World of Warships – Testing CV Rework – Lots of Work Left [WiP]

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  1. They need to Re-Ad the 1 key that allows the control of the carrier again.

    • Yeap.

      – 1 key for CV view + regular ship controls
      – Damacon and DefAA ffs, 4 fires and some extra CV sniping and you’re dead.

      At least, I noticed iChase’s Midway dropped 4 torps instead of 3 as seen in the replays released by WGs, looks like they can really tweak the planes’ drop patterns and how many of them attacks at once.

    • the only thing that’s changed when it comes to that is you cant get the ship view. you can still move the carrier like always

    • You can control the carrier, when no squad is in the sky.

    • They did say they were working on it. It’s a feature that any cv player, regardless of skill, needs.

  2. 0:52 to skip preroll, although if you do watch it, thank you for taking the time to do so

    • +Jack Hornet lol indeed 🙂

    • I think it is a bad idea that the CV player has unlimited planes. What are the incentives for dodging the AA if you can just have a full squadron few minutes later?

    • I think we should be able to kill the CV to prevent it from continuing to attack, especially in that stupid design with unlimited planes. Otherwise, a bunch of players are going to play CV just for the perspective to be guaranteed to always play until the end of the game.

    • what is the point of grinding one CV over another one now that you cannot even control the ship? Now, the only difference between a CV and another one is the configuration of the squadron and the number of planes? One of the selling point of the Graf Zeppelin was its secondaries. They are now irrelevant in this new design.

    • Well arguably it has always been the difference. You can say Lex has better AA than Shokaku, but that didn’t matter all that much. The most importat thing was composition of plane groups and possibly amount of extra planes. I doubt very much anyone would even consider secondaries of CV to be a factor 🙂

  3. I was thinking of coming back to WoWs…but with this? Nah. They can keep that damn game.

    • “just get rid of it” awesome, how about you pay out of pocket for everyone who has a premium carrier or spent time on the carriers, I’ll wait for my check from your inbred ass.

    • +asaeampan I’m pretty sure he was referencing this current gameplay concept. If it is brand new and already boring dedicated players on day one, any amount of tinkering with the details may be irrelevant.

    • I would say you get your money worth in gold and all xp/silver spent on cv back as free xp/refund of silver. All capt skills reset from any of the CVs you got them on. Can’t cry with getting everything back for you to use on other things. Fact is CVs have always been out of place with how this game runs and always been hated by most of the players since day one of them being in the game.

    • Александр Ванюков

      CVs players won’t be missed. They are not welcome cause other players don’t want to see this flying garbage in WoWs. I think that CVs players need to find the path of honor instead of hiding behind islands and start to play normal ships.

    • exactly – RTS players need to take their mobile game and shove it. Go find a new RTS, you will not be missed.

  4. They still have months before the official release. CV players shouldn’t be turned off by the current test gameplay.

  5. Now that is the suggestion I like! Give players the option to manually control their AA and secondary! Just like Battlestation: Pacific or Midway!

    • Wargaming explained about manual aa control, something because of too much processing pressure from the system which will increase the demand from your cpu requirements

    • Well maybe just maybe that’s a sign to them to move off a 32 bit executable. Like ffs who has a game in 2018 that is 32 bit.

    • Secondary can works, Blitz does that so if they do want it, they could do it.
      But AA is impossible, planes doesn’t have hitbox and they can’t maneuver too much, it would be too easy to shoot it down. Putting too much work on it would stress the game too much and might even made it unplayable for certain machine that used to be able to.
      Besides for the game called World of Warships, I don’t think I want them to focus on plane too much.

    • Steel ocean has manual control of AA and secondary, and it works nicely.

    • +rexatimperator why would wg care about our CPU usage?

  6. This is what I am worried about. I sighned up for the beta but it looks boring.
    Nothing but cv sniping.

  7. Just a heads up. Wargaming has stated the they are doing the test in two phases. One with the current auto AA, and one with player controlled AA. So we’ll see how that goes then. But for now, it’s indeed a work in progress, with this part already planned. That being said, I agree with the rest you stated. Good Carrier control is a must. As is balancing.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      player controlled AA????
      ugh……… that’s awesome…
      now I want player controlled secondaries…

    • Player controlled secondaries and AA is interesting, but you have to remember that those are two different departments on the ship. I get that it is better to feel like you are engaging in the defence of your ship but technically y ou are the captain, you call out shots, you say which group to focus on but ultimately it is on the gunners (controlled by AI) even dispersion of main guns is model of gunners in tower trying to follow captains orders rather than player firing guns themselves.

    • Just a heads up, the only reason for the rework is because they could not use the current CV play in their console versions. In three years Wargaming has not touched CVs to try and balance them so why would they after this rework? It is solely to port the game to consoles.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I am aware Versus, it may not look at it but I was pretty salty for the removal of rts in carrier gameplay, knowing one of their motives is to allow the gameplay to be compatible to consoles – despite basically squandering the original face of carriers – its at least “progress” far more than what the RTS Carrier gameplay had in 3 years.
      But to remove squadron, fighter control and cv control is very worrying – its wip so I hope that can change.

  8. This looks like a gigantic improvement to me. No more perpetual spotting of DD’s by air and I might actually play CV’s now with this.

  9. Well basically, it’s no longer Carrier V Carrier from the looks of things. Now it’s just Farming, whichever carrier does more damage to the enemy team, would give you the win logically…lol

    • Guardeni Todica They took out the actual intense PvP aspect and kept the damage farming in, maybe in a slower/less effective manner but still

  10. I kinda hope that they will gut the number of planes. Like it feels like you get too many strikes before you launch next wing. I say you should have enough of planes for two strikes and then gotta go get them reloaded/get new wing launched.

  11. yea this gameplay does … look boring, or terrible for the surface ship, its like oh … ok i guess i gotta spend 5 mns dodging torps instead of one drop and gone …

  12. I can’t believe you were able to fly directly over that Wooster so long without all your planes instantly dieing. The sky should be solid black in all directions the second you get within range of the mid range AA on that ship.

    • its a bot game. bots dont use dfaa

    • +Viktor so what? It’s specifically designed to beat the crap out of DDs, and it’s weak against everything else. Dd players just don’t want to have to change the way they play in order to compensate. I play DDs all the time, and Worcester is not a problem is you play smart and don’t just charge into caps.

    • +derek96720 ofcourse, beeing deleted in seconds by wooster alone, while trying to avoid it, is not a problem. It can move where ever it wants without beeing spotted, can move fast enough to appear magicly in a different place and the dd that does spot it is 0,5km inside its radar range. Rankend was full of woosters, but i dont blame them for playing such an obvious op radar cruiser, rendering the des moines next to useless compared to it.

    • What you just described is horrible gameplay for everyone involved except the wooster and maybe his friends. It may be the case right now on live, but does it have to stay like that? The entire point of the revamp is to solve such problems.

    • +Cristian Lungu it’s not a problem. Wooster is only mega strong against stupid DDs. Every other ship can rush in and beat the crap out of a Worcester with zero worry because it has no smoke, no torps, no super heal, zip. If you’re always dying to Worcesters, you need to adapt your play style.

  13. 1-They need to limit the attacks per “wave” because is like you say, imagine being focused by a CV… will be the same feeling of “i can’t do anything against this guy”
    2- It needs more stuff player vs player, use fighters
    3- Yeah the CV, the ship by itself needs to be useful cos’ otherwise is no sense being in the map a part of being a “vehicule”
    4- The CVs needs objetives, something to do a part of faming damage, IDK aereal caps, intercep something, drop smoke, heal, something just for make it more interesting and not only a “good killing ants with a magnifying glass”

    Sorry for bad english if is the case but i’m not a english speaker comrade

  14. i think ichase likes penguins

    • I think he actually IS a penguin and is just trying to hide it from us, like Super Niko Power was pretty much identified as a corgi. 😀

  15. They definitely need to allow the player to control the actual cv itself, waypoints on a mini-map aren’t good enough, and why tf don’t you have damage control? That is one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard

  16. God I hope this never makes it into the live servers

  17. I taught it would get boring real quick too since I saw the 1st footage WG posted. I hope they can improve.

  18. Maybe, perhaps maybe wg can use the current RTS mode for maneuvering but change to fps like this when aircrafts going to attack mode.
    And they can add in attack formation for the squadrons which won’t stack up like current mode which make the alpha strikes so OP

  19. Chase, I love your videos, but I am wondering if your sympathy for surface craft AA, is actually missing the point where your targets in the old system were pretty much doomed no less than now. You really have above average skills, and that likely means the game should not be balanced to your level as a focal point. You really have built up skills most others cannot match.

    • Well the thing is the exact same issue was in old design. You pray to RNG gods and try to dodge. It would be nice if there was more to it, wouldn’t you agree? After all this CV rework is supposed to make CVs better gameplay wise.

  20. I’m not a fan of the repeated attack runs. It just feels cheesy.

    • i even i agree to that. and that seem fighter are non-exing it easier to sink enemy ships. im cv player and im using fighter’s as defending other players against enemy planes most of my time, i only spot when enemy cv is gone.

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