World of warships – That pesky PAN ASIA tier 4 DD again

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  1. Doing a big donut in the centre of this map is one of my favourite tactics too.

  2. Im definitely calling my keyboard going loco a “flambass error” 😀

  3. on the other hand its totaly understandable anyone trying to kill u, i mean if i see an omni in the enemy team i will try to kill it, but not because of fame or shit because of 2 things
    1. i think its probably the best enemy and killing him will give me and my team the highest chance to win
    2. i dont trust my team enough to sink or respect him enough
    and so even trading live with you in that case i would call a success because ur the WAY better game so if i kill u, i probalby did the best tactical move i could do in this round.

    so jaeh it gives a “why is he focussing me” but the second u realise someone is a STRONG player focussing him is just the best tactic, you always go for the biggest dangers, same reason u ignore some bb only throwing he at you in some fight situations

    • its true .. you always deal with the strongest enemy first .. so seeing a good clan name or a person you know plays very well is a focus fire target …

  4. i had it kinda often in last time that game ignored the turn commando, i had to let the button go and push it again to be triggerd … seems some infos are ignored sometimes of the game its SO ANNOYING so it has nothn to do with ur keyboard its a game problem

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