World of Warships- The Absolute Worst Battleship In Game?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Tier IX British Battleship Lion! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. The reasons people probably THINK Lion is Crap: 1. Thunderer and Conqueror exist. 2. Any ship that is not BLATANTLY OP is considered Garbage, its just the nature of World Of Warships.

    Like a 25 second reload on 9 6inch guns? That sounds awesome! Not many Battleships with “quick” reload times in this game, so its always nice to find one.

  2. The lion is the next ship in tech tree for me and I’ve been wondering if I’m wasting my time grinding it…thanks for the heads up I think I’ll keep going

    • Monarch is the low point… Of the low point… Of the low point, it’s just bad all across the board, lion is good, the dispersion is kinda shit but if you keep your distance, focus on fires instead of direct damage, changing targets after fires then blam, 120k dmg every game, easy

    • Beater Bike Channel MFGA

      Lion has great damage but it’s dispersion is shocking

  3. Good show last night SL. Haven’t thought about the Lion but may take a second look at it.

  4. I never understood why people think lion is bad or even mediocre. It’s a he spammer with good reload. Not the greatest armour but when you print half a ship in 20s you can survive through a lot of things. The conqueror overshadows it, but at its tier there’s not really a ship that can do what lion does.

    • Lion, like any good T9, teaches you how to play the T10 you re grinding for. Duncan does the same job very well in the BC line, teaches you how to play the St. Vincent.

    • It is easy to understand why Lion is bad. It has no armor, bad DPM and with awful, awful gun angles. You need to practically show full broadside to fire all guns. Then, it doesn’t have good mobility to mitigate this problem. When you get the Conqueror next, you immediately realize what the Lion was lacking. Not only the Conqueror gets more guns, it also has incredible firing angles.

    • @David Scoltock Except Seattle. Seattle is the worst ship in the USN CL line and is so unlike any of the other ships in the line, and nothing like Worcester.

    • @Anthrax bad dpm? If you’re only gonna compare it with conqueror, then sure, but on its own, I burn the whole map down. Don’t really enjoy the HE spamming playstyle too much, but Lion does an excellent job at it. It’s on par with mushashi for the highest HE Dpm at t9. And if you can’t survive in a Lion with that super heal, you’re playing it terribly. Apart from a couple of outliers, I have never gone down in it without having taken 120k damage at least.

    • @Jokinglemon Nope. Compared to all other tier IX BBs. Considering you can only fire your frontal guns, or risk getting instantly deleted from any range, it has the worst AP and HE DPM at tier IX. And boy, we won’t even talk about that AP. Oof…

  5. The problem isn’t the ship, it’s the tier.

    T8 you are often top dog and if you get bottom tier too often there is always ops.

    T9 is almost always facing T10 and T11. Asymmetric is making T9s good again

    • cant lie i play a lot of tier 8 especially with Monarch, and honestly 8 out of 10 games im playing up against t9-t10, infact im rarely top tier when i play t8 ships regardless of which ship i pick, i play on EU server though

  6. Also I notice you saying this while not being focused down by the CV unlike when I play lion and I spend all my time taking citadel hits while trying to dodge airstrikes.

  7. christopher shrank

    The UK BB line is one I like to use for grinding out research bureau points. And have played HMS Lion a few times. Other than MM hating tier 9 these days, she is quite good. Zombie heal + decent HE spam, it is easy to do quite well. She just has a thin armour scheme when compared to other BBs.

  8. It’s best played at range, thanks its low HP and not brawling armor, also because we got too much Schliffen presence and other secondaries BBs.

    But I played it some time ago to grind for Conqueror and found myself stucked in cap contest facing enemy Petro. He got team help with some other BBs (no secondaries BB luckily) trying push in, but I didn’t loose my nerves and stayed bow in, while help came to me. I was getting incapacitated front turrets thanks Petro AP, some fires too, but red flank lost nerves and rush away, enemy Petro died and I got Drednaught that match.
    Angling, nice reload and superheal helped alot out of thoubles.

    This ship is ok, but you can die quite easy if you overextend and don’t respect its optimal fighting distance.

  9. Think it’s great for ranked, was constantly top of the team last season with it

  10. Appreciate this, and this kind of video. I stopped at King George V, not seeing Monarch as much of a step up at Tier VIII. With Massachusetts at Tier VIII, the only other battleship I want at that Tier is something with AP that can handle the escalated high tier armor. (People still talk about the American “super-heavy” AP as if it actually still did anything at high tiers. . .) That would be Vlad the Impaler. The British battle cruisers have good penetration also, but there is a price to be paid.
    All that being said, there is food for thought here.

  11. Good video, but an unusual number of thoughtful and interesting comments. I have a gazillion XP on King George V, might actually unlock Monarch and eventually try the Lion.

  12. I just unlocked the Lion and i just purchased Cunningham. Im focused on getting the Captain up to a least T19 first but the fights I’m in having it the Lion in the meantime have been decent.

  13. The only good things about the Izumo is 57mm deck plating and fast shells, also microscopic superstructure.

  14. It’s a role ship. It’s role is to take massive damage, retreat, and repeat.

  15. Really REALLY good ap, amazing ap against cruisers, amazing he against everything (well except cv:s…) superheal, 12km detection.
    I mean.. just add 4 points to the captains Git Gud-skill.

  16. I just got the HMS Lion. Not a terrible ship and shell arcs I’m still getting used too but the super heal helps tremendously. Plus a base of 46% fire chance is awesome.

  17. Try playing the lion or the conq with furious fire captain skill. Since fires dont bother you that much, with having a super heal, might as well get that reload even lower

  18. Lion is one of my favorite Tech Tree ships. Low detect, let fires burn, sling HE, reprint your ship.

  19. I grinded through Lion two times and honestly I really enjoyed her and had very decend battles all the time so im quite suprised hearing about her reputation

  20. I never realised the conceal was so good, You could almost play this like a super cruiser messing with campers and going dark when they catch fire.

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