World of warships – That PIZZA ship again

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  1. What a truly great video. .

  2. I like pizza !

  3. Yeah that Fiji…. just like when I was on DD with Cleveland, I gave him smoke but he just left it and went into 5 ships and lots of torps . Instant death. Instead of killing the DD. Weekend is so frustrating Flambass. Still I remember that game when you were on T61 center harrasing and I was on Prinz Eugen eating BBs from AP 🙂

  4. That Fiji imbecyl 197 PR played 3,2 k battles….. like…omg

  5. HE gnei and fiji that doesnt smoke? You are playing on the EU server are you not?

  6. I’ve heard that the Italians designed their ships to have speed and long range guns historically. It kinda makes sense that the hull be so high and long to reduce friction but hey, their ships didn’t do very well because of poor maintenance and lack of radar.

    That’s what I heard anyway.

  7. I don’t know WTF the Italian designers were thinking with this ship.
    She’s bigger than a Washington Treaty Heavy Cruiser but with none of the benefits.
    Her Firepower for this size is pathetic and Armor specs are meh, her top speed is below average of what is the norm for the Italian cruiser, plus she has a short action radius (which means less space needed for fuel bunkerage) which makes the size of this cruiser even more questionable.
    For a ship this size she could have easily carried a Mogami level armament.

  8. Detection does indeed increase to match your firing range while using the scout plane.

  9. Love your vids… but please… it’s pronounced “May-Han”. After Admiral Mahan.

  10. “fuckin weekend” – exactly! Another reason to stay away from the game until the menace is over… ~48 hours O.o

  11. LOL he does not know the Fiji has smokes….

  12. No.. not pizza, the ship is floating a barbershop.

  13. Christopher Mavromatis

    He was waiting for you to back him up, you let that fiji die

  14. FYI: 1) Ship was long and thin so that it could achieve higher top speed. Disadvantage of this is that long, thin ships do not turn so well as shorter, wider ships and they bleed off more speed in turns. 2) Ship had high freeboard in order to pack in all the powerful engines (large boilers, heavy gearboxes) required to achieve the hp needed for high speed. As the hull is narrow (see point 1) you need to build up to put all this stuff in the hull. This also means that critical machinery is easier to hit. 3) Guns not placed further back to allow better firing angles because of engine and gearbox machinery and the desire to limit the length of the heavy armoured citadel protecting gun battery magazines.

    So basically, achieving such high top speed in a relatively small displacement hull forces a bunch of other design compromises.

    Anyways… back to the game itself!

  15. I have heard your name mentioned on various streams and just stumbled on a video of yours in my feed. Been binge watching all the vids I missed. Really enjoying the game play. This video was particularly good.

  16. I saw you playing some sort of test CV just now. Interesting! 🙂 Even though i
    was to slow to see your name in the game :-/

  17. Great Work !
    That Fiji at the Start… I feel with you.
    My Stats (56%WR) could be better if i wouldnt try to help stupid Teammates all the time. Thats really my main Problem in this Game, i just cant let them die off and then i get trapped :/

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