World of Warships- The Absolute State Of Matches Today

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the current state of matches in the game today, and I have quite the match to show what most games are like nowadays, let me know what you think in the comments below!


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Get well soon. Random Battles now these days are either feast or famine. Truly disappointing and frustrating. Blowouts are very common. That’s the reason why I am avoiding Random Battles. I’d rather enjoy my time playing Operations or Co-op.

  2. I’ve used Match Making Monitor for a week and uninstalled because it’s so depressing, you already see at the start which team is going to win. Once had a team full of red stats players except for me (I have winrate 55 – 56%, 10K+ battles, and around 1550 PR), other team had 3 unicum players and 2 great stats players, guess who won. We need personal rating match maker WG, but they don’t care at all

    • I cant confirm this. Using Wows monitor since probably a year now in every random. In my experience the avarage winrate is usually pretty even. Yes there are some games where its drastically different, but i say 90% of the games the avarage winrate is +/-3% between the teams.

      What worries me more is, that in the vast majority of games more than half the players are under 50% winrate. Usually not even 1/4 of the players have that. And games where me and my div-mate are the only ones above 50% in our team are not uncommon.

      That speaks volumes about the playerbase and where the game is heading. Good players are leaving and WG tries its level best to allow people who are very bad (sometimes because they are new) to slingshot themselves into T10 by spending cash. That hurts the quality of the game a lot

    • L’audace. Audacity. Go forward and fight instead of just hiding behind islands. Also though useless MM is too free with black listing and not wanting to play with certain people. This option should be taken away. Also please stop the armchair admirals who cannot understand why someone is turning away. They probably are avoiding cannon fire or torps you don’t or can’t see.

    • Game very buggy last few patches leading to lots of afk

    • @mike savage Yes. You are right.

    • @RS2Russ That’s true but division players are also in average inferior, so… In general, the less divisions on your team, the better hahaha.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, lately so many of my random games have been absolute stinkers. I’ve turned to playing ranked because you’re able to have a much bigger impact on the game

    • Same. 48% random, 55% ranked. Gap is too big to be due to ‘randomness’.

    • Tarquinius Superbus

      Clanbattles seem to be the best and most fun games for me these days

    • I would agree, but this ranked season over half my games had at least one player who was afk the whole game, sometimes two; which is difficult to recover from regardless of how well I play. Most of the games I’ve won were because the enemy team also had at least one afk

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Still can’t win the match by yourself. And it’s absolutely maddening to see people do idiotic things in ranked.

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth One common nonsense was single teammate in a Schlieffen charging into sec range ASAP and getting killed.

  4. 13:55 thats it! People don’t put in effort. The only thing that’s sussy about this is how the Match maker tends to put like minded players into the same team. But that can also be chalked down to herd dynamics. One player starts grazing, the herd follows. A highly effective strategy for herbivores, not so much for warships.

  5. Lately I’ve seen the following: as a DD I tried to cap or spot other DDs ( other ships will get spotted automatically ). 99% of the time, literally none of my teammates will shoot the enemy DD but focus on the BBs/Cruisers, opponents team pretty much have their guns fixed on me, end up dying or low health and not very effective for the rest of the match even if I kill the DD.
    Another phenomenon is that when playing BB and pushing a flank/cap, teammates will just randomly do a 180 turn and just go back to the spawn running circles.
    Also, I’ve seen 2-3 EU streamers and not divisioned on the same team on both my own side and opponent’s, no skill based or rating MM in the game.

    • As a general rule, if I can see a DD and its in range, I stop what I’m doing to put shots on the DD. It gets annoying though when I spot a DD through hydro or radar but don’t have a clear firing line on it…and my teammates just look at it.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Yep I’ve experienced the same issues. Frustrating as Hell.

    • @Mech Franka T. Lieu it’s not the guns. It’s the dumbasses using them.

    • @Mech Franka T. Lieu very well said , i hit harder with bad shots than ones that looked good

    • I’m on the Asia server & its no different. As a sometime dd player, as I’m mostly on cruisers, I see & instruct bb’s to support or at least help. I may as well keep my mouth shut. My response to bb’s now if they don’t help is that I won’t help them & if they want to report me then they get reported too. The reporting system is crap as well. I don’t really see a reason for it actually.

  6. Love getting Kearsages on my team with less than 40 account battles, so much fun.

    • ^^^^^^^^^THIS is the root of the issue I believe…I get it, they’re in business to make $$$ so selling n00bs high tier ships makes them profits, but it’s to the detriment to the community as a whole. I’ve gotten into tier 7/8/9 matches with players with < 100 games's insane to think any of those players are worth a damn....and in one game, MM paired me up with FOUR players with < 100 games and another 2 with < 200 was over in 5 minutes....I wanted to punch my monitor in.

  7. What i always experience as a BB, large or heavy cruiser player is when i push to a cap or hold off the enemy flank, my team mates always abandon me with no warning, leaving me to fend off a larger force. A force that could have been defeated if we sticked together.

    Or when there are 3 caps, i always have that my team mates huddle together going to the left and middle (or right and middle) handing over the third cap and allowing the enemy team to flank us

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      On the first point that definitely happens. It’s especially egregious if you are in either a slow BB or in a cruiser or DD and expecting your people to come up behind you.

      On your second point I disagree with the idea that all three caps should be pushed. If it’s done that way the enemy team almost always ends up with numbers at one or more caps and overwhelms your teammates and is able to push in from that flank anyway. Far better to hold or contest two caps and deal with flankers than to hold no caps or get overwhelmed at multiple caps by superior numbers.

    • @Ashleigh Elizabeth oh i didn’t mean like all 3 should be pushed at the same time that would be impossible, i meant more like everyone goes to 2 of them but not 1 goes to the third cap, as in not close to it to defend or deny a flank

    • @Gouden Leeuw but then you get to your 1st point…
      1 guy alone vs a larger force…

    • I get into games with 3 caps and I always get the people who say “plan”? Then someone else says AB or BC. I’m here like neither? You cant just give up one side to the enemy then they will push through and your whole team gets cross fired and slowly dies.

  8. I’ve spoke about this “blow out match” issue with folks. An Idea we had was to add in another stage between MM’er choosing the ships for the round, and the round beginning. Why can’t WG’ing add a stage that once ship/players are chosen.
    It then distributes everyone by win rate and split the teams 50/50 e.g player with highest win rate goes to team A, 2nd highest goes to team B, 3rd highest to Team A, 4rth to Team B and so on. Done for each class, BB’s, Cruisers, and DD’s. This would mean there is a more “balanced” (loosely use this term) It might help might not…would be nice to even see WG’ing acknowledge this issue, and try do something rather than just adding in even more an more stronger ships.
    How this would work with Div’s is distribute based on the “average” win rate of the players in the div. 3

    I’ve seen over the last year, more and more blow out matches happening. Adding in more and more powerful ships, biased on my own experience’s….isn’t helping this issue.

    • WG rejected any notion of changing match maker on this issue long ago. They are fine with the way it is and that is the way it will be. Those of us who have been her since beta have tried it all. I suggest you play and enjoy or find another game. You will not be heard at WG when even all the biggest CCs and testers were ignored or openly blown off for years.

  9. I also see this phenomenon.
    Most battles, I shoot, hit a ship with 5 out of 6 shots and do 2,000 damage.
    Every once in a while, I’ll have a battle where I shoot and the enemy ship is sunk by my shots before the shots even hit the ship.
    It’s weird.

    • i saw that too recently, shots where still in the air and the enemy exploded,
      was already sad i lost the kill, until the banner showed it was mine…

  10. i had yesterday evening 17 battles played and won 3 of them and the rest were lost due the fact that a lot of players are hiding behind the islands or running a way when the came under fire, somethimes they even din’t fired a single shot, or the running from the A cap all to the D cap and suddenly they sailed back to the A cap when they are near the D cap and it seems that RNG is bonkers too, my full broadside shots on the british Conquerer at a range of 7 Km disperssed al over place

  11. They need to implement some sort of hidden skill-based MM. “We can’t make ppl feel bad” that’s why it’s hidden. Or they could add filters to MM, “sure you can limit your up/down tier but your que times might be longer (a price I’m sure some would be willing to pay) and also be able to filter skill-based/open matchmaking.
    Edited: changed “their” to “tier” autocorrect

    • I mean WOWS is a game where you change ship a lot and your winrate in all of them varies a lot too… So a MM system would be kinda wonky.

  12. The Graf spent most of its time doing nothing. It sailed to the back of the map. Arguably, it bumbled into the Kaga. You’d be hard-pressed to say it intended to get into that engagement with the Eendracht. The Graf basically did its best to stay *out* of the match. Look at the mini-map to see what happens at the other caps.

    This is the typical kind of gameplay you see on the NA server on the weekends. There is no actual teaching in this game other than through live-fire attrition, with the assumption being that people will “git gud” or stop playing/stick to Co-Op (only “smart people” play “the thinking man’s action game”). There are no incentives or tools in the game for bad or new players to be better, other than to be insulted, made fun of, or stat shamed. But all of those “tools” assume bad players, especially casual players, give a sh!t. Why are matches worse now than years ago? Because the bad players are stacking up. Especially after WG advertised the hell out of their game to get more new players in. Most of these people come in (weekends especially), play their games, and leave, while the good players are raging about all the bad players.

  13. usually, I see in matches one team is made up of 5 unicum players in divs against people who either are just average and looking for some xp or newer people and it ends up being a slaughterfest. And honestly divisions are what really kills the solo experience, why push when there is a team who has 2 or more ships with coordination when you are entirely solo and can only rely on subpar info than your team. Why use a cruiser or dd when there is a radar cruiser that will spot you with his div buddys ready to demolish you, CVs have it easier since CV exists.
    also wg put some emphasis on pve modes, scenarios are good but it could use more tiers rather than just tier 6 and god, give pve some achievements, even if they don’t match up to pvp medals.

  14. glenn War robots test

    I’m really enjoying this round of brawls it’s been pretty fun for me even tho I done actually have a meta t7 ship for it’s really refreshing to see teamwork and communication in a match and the best part is it can go either way

  15. I wish they tracked another stat, position in Random matches. e.g. your average ranking in the team (win or lose). At least that way when your team is a potato salad, you get your #1 counted.

  16. My perspective would be that yes, the number of these one sided battles has increased, but I can say with the hand on my heart that I see at least one 20 min battle per day that is, so to speak, close. Maybe many people get it more than usual.

    I am a 62% almost 8k battle bloke, so take that into account

  17. I’ve been seeing an unusually high amount of red PR players on both sides lately too. It’s like the weekend players are becoming the weekday players now

  18. I wish it was half of the time you’d get a bad team, and half you’d get a good team. For me its 95% of the time bad team. The team needs a skills based matchmaker URGENTLY. Also CVs and subs should be removed, but not as important if the skills based matchmaker gets implemented.

  19. reason 1) it all starts with DDs that run from a flank and wont spot for the BB/CAs, or the BB/CAs run away and won’t support the DD.
    reason 2) then you have one team that will focus on killing DDs and radar ships so your team has the spot and torp spam advantage, or your team does not focus on the DDs when spotted so you lose your spotters and have to run so you don’t eat torps all match.
    reason 3) to many players are just wanting to sit in back to farm damage as long as they can because being the top score on the losing team makes them feel special about themselves. “i did my part, it’s everyone else that sucked” attitude.
    new odd reason) it seems like every game right now one team always has a CA that rushes a cap and dies in the beginning leaving its team down a ship from the start. i have no clue as to why this trend is happening so much now.
    reason 4) the weakside players say fluck it and charge in to die, when they should just delay the enemy for as long as they can slowing/stopping them from turning the flank till your team hopefully wins their side and can turn to help.

  20. I see matchmaking as a challenge between 1-3 unicums per team about who can identify and eliminate opposing seals faster. BBs are slow and struggle to fight DDs, light cruisers need Cover. My highest winrate and powerrating is in supercruisers and Gunboats.

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