World of Warships – TESTing ships properly

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I played 2 and both times 1 of the teams was so bad that games were boring and ended too fast. All I wanted was try out new Neustrashimy, but than decided to take the fate in her hands so here it is.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hey Flambass! In case you didn’t see my comment on your video a couple days ago about your division name, here it is! “The Great Flambino Bros. Circus”! What you think?! Reply to tell me your thoughts! Keep up that great fight! The Tank Commander

  2. I’m having a rough few days, but I hope you’re doing well.

  3. Thanx for great video

  4. That donskoi failed so hard….

  5. Nice one Flambass ?.
    Hardly play ships now since the cv update came out. Just feel like they’ve fucked the game up once to many times with their updates just to please a small number of players ?

    • Player numbers overall across most servers are still up since before the patch. CV change brought it more in line with the other classes and yes early issues but is now pretty decent. They are just an annoyance than a serious threat if you sail as a group

    • mitch40aw u can come back. They fucked the CVs so hard, so that they are back and 5%.

  6. is that a swiss pocket knife or a russian DD? Smoke,AA,heal, speedboost. Jeeesus

  7. The 2 brothers are called Flam and Bass
    They were once one! Until one day a great captain that was truly SPESHUL!!! Divided them forever more!!!!

  8. Is it just me or I watched this before?

  9. i am a simple man… i see you going middle on 2 brothers i hit like <3

  10. 0:05 RogueMonkey being a bad influence again ??

  11. This is exactly how to test all ships.. you can’t sit on the boarder pitching a tent, let’s she what she can do.. this should be the standard on how to test new ships.

  12. All russian DDs are doing great, even after cv bias..

  13. Flambass spawns right in front of the channel, I wonder where he’s gonna go?

  14. Another classic 2 brothers mid channel assualt by the Great Flambino. Only ever worked for me once. In my Scharnhorst of all ships. D.

  15. You got 10 citadels on the Neptune, 1 was on Ibuki :p

  16. Since you can mid rush in a CV, not sure this is a proper test lol.

  17. So, first impressions on the new Russian DD Flambass?

  18. 3:16 – “Halooooo!!! Papiereeen!!!”

  19. Flambass, you are an awesome bait for enemy team 🙂 They all suffer a bad case of tunnel vision everytime you show up – you should use it for tactical advantage sometimes 🙂

  20. RogueMonkey is mothertrucking HILARIOUS when you two team up LOL.

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