World of Warships- Thats ALOT Of Damage

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Thats just……..alot of damage.

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Nice going for the Jim guy. That was one heck of a fight.

    Good thing that wasnt me tho, because those 2 guys would really tick me off.

  2. Hats off to Jim! Best Montana player I’ve seen in ranked this season. Their mostly potatoes.

  3. The heal buffs are pushing out higher damage numbers. Good game still, but it’s not like a normal ranked season.

  4. 👏Embrace 👏the👏 memes👏

  5. Joshua Picklesimer

    7:28 Fires guns and they’re not even aimed on target, gets a citadel, wtf.

  6. I did 307k dmg in monty and lost the battle

  7. well done indeed GG 😀

  8. WTG Jim! That was a great performance.

  9. Yep typical team action now a days, everytime I actually lead a charge with a BB team mates turn and run at the first contact and leave ya to fight alone and this means you will likely have to turn out and away to make a retreat and give your sides up to about 3 BB’s who has nobody to focus on but you lol. Jim awesome GG gameplay, wish I was that good.

  10. Here is where you got to be a boss and tell your team to push in. I don’t know how many games we won because I took control and ordered their moves, warned of impending broadsides, etc etc. You don’t have to be an asshole, but inexperienced players appreciate a veteran directing their moves. It’s exhausting but this Montana driver needed to get busy on chat a lot sooner. Best Monty replay I’ve seen in several years.

  11. The beginning of the video is how most of my Montana matches go.

  12. 16:39 Gimme gimme that magic RNG! Classic Wows in the making LOL

  13. 1 man fight ,rest of Jim team chikens…

  14. That was a fun game to play. Do wish that last kill had been mine though. Thanks for sharing it too, Sea Lord!

  15. Have another by subscribing his channel!

  16. Look at the chat, it says JAM not JIM

  17. That was an awesome game Jam. I hope to see more of you on here.

  18. Lemberg Леополіс

    Potato enemy players and full broadsides…

  19. its useless teams like his that makes ranked not worth it

  20. Capt A Bumbler RN

    Great Game and well done Jam, thanks for sharing.

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