World of Warships – The Age of Innocence

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Can you remember what it was like when you first started playing? No, neither can I. Luckily here’s Okiroshi remind us more innocent days.

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  1. Golden Terrestrial

    legend says that this will be the only low-tier game to be showcased in 420 years

  2. OH MY FREAKING GOD. It’s baby-seal randoms matchmaking with bots!!! Memories, memories… this is the sort of game in which I got my first Kraken. I got the second only recently. Well done to this guy; he had a hell of a lot of fun and he carried the team to a win. I hope he has a lot more fun in the years to come.

  3. *Reads description*

    *Sees thumbnail*

    Well I fully expect someone in this match to slam a few torpedoes into the side of a friendly ship.

    Edit: And I was correct!

  4. I remember when I started playing, the game was actually fun and engaging back then.

    • Like every game (and just about everything in general) when looking through the lens of Innocence

    • +Jubjub Tubs nah this game is speshul since the developers have been doing everything I didn’t want them to do.. I mean the guy who thought of adding RPF to planes should have his mouth pissed in.. even now after they came to their senses on that little issue.

    • Mutant Macrophage

      Wait… so what you’re saying is you detonated?

    • +Mutant Macrophage If you’re trying to be funny I’m sorry to have to dissapoint.

  5. But Jingles, people at tier 10 still dont know how to sail their ship and fire their weapons safely

    • +PaperclipClips sorry but you should have turned and given full broadside to offer yourself to the hostile cruiser to be deleted so as to be featured by the Mighty Jingles for the entertainment of those in the salt mines, as a part of an epic replay where he obliterated all three of you!

      Also if you have time to play WoWarships you should consider joining the salt mines. Those tears of rage will not harvest themselves.

    • +SpartiuS94 bow tanking or broad side to 406 mm your dead any way if u ask me, that should not be a thing in a game there always needs to be a way to counter this but there Is not, well unless u find a wifu to hide behind so plz dont fight over a broken game it wg fault. ??

    • +Helxcy haha, no one is fighting. But no it is not really broken. CAs/CLs can easily dodge when they move around. Henri IV, for example, if difficult to hit due to high speed. Those who maneuver a lot make it hard, really hard, to kill. Bow tanking, on the other hand, is not a very smart idea when you can be overmatched.

    • +SpartiuS94 I had a player in a tier 7 Colorado say I was a hacking when he tried to bow tank my 420mm guns from my tier 9 German BB.

  6. Actually jingles, he did fire a narrow spread against the second ship… Jingles?

    _gets thrown off cliffside into the mines below_

  7. I play like this all the time, its only a game, its supposed to be fun. Heh lets chip in a gift him a Tirpitz asap.

    • The term ” important game” is , by definition, an oxymoron.

    • You monster lol. Give him a Yubari instead

    • A wild Filing cabinet

      This has always been my motto. Rather have fun than be good. I’ll go with something that is off-meta, unpopular or just bad because I want a different experience. In the end yeah, I might lose. But life isn’t all about ranking up and being the best, and I’m having fun where I am

    • What if I told you, I just bought him a Eugen…

    • +ZeroSonaku It’s me , Okiroshi, thank you very much , I won’t rush to play at tier 8 but will learn to play and use it properly.You’ve made my day !

  8. I was in a tier 4 SC before I realized you could zoom in to aim because I was playing on a laptop with a trackpad

  9. BTW Thank you for showing new players playing low tiers. So much fun.

  10. I can. Carrier bombs did nothing, people were nice and having fun, AP was useless, and Kitakami had 40 torps.

    • Oh how I miss Beta in WoWS…… people were just nicer and more helpful. Every battle you’d see people giving each other tips, making jokes and laughing with the enemy team, and if you messed up nobody screamed at you in chat for being a horrible person. The vast majority of players were there because they just loved naval history and wanted to have fun. I really miss those days. 🙁

    • +LegoGenius16 me too buddy!

    • Yeah, nothing like spending gold to buy a ship only to have WG take it away from you even though they refunded the gold. Hell, the Kitakami was already in the game, why not just leave it as a “Beta tester only” ship, much like the Type 59 was for years?

    • Well its says, you are old!! 11

    • +mcm95403 Actually this is not correct- Kitakami was not refunded, but the gold for her was given for free in the first place. Everyone received 8k gold. And they told us it has not been decided what will happen to the ship. Why not leave it in the game? Because she was an ultimate teamkiller, this is why.

  11. Great video. Probably did more in this one video to inspire and excite new players than in any other video. Almost got me emotional… ok, you did get me emotional. Finally, a video that just says… have fun… come play World of Warships. Bravo.

  12. I remember getting my first Kracken in the Kaisar and how thrilled I was being the MVP not realizing that I was the only human in the entire game. I was just thrilled and happy. Now I’m wondering whether I should’ve turned slightly left and slowed down in the last brawl against the two top tier BBs would’ve allowed me to do better when I get their flat broadside with my 12 406mm shells that cannot overmatch their bow armor.

    Yeah innocence is awesome.

    • Newbie. You’re telling me you didn’t play in the beta where there was only jap and american ships??!! ? j/k that was the last time I played myself

    • Yeah, I was the same way. 8 kill game in the Tier II Dresden with over 40,000 Damage in a Tier III game. It was only then I noticed I was one of two human players in that match. Still, that old doe-eyed fun…I miss it

    • I remember my first kraken, proceeded to quote pirates of the carabian, and then died stupidly with a great big smile on… good times, good times

  13. Oh my God it’s so cute! a Zao player still stumbling in its first baby steps as it leaves the womb! so precious.

    And to be honest, I think he’ll be quite a decent Zao player. He has better aim than 90% of the current Zao players kappa

  14. **Gets too excited**
    **Buys Tirpitz, goes into toxic TX games**
    **Quits and asks for refund**

  15. Me seeing a teir III tenryu on my team doing silly things.
    Me as a Hosho: Aww…. so cute….. must protecc

    • Dangerous idea that. Someone will torpedo some Ally sooner or later. Still, tog protects low tier Arty, cruisers protect low tier warships, everyone has more fun because suddenly perfect gameplay becomes far less important than accomplishing the new amusing task. Try to encourage your team to assist. Frankly if one in 5 games involved escorting a low tier BB or CV around the map and teaching them gameplay mechanics we all might have more fun and be a little more relaxed (particularly if failing to do so just prevents a credit/experience bonus rather than an instant loss, maybe you have to keep them over half health to the destination and the low tier is entirely unable to die as long as being escorted?)

    • Glen, you should work for WG. That’s exactly the kind of mission these games need! 😀

    • +Matakshaman the annoying bit is troll newbs who try to avoid getting to their destination <_< Still Maybe you can connect to them with tow ropes and Drag them there with battleships of your own 😀

    • +Glen McGillivrayTry teaching anything to your average Hungarian/Czech schoolboy that has exactly one year of English and a VAST amount of swearwords. They are not even trolling you, but they can type “Ur mom”.

    • +Ned Ryerson I expect that for the benefit of a nice doubled ROF buff and a bunch of credits they will sail in the direction of an arrow and look for the big green/yellow/black box on the map.

      They will STILL be a tier 3 battleship in a tier 6 battle: they won’t hurt many things even with better ROF

  16. Noobus Maximus. We were all there once. Okiroshi, I salute you!

  17. Anyone else surprised by the fact that Jingles noticed that most of the ships in this battle were bots?

  18. Oh I remember my early days (WG just gratulated me on my 1st anniversary last week…)
    I found WoWs somewhen before alpha and being disappointed with WoT and too early to sign up for testing, I totally lost track of it until last year. I watched some random gnome lord’s gameplay footage to check whether it’s worth the download and figured it was. I kept watching and learning: ammo types, spotting mechanics, armor, how to avoid a paddlin’ and how to dish one out, when to use the repair. when the client was finally up to date (felt like a month later) I jumped into my first CL eager to apply my knowledge and I ruled! Bam, first blood, bam, devastating strike, bam, bam, confederate, bam kraken, bam, win, wooohooo!!! I was the new unstoppable master of the seas! then I found random battles…

  19. I have watched your videos for years! This is by far my favorite video. “PLEASE DON’T HIT THE ISLAND, PLEASE DON’T HIT THE ISLAND”
    Top tier video as always

  20. Kate Nunyabizness

    I look foward to hearing Jingles’ voice crying out “Torpedoes to port. Nevermind, that’s an island” and other comedy gold!

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