World of Warships- Thats Enough World of Warships For Now

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Hey guys, I had one of those nights last night, thought I would share some of the more frustrating games with you guys, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I feel your pain. I almost did that today as well. Some days are just like that.

  2. david and martine albon

    A moment of silence for the keyboard… You will be remembered.

  3. Dude! You sucked in the GK 😉
    No seriously, I want to give a big “Thumbs Up”. You dared to show more than the usual” super-awesome-midblowing-300k-game” of other Youtubers. I somewhat enjoyed this sincere glimpse of “real” gameplay. Had such streaks myself too. Cheer up man.

    • Per Hentze Petersen

      I had more than my share of games like these: How about going +50 games without a SINGLE victory! I played like a potato you might think, (and I did sometimes to be honest), but mostly I was on a noob team with a terrible, terrible individual score and alarming lack of skills (most ships got sunk within 7-8 minutes). I even experienced that people, who were AFK and “bots” scored higher than players who actually survived the battle…..!
      Am I the ONLY person who have had such mismatches….?

    • @Per Hentze Petersen Short answer, NOPE!

  4. Try World of Tanks for a while, then realise that Warships isn’t so bad… 😂

  5. “Fist applied to keyboard” Happens to a lot of people

  6. When you start breaking things it is time to step back for a few days and relax took me a while and many broke mouse and other computer parts to learn that. I even had a heart attack while playing the game one night, that is when I woke up and realized it is just a game and not worth getting upset over.

  7. Actually I prefer to throw the keyboard against a sufficiently far wall. It feels so satisfying to watch it fly and then smash.

  8. If my first battle starts like this, I switch to another game for maybe an hour and return to wows. It works in most cases, because if you continue playing wows after the first battles went like this, it’s very likely that it continues this way.
    RNG can be really annoying at times. Had a battle in my Bismarck where an Implacable set 3 fires with his drop. Next attack run came from side, so as much angle as possible, got 4 fires, just great.

  9. The HE spam at tier 10 is so annoying. It makes it unplayable.

    • I have mostly stopped playing high tier due to the high explosive spam plus all the stupid gimmicks they have introduced I now have 20 or so t10 ships in port collecting dust I played them all to get the reward boxes and haven’t touched them since and probably wont again for some time , wish they would roll back they game to just before the British bbs got added which for me was the golden age for this game

    • Found the baBBy…

    • @rexstuff I main DDs.

    • HE is about the only rnd you can use unless you are in a BB now. Cruisers are a detonation fest, DD’s get detected before they can even leave the spawn area and carriers are playing there own minigame of target practice.

  10. Press F to pay respect for… um… someone who can’t press F anymore, I guess


  12. RNG coupled with terrible teams is soul destroying at times, playing 4 games max a day at the moment to keep my sanity

  13. i’m too aggressive with my cruiser, i’m constantly getting into that “its too late to try to turn around now” position.

  14. They could fix their bbs and give them historically correct deck armor. The books I have say Yamato had a 9.1 inch deck and bismark was 5 inches wargaming has them no where close to that. But that would eliminate He damage and ap bombs we can’t have that.

  15. Just three games!? This is like an everyday thing for me!

  16. GK is unplayable. When you fire the first salvo, everyone on the opposite team goes “Yay! Farming time!” Then they go “We will blot out the sun with our HE!” Then you usually go hands off the mouse and keyboard and see how fast your ship burns down in record time. No more GK for me… . .

  17. Valentino Gordon, Jr.

    “Overpens on a broadside cruiser… as per usual on shikishima…”

    You should see matches I have in my yamato. If its not bounces or shatters, its overpens.

    • I never understood “over penetration” in this game. So dumb… wouldn’t be a flood if my 16 inches of love ripped through your hull?

    • Valentino Gordon, Jr.

      @scarabperformance overpens irl would lead to flooding if atleast one of the holes was below the waterline. It’s still a pretty finicky mechanic imo because from battleships to literally every other ship type in the game, you punch all the way through unless the citadel is above the waterline or of the casemate is big enough to stop the shell.

      Take Yamato v Montana (this is personal experience so dont expect it to line up with the spreadsheet or your own experiences): in my yamato, I’m not landing a citadel on Monty unless I’m 15+km out and even then, it’s rare because most of the shells either land in the water, or hit the superstructure. Anything hitting the superstructure is marked as an overpen because the game struggles to accept that a plunging salvo would go through that little bit of superstructure it hit and into the casemate. (This is assuming that the superstructure is actually attached to ship and not just floating a couple of inches away from the ship, giving the shell enough space to detonate without causing major damage) [keep in mind, there is a bit of exaggeration but the point still stands. If you played 1,000+ matches in yamato and have to sit through landing nothing but overpens on even the meatiest of ships, you’d feel the same way.]

  18. Hey at least you haven’t “Earned your stripes”

  19. “take my broadside please let me die from AP” that shit was deep, I felt that 👌
    Jokes aside, quality content as usual👍
    Its sad that recently most of my teams are like that from those 7 minute games or 3/4 yolo dds, getting hard to even enjoy the damn game. :FeelsBadMan:

  20. It’s good to see someone with a more public profile admit he gets screwed over by this game too. I got so pissed at the game I uninstalled a few days ago. Since the last patch I’ve had nothing but shit terrible RNG and awful teams.
    Sometimes when I keep getting shit on over and over I’ll just give up and go into matches with the intention of dying as fast as possible. It’s actually kinda fun when you’ve got nothing left to loose haha

    Other days I either don’t play or just go into coop mode for a while.

    My wife asks me every day why I play this game because I hate it so much and honestly, I don’t know.

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