World of Warships – Tenryu Revisit 0.6.4

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is a good for the line, I’m on Solomon Islands and we try to dominate the match. Good torpedoes, HE, and solid agility can really make it pleasant to play. I get some good shots and good torpedoes in the Tenryu. Hope you enjoy this game and have a wonderful day!

Tier III Japanese Cruiser Tenryu Replay


  1. Do what content you want dude, I just come here to listen to your sexy voice.

  2. 9:41 Fun and Engaging

  3. Tenryu is a great ship at T3, more fun than St Louis which is her counterpart.

    She carries the characteristics of the entire line and makes a spectacular trainer for IJN Captains, I keep Tenryu and Furutaka in my port if for no other reason than they are fun as hell to play.

    Nice review Notser <0

  4. Would love to see the “down the line” format shown a bit more on YouTube.

    It’s cool to see some old favorites again, and it is a nice break from watching the same high tier game play all the time.

  5. I enjoy playing lower-mid tier a lot more than higher lvl ;o)

  6. Kuma next please notser 🙂

  7. Hi notser.
    We see a lot of T8-10 battles here froom th CCs.
    However I believe that most of the comunity should be like T6-T8. And we dont see that many game of those, spetialy T6.
    I think mid line is where people start to feel the weight of thr grind and where tips of play are most needed T6-7—8
    Anyways keep up the good job 🙂

  8. Fufufu, ya scared?

  9. I like the looking back at the lower tiers. lots of learning opportunities.

  10. i like it cause the original videos of this ships are way to old everywhere

  11. ACTUALLY, Notser, I think it’s TEN-reeyoo. Tsk tsk tsk. ?

  12. 9:41 OWNED 🙁 Fun and Engaging Mechanics.

  13. Don’t know if you’ve revisited the Kuma yet, but that’s also a great low tier ship. Great for carries and the occasional stomping of Clemson seal-clubbers.

  14. Stream on YouTube?

  15. I’m extremely skilled…….oh crap torpedoes!

  16. 12:20 10 minutes later, WG announces T3 ranked for next season

  17. Gamesghost CL55 Cleveland

    Not gonna lies. I need more Revisit Videos

  18. Kristoffer Hustoft

    “Would love to see the “down the line” format shown a bit more on YouTube.” <- seconded.

  19. Hell Ya do everything

  20. i think the most op ship in the game is v-25. it wasn’t hard to reach 70% WR on this destroyer

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