World of Warships- The Age Of Submarines Is OVER!

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Hey guys! Today we go through the update notes for patch 13.1, which bring big changes to Subs, ASW, and more!


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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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0:00 Intro
1:22 Sub Changes
8:02 Changes To The Exterior System
10:35 Lunar New Year
12:45 Airship Escort Returns
13:36 Sicilia In Armory
15:12 Creatorverse


  1. I just can’t shake the feeling that something sneaky is going to undermine the sub nerfs and we never saw it coming.

  2. That Dev Blog came out the 4th of LAST MONTH! So is their supposed to be a update today or something?

  3. Finallyyyy!!!! I love playing the prins eugen but I hated the fact that it had no asw planes so much

  4. @timothyodenwald7441

    ASW for Hindy…just another reason to love that ship! Can’t wait

  5. @johnnypatterson7512

    Mind you they buffed a subs maneuverability. Good luck catching them now.

    • im fast as fuck boiiiii

    • @TheLonelyLurker1995

      @@Ilias_Goddess Why do I imagine my doxie dachshund saying that while he’s in his zommie mode? LOL!

    • @sealordmountbatten

      Considering they gave 3 whole cruiser lines sub surveillance, I don’t think that’s gonna be much of a problem

    • @@sealordmountbatten If they wanted to nerf the subs, they should have given the DD”s some kind of Sonar…even if it’s very short-range, very vauge, and only works at like 3/4 speed…but that’s just my take on it as a historical fan of DD’s 😛

    • ​@derekputz8568 if they wanted to nerf subs, just make them realistic. Slow as hell, and every hit on them is near catastrophic.

  6. I found CV’s annoying enough…then they released shotgunning subs. WG are just committed to making the game worse.

  7. Sadly no return of my beloved asymetric battles.

  8. My poor Mass B. Hard to be a secondary build when you have to turn and run at the first sight of a sub.

  9. RIP Massachusetts and Mainz

  10. lol It’s just beginning – subs are now more maneuverable than Smart cars. You’re able to predict where they’ll go even less than ever before, cuz now they can U-turn 180 degrees in one spot. Also the ping water marker still appears at a completely random place – so without submarine sonar, the submarine is still invisible and you’re forced to play a guessing game.

    • Yeah, I’ve saying this sounds like more submarine love than a nerf. I suspect that we’ll start to see six subs in matches even more now after this buff.

    • yea but they gave all the japanese cruisers and italian cruisers sub surv skill now.

    • @@TanNguyen-js7uv Tier 7 and above i heard – and im sure it’s lower range, for lower tiers so its irrelevant. Those cruisers are slow asf too.

    • World Of Subs here I come

    • @@meganoobbg3387 nah it’s not just t7, it’s tier 4+ for japanese and italian cruisers. the whole japanese cruiser fleet gets it. and the venezia line of cruisers on italian side get it.

  11. The only time I have issues with subs or CV’s is when they start singling me out and that doesn’t seem to happen that often. Honestly, I’m more excited about the camo changes. Wish they would make asymmetric battles permanent also.

  12. Inbefore, a new premium sub is sold that works perfectly around the nerfs. Is this a surprise anymore?

  13. I don’t see these small incremental ASW buffs doing anything significant to fight the tyranny of submarines that ruins this game. A couple cruisers that I don’t normally play can fight them better now. Big whoop. Relative to most ships, the submarines have now received a maneuverability buff and better detection techniques that help them. How about a video explaining how these small changes help a DD player?

    • Don’t forget who’s pay comes from the success of WOWS 😂 None of these YouTubers will shit talk because they saw what happened with Flamu.

  14. Would love to see a dedicated sub hunting dd line with the sub radar take away tops and give it quad depth charge launchers

  15. The camo thing is wicked. I often thought all camos should be available on any ship you want. Specially as it only visual.

  16. @stuffandwhatnot4401

    Air drop ASW does way less damage. Subs can still ping constantly, fling out torpedoes constantly and they still curve aggressively. This was sold as a balance but I’m unconvinced.

  17. Side note on the Camo change, it also means that folks won’t have inventory full of in-game credits in the future. After a while, it will be another way WG can get people to spend real $$, in order to buy tech tree ships etc.

  18. If Prinz Eugen is getting depthcharge airstrike so should the Hipper and Mainz – same class ship.

  19. Trying to pay attention to what Sea Lord is saying while I watch him wiggle away with Mecklenburg at the end, real anxiety lol.

  20. Ive said it before, subs should only be able to ping in the direction they are facing and only when torps are 50 to 75% loaded

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