World of Warships – The Alaska Preview – WiP

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  1. This is a pinned comment! More to come with the Alaska including my highest damage game which was rather butt-clenching throughout and a super tasty salvo on a Yamato. Let me know what you think about the ship as far as the gameplay is concerned; do you think it will struggle to find a place with the players at large? Or does it look like it’ll do just fine?

    • +woody4077 Technically it is a CB- so Alaska and Guam.

    • +noobtotale it still doesn’t feel “right” calling a CA alaska though

    • +woody4077 It wasn’t a CA though. Only in WoWs because of the lack of a battlecruiser class do we have arbitrary stuff like that. Kongo, Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Hood and Amagi are all BBs, yet Kronstadt, Stalingrad, Alaska and soon to be Azuma are all “””CAs”””.

    • Business6 it looks just fine as is. Reminiscent of the Scharny in many cases where damage if often lower than you might expect and also in that it does well pushing. I like what it looks like but I think some folks will be disappointed with the AP output against BBs at times. As always you make it look amazing but our mileage may vary! ;p

    • +woody4077 it was named as such to separate it from both cruisers(cities) and battleships (States) so they named them after territories

  2. Man you target prioritization always amazes me … I have trouble keeping my head clear while engaging single targets and you always show me how outclassed I am in the game by the top players :-))

  3. It looks like a yolo fun ship. I just hope you don’t have to be a unicum player to get any use out of it.

    • That’s why I talked about it having a high skill floor due to the need for understanding positioning and timing. It’s like the Atlanta in that regard

    • +Business6 Seemed to play the same way I do my Sharnhorst. Tanky enough to push in but you don’t have the torps or secondaries. It still looks like fun to me. Just, as you said, have to pick the time to push.

  4. Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Great video! Loved the commentary. A little excessive on the swearing though 😛

    • You must be new here lol

    • Nathaniel Hawthorne

      +Business6 And you must be young. 😛

      Jokes aside, I wouldn’t be saying that if I didn’t think your video rocked. Obviously you have a lot of talent, your commentary is excellent, and your opinion on the ship is one from a solid foundation of experience. Unfortunately, all swearing does is limit your audience and reduce the effectiveness of what is otherwise a superb presentation. People tune out once they hear that. And that’s not personal opinion, but a professional fact. Ultimately this is your channel and you can do as you please, but all your doing is limiting your own success.

    • +Nathaniel Hawthorne But it isn’t, though, as people who swear and rage in their channels for this very same game have many times the views and followers. I get what you’re saying but it’s only true to a degree. Hell, look at Jingles with 605k subs and, depending on the videos, we swear about the same amount.

      People watch or they don’t. As this is just something I do for fun it’s really not a concern for me. Plenty of PG channels out there–this just isn’t one of them. I appreciate what you’ve said, though, thanks

  5. I’m still on the fence about AK. I’m an Axis main, so the American arcs throw me off. OTOH, I’m a collector. That being said, I try not to collect ships I won’t play/won’t do well in. This vid is super informative, and I appreciate you going over all your thoughts and concerns.

    • Yeah I’m not really sure who to recommend it to outside of people who have copious experience in the USN Light and especially Heavy Cruisers? It’s in a strange spot when considering the playerbase at large and I really think it’s not going to be liked by a lot of the people who get it.

  6. Glorious preview!

    I can not wait to get Alaska.

  7. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Holy Shit…Yamatos Backturret Dispersion @ 25:03 lol… Backturret always best Turret!

  8. glad to see you back business6, been a day or two. awesome video as always.

  9. Looks like USN is getting some actually armed cruiser! what a change after 10 bow citadeling cruisers 🙂 about shell unreliability monarch as all british bbs have trolly armor against AP shells… its just 32mm plating and nothing else… its something like atlanta at tier 7

    • AndrejD303 I said that a few times with some demonstration s throughout the video, not just the shots at the Monarch. That ship has always been a bit of a pain to do damage to, though

  10. I just see you giving broadside to everyone 24/7 and no one seems to be able to really punish you. Although bad players are unlikely to get high damage numbers, noobs are really going to enjoy that ship

    • Kalle Blomquist Shows how much you paid attention

    • +Business6 Oh really? That Buffalo alone should have erased you at least 2 times.

    • Kalle Blomquist Again you must not have paid much attention as the Alaska is unlikely to get citadeled at that range. And I was also engaging/engaged by two destroyers on either flank so you think it’s better for me to go broadside to them and not the Buffalo? I really look forward to seeing you play this ship.

    • +Business6 Lol that’s exactly the point I’m complaining about: A USN cruiser not being able to to cit another non-German cruiser below 10 km. That’s pretty unique and the definition of Alaska’s noob-proof armor. Also your hydro was up almost the entire time, the Yugumo torped you once and then was preoccupied with the Monarch, so your angling vs Buffalo could’ve been definitely better cause there was only the Shima left to worry about. After all this is a “unicum clubbing seals”-compilation, these 2 dudes should have killed you with ease, but this had nothing to do with Alaska herself, they just played horribly.

    • Kalle Blomquist Ahh, I see. So you’re just degrading everyone and everything involved in that situation from your admiral’s chair. The ship excels at brawling so it’s noob friendly, apparently. I stay broadside to the target I both expect to kill me and the one I’m least worried about so that makes both of us shitters. The shim should probably uninstall, too?

      I hate to tell you this but you wouldn’t have done any better if you were them or me. But feel free to send me a replay with the ship and I’ll feature it. You’ll see how incredibly petty these backseat driving comments are.

  11. It’s pretty obvious that this ship will be very good in the right hands. It isn’t a competitive ship by any means but looks to be a lot of fun in randoms. There will be a lot of bad players who will obtain this ship who expect to do well but that just isn’t the case. I think it’s pen could use a but of a buff. Someone on the forums pointed out that it was less than what was historical. Anyways this ship is a sure thing for me. Business will you consider getting it as well or is it not your cup of tea

  12. Nice replay, Alaska looks to be a keeper. As long as she doesn’t get to nerfted

  13. Another excellent video B6. Thx dude.

  14. Excellent review, thanks, Business. I already have the Kronshtadt and like it, I’m just not sure whether I want to get the Alaska too?

  15. Anyone know the name of the mod setting that makes the mini map dark? I think my modded mini map is the wrong one. The dark is much better. As well as the ship damage icons on the side. (Those I can find). Anyone know the mini map mod or setting?

  16. It doesn’t have the same straight up “f**k your citadel” potential as the Kronshtadt, but Alaska still has those American AP shells with low muzzle velocities which makes them a pain to shoot but that dispersion & penetration angles means full pen AP hits are going to be very common.

  17. Is the silver income shown in the video boosted with flags or camo?

  18. you are a used car salesmen for wargaming

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