World of Warships – THAT DM game you asked for

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You guys have been asking for this match for days now, so here it is. I didn’t originally intended to post it since it shows just how degraded WoWS skill is getting but since you asked for it, why not. Needless to say I was not in a good mood after loosing 4 games in a row just to find myself in THIS match.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I lost 4 games in a row prior to this particular match.
    Also that DC lasted around 10 mins and it’s happening for over a month now, just usually not that long.
    I also tried to leave out most of the rant I had and just go for the actual gameplay which is what you wanted, so you can put previous videos in perspective.
    Also I’m starting my own “School of WoWS” where I’m gonna talk about every move I make during the match so you can understand why I do what I do. Those games will be uploaded on YT as well but I do encourage you to check out my streams + I will try to do some WoWS tutorials in 2020 with tips and tricks, hope it helps 😉

    • I feel your pain man,I’ve been experiencing the same thing,it’s so insanely frustrating. I’m just an average player at best,but I’ve had more and more matches where I personally do well and my team makes stupid mistakes/decisions and the team just disintegrates before my eyes.

    • Tutorials is an excellent idea.Maybe,just maybe some people will understand the game a bit better and improve but you are right.There is no hope as long as WG continues down this path of greed.As long as they do not introduce a ELO MM, or something like it, the game will always be a bad experience for people who took the time to learn it.What you don’t get is that the % of people who actually know how to play is very small compared to the ones who do not.So why would WG bother?I mean THEY don’t even play their own game!Anyway you are one of the very few who show their “bad” games and that is a relief because it is impossible to learn just from the games that everyone shows you a broadside or cannot torp etc etc.Also some players who watch your vids will understand when they see a ship doing,for example what you did in DM, recognize the move and help.Ciao,bye bye, pomoz Bog.

    • @Janne T Last week if you have noticed there is a great number of “new” players without clan.This happened in July for 3 days and then somehow they disappeared.Now again.A few days back they were tier 6,now they reached tier 8.I suggest waiting for another week then play low tiers until they vanish again!

    • This is really great stuff, and I thank you for it. After losing that flank I was sure that the team was going to get overrun by sitting in B and getting surrounded, and I guess something like that happened. Tirpitz, Smolensk and DD should have supported you.

    • I’m having DC’s almost every day, whats up with that? Everybody gets them or we’re speshull?

  2. “I’m surrounded by idiots!”

  3. “strong female protagonist”

  4. My typical day on the Weekend…. loose loose loose and be always at the first place!!! It’s so frustrating

    • Yeah. got 72% winrate at my sojus then moved to kremlin got 68% on the first week (20games or so). played one weekend,now iam at 45% with 125k avg. damage and alot of avg exp.
      its so frustrating.

    • ​@gsr_997 basically my Buffalo stats right now, i just started with 60% wr, now i’m down to 49% because of the bunch of donkeys on this game. i mean, i far away from be the best, but i’m sure the 9 losses that i had yesterday in a roll of 10 is not my fault. Probably one because i wasan’t on top3 xp but still was on top5 if i’m not wrong

    • I was always skeptical about this “weekend” thing. But this weekend it’s extreme. Is it because of the lame event? I have no idea. But the level of play is so bad, most of these idiots would lose to a frigging bot. All you can do is soldier on and try to endure the sadness.

    • I refuse to play on Weekends. Since quitting my WR went up 3 full points (I have 9k games so that’s huge). 52% to 55%

  5. God this was painful to watch.
    I know exactly how it feels and worse.
    I once held an entire flank by myself in my Montana.
    For 15 mins I fought half of the enemy team then I died.
    I convinced myself I was buying my team time…
    Only to find out the 11 of them lost to the remaining 6 enemies somehow.

    • I don’t play Wows that often but I play WoT regularly and I have the same thing happen it’s either me alone or with my platoon ages who hold off an entire flank only to get railed in the ass by the other half of the team who won a 7v13

    • Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

      Dude you deserved a medal for your sacrifice

    • IMO it was more painful to watch that great parts of the red team kept parading by, broadside on. One after the other, almost as directed by WG. I think the Bismarck came back for more two or three times.

    • The enemy probably had somebody like you on the other flank ?

    • Have died during the same. Recalled being a nuisance to 2 BBs & 2 cruisers only to check the map to see the team mates behind me move to the right flank. We loss the game but that wasn’t the hard part of it, there was enough firepower to overtake the enemy…sad. No one pushes anymore..

  6. Just OldSchoolFrankie

    i rly feel sry for u, that u have to play so much randoms as a streamer. I play (close to) only clanwars, because randoms are no fun. But maybe it would help u to div up in randoms, because i remember u have much fun back in the days..?!?

  7. That’s typically one of the first things that make me upset in this game: what Tirpitz & Smolensk did in first 90sec of the game… running away from the caps before even seen anything of the enemy.

    In that situation I put -1 karma to Smolensk & Tirpitz immediately!
    Whatever they do next.

    It’s that kind of teammates lack of balls who make us loose games.
    Just what they do in first 90sec of a game, and u know u are in a fail team…
    Rly frustrating sometimes, if only they were less afraid to get hit when still high on hp and try to do some dmg, but nope… ?

    Nice try nevertheless, gg

  8. me when flamba died: yup and so long into the match and onl flamba managed to kill anything…

    me at the end of battle screen: well at least they managed to sink “something” without flambass… yay?

  9. Ι’d really, REALLY like to know how they lost a game where they had the enemy cornered and on low HP.

  10. This game: *lemming train everywhere
    Asian server: first time?

  11. That is basically every game I have right now. You try to hold a flank, so that the other team can’t flank you and get crossfires on your team. Instead you get crossfired, because the enemies have nothing else to shoot. Everyone is hugging islands pointlessly without a chance to shoot anything.
    Well, the other version is, everyone just suicides, which is considered good gameplay these days and you get reported, because you’re still alive, so it must be your fault.

    And nobody can tell me that’s random. You get losing and winning streaks according to your winratio, so people who are bad, won’t notice that anyway. I stopped playing WoT because of such shit. It’s getting worse in WoWs now, so I’m seriously considering to stop playing….. I had a break already for so long, WG gave me a week premium…

  12. “I was not in a good mood after losing 4 games in a row”
    Dude, that’s how my game start everyday lately..and if im lucky.

  13. Good to see this game from your perspective. I was wandering how u have finished first, dying so quickly. I was in chung-mu.

  14. Wait till you have a moment, where you play bad and die first in the first 3-4 min…than at end of game your still on top…Its eye opening how bad it is.

    • Empoleonman522the2

      Hasn’t happened in a while but one weekend that was me atleast 4 times……granted okhotnik is great for those suicide charges but still…….bloody carriers

  15. Now just imagine how us middle of the road players feel when we keep getting teams like yours and enemy teams with 4 or 5 players like yourself game after game.

  16. The rally cry of the super unicrum..”I cant carry you all.”

  17. Anime Profile Picture

    well that was more depressing than I initially thought

  18. When the game says : “I decided that you have to ragequit now”

  19. the MM knew how bad the rest of your team was so it DC’ed you for medical reasons

  20. Your team and to be honest, the enemy team looks like a bunch of mid-tier players. None of them played well or made smart moves. This is the state of the game. I have my own theories as to why but few agree with me. Low tier is a desert these days because carriers club seal new players into quitting. Those players that do not quit buy their way out of low tier and do all of their learning in mid-tier (must be a real shit show there too by now) and they earn enough with some grind and MORE money to make it to top tier where their skills do not match up with the level of expectation or need to be tier 9 and 10.

    The way you felt in this video was what drove me out of the game. I logged to have a sense of enjoyment and it was one match after another where I felt like you do in this match. I don’t hate myself enough to come home after a hard day at work to subject myself to this kind of treatment by a company that thinks everything is just fine.

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