World of Warships- The Absolute Tragedy Of The Yukon & Wargaming’s Communication

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Hey guys, today we talk about the Yukon’s designing and what happened to Little White Mouse and Chobi.

LWM Yukon Review:

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  1. Koyel Datta Gupta

    also please do the curving torps video thats a bug and i want you to talk about it

    • Aeroon already did a great video explaining how it was happening (basically don’t turn while torping and pray you aren’t lagging).

  2. Antonio Hagopian

    That’s the problem with having multiple game offices. If they asked me what ship I would “create”, I let them do a premium Khaba with 2 more turrets instead of torp tubes without heals and without the big armor plates, but with a full 22mm hull except superstructure ofc.

  3. Watched Jingles latest MWJ episode a little while ago – he didn’t pull any punches in his criticism of how WG handled this incident.

  4. One of the bigger insults to me is the fact that they used the camo they designed for the Yukon on another ship. Oh and WG responded with a pointless apology too. Without action words are just wind, fix the ship to what it should have been and make it actually worth getting.

  5. The guys at wg could do Nanuvik now, the design sounds ridiculously fun

  6. Imagine having SLM as your geography teacher

  7. “We let you down and yet again betrayed the trust you put in us.”

    Here’s a hot take wargaming: stop doing that.

  8. Jingles breakdown of WG and the Yukon was interesting. I hadn’t realised they have a major cockup every year for the last four years and their reply is always the same. Make you wonder what they have planned for next year. Doesn’t WG talk to their PR dept, obviously not.

    • What PR Department all I know is Puerto Rico Department specializing in Dumpster fires

    • Spread sheet shows increased web traffic for the game after cockups. Conclusion, we need more cockups,,, spread sheet says so.

    • As long as they don’t piss off the whales, they can just keep putting out fucked up ships every couple months and keep making that bank. We the playerbase aren’t where they make their money.

  9. Have you heard Lord about curving torps? I suggest test it and see Flamu’s vid about it. This looks pathetic :/
    Anyway, always apprecieate your content!

  10. Imagine being low enough to police the history, culture and people of a country.

    Oh hold on, that’s Wargaming.

  11. I find this story very hard to believe on WG’s end. Something’s fishy…

    • After WG’s series of youtube videos during the Unsinkable Sam event I honestly don’t trust them to hold their words.

      Btw nobody even noticed the change and I was the only one saying it on forums.

  12. The thing which must hurt even more is that ship, that they worked for, and didn’t even receive their results, ended up this bad.

  13. ParanoiderNutzer

    “communication error”… well, we all know those shouldn’t happen but still they do. But there is one special problem with WG: these “communication problems” happen so often (Christmas boxes, Godzilla vs. Kong, secondary reworks, Captain reworks, etc.) that they are loosing the benefit of the doubt and make it look like gross negligence. And it is not a good company policy if the customers have to get out the pitchforks that WG will start to “fix” things.

  14. Master Skilhollow

    Hmmm, who to believe: Little White Mouse, a hard-working reviewer and community contributor with years of good, honest communication behind her, or Wargaming, a company with a track record of dishonesty/incompetence, greed, a habit of screwing over their players, and legendarily terrible communication? Let me think…

    • So… You’re saying we should take Wargaming’s word, then? OK.


    • Master Skilhollow

      @Tx240 #russianlogic LOL

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Why do you ppl care lol I cant believe she actually thought they where going to design a ship from the ground up lol like thats delusional

    • @CynicallyObnoxious – look at how many premiums she’s been given, worth thousands probably. . There’s obviously close ties and regular communication with the NA team. If they asked for her input on a Canadian themed ship, why should she doubt their sincerity? I’ve been around WG for 9 years. I don’t at all doubt that there is an email from na saying exactly what mouse alleges. I also have no doubt that the Russian crew are so used to their culture of “you like what we give you to like” combined with the fact that in nearly 2 profitable decades WG hasn’t hired a dual language fluent translator, that when they realized what NA thought was authorized, they simply replaced it with what the spreadsheet said.

    • @CynicallyObnoxious you do realize the thunderer is almost exactly the april fools idea from LWM

  15. I am especially sad it happened to LWMouse. She is awesome CC and I just love her reviews…

  16. “Did you ever hear the tragedy of Yukon the Monarch premium?”
    “I thought not. It is a not a story Wargaming would tell you”

  17. One “fuck up” is accidental. Two is coincidence. Three is a trend and four or more shows a lack of caring.

    • Been saying this about WG for 4 years now…Didn’t change anything then, and it sure as shit won’t change anything now, lol. Only thing that will? Pissing off the whales. Which they will never do.

    • It’s a Russian company operating like a Russian company stop expecting North American and European level service. I remember the godawful experience I had ordering a scope and mount for my Kalashnikov from Kalinka optics. It took 6 months, 6 fucking months to get my damn scope. Wargaming/ Gajian are actually some of the better companies. VKB and Virpil though are a league ahead.

  18. Believe it or not there was a day when it felt like the WoWs team really cared about the player base. Sadly that was a very long time ago. The before time as it is known by some.

  19. Nunavut wasn’t a territory in the 1940s so I side with Wargaming on that one. We also had several battleships at the end of WW1. I belive one was “Aurora”, “Acadia” would have worked.

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