ pls. Edit. Also the point about other games adding pay to skip into their game? IF SOMEONE ELSE DOES THIS BS DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD FOLLOW SUIT! Lead by by example, don’t follow the cash only lemming train. It should allways be necessary to grind at least something to get experience with the game mechanics and it should be fun too. Just the fact that wargaming has shitty grindreward/how to mechanics doesn’t mean you can sell this BS like an improvement!

  11. Lol calling it rn if thr game is alive next year, they gonna be selling stalingrads on the prem shop

  12. If someone wants to buy himself a higher tier ship and play with the big boys I say welcome and be prepared for an asswhopping

  13. My biggest thing is this:

  14. Back in the day when Derpitz was the only high tier premium ? fun times!

  15. When you create an invitation url/link for Discord, click that make permeate check box to remove the 24 hour limit on the link you provide.

  16. This just means that we don’t have to go down to the low tiers to seal club, now you can club anywhere. The one worry I do have is say these new players buy into a New Orleans, get nuked 20 battles straight, are they really going to want to keep playing? That’s the good part of a grind, it teaches you how to play. Surely does seem to me that WG is trying to increase revenue any way possible now.

  17. When you get excited to hear that Zack from Virginia wins , but then you realized , you are the wrong Zack from Virginia >_< Saddness

  18. If you were hurting for cash, you’d do everything that WG has been doing…

  19. WG will be selling alot of these new ship line xp boosts for their new NTC to accelerate the re-grind. Intresting how they’ve said they want to drain the free xp spawmp with NTC but then they offer an alternative to free xp with the ship line boosts.

  20. ConcreteDig 8365

    I just got the New Orleans from the pensacola… now it looks like
    I bought it

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