World of Warships – The Angel of Death

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Terminating Destroyers in 3…2…1…


  1. IChase breaking the game every vid lol

  2. Big thx for that. Time to test it myself.
    Anything similar for IJN AP bombers to make them more reliable?

    • +FTHP hence the question if there is a drop “tric” so to speak.

    • +Andreas Müller depends on the armor of the ship drop at different height. Aim the part of the deck armour between turret. Usually a BB you need to drop mid to high. Other ship need to drop lower cuz much overpen than Yamato

    • AP deletes cruisers. Ryujo can do this against Atago, Mogami , Edinburgh. Haku every cruiser and gets like 17-25 k dmg . Moskva / Stalingrad/ Kronstadt suffer much.

    • +SebaX but usually they will stick together unlike dd so plane can’t attack effectively

    • Pretty much you need to think more when play IJN cv

  3. And all with 0% counterplay possible. 10/10 balance

    • +physixger You mean this counter play that is getting nerfed in 8.0.3? 😀

    • +Erik Trimble Are you saying every T10 and T8 Cv are stupid? Pretty big assumption just because my experience doesn’t match yours.

      Being consistenly top 3 on XP says otherwise to being useless. Again, you only have to be infront of your allies to do spotting, if you are 10km or more infront, well not shit a CV is going to focas you.

      And I play T8+ so what?

    • +Tomasz W Yeah, sadly, in a way. But it’s all a matter of balancing. I see what they’re doing; they notice that the AA of one tier X cruiser is enough to repel a tier X CV (which is fine, I should have to avoid the Mino, Woo or Desmo), so that the AA of 2 or more ships is too much. Problem is when groups are too strong, then the CV is competitively useless because in a coordinated setting it’s a mechanic to be abused.

    • how about low tier like t6?

    • +Sakamaki Richard Pure RNG?
      I saw many good CVs in my teams but my teams were like : “why are we here to suffer” and they all suicided.

  4. “DDs won’t be easy preys for CVs anymore.”

    LEX/MIDWAY: Hold my Beer

    • If only there had been some way to test all of this ahead of time. You know, maybe set up some server that had the test code on it, and ask people to try it out. Maybe even give feedback to your device team about what do and didn’t work well.


  5. Chase is “self balancing” CV’S again by showing their powers.. nerf soon… love ya bud!

  6. works with kaga too so IJN also have a cv that can pull this off

  7. Having played both DDs and CVS I feel this patch made it so CVS become monotonous real quick and are quite rng based so not that fun yet can have a profound harassing effect on one single ship making it unfun for that ship. I think the problem I have is you remove the team element as a CV no longer has the ability to act on more than one ship at once meaning they are forced to pick on one or a few select ships and due to diminished AA ranges it is hard for the team to provide cover for DDs as they are likely to be a distance away from the team either spotting or capping. Just my opinion feel free to dispute it

  8. I stopped playing 3 matches into the CV rework because of this right here. I knew this crap was coming. I know eventually it will be fixed and I love the game so I’m not just hating on it, but man it’s disappointing to see a game you enjoy become so broken in my opinion.

  9. A.K.A. How to turn your dive bombers into superpowered rocket planes.

  10. Now…to find a way to kill the other ship classes!!!

  11. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    You can even do this with Langley. Even Kamikaze won’t stand a chance & will eat at least 2k dmg per drop.

  12. saw this on KotS tournament on flamu stream. one of the commentator (a cv expert) brought by flamu explained how this work. i also saw this against unicrum player DD player, they didn’t stand a chance.

  13. CV exploit: *exists*

    iChase: “Its free real estate”

  14. Bottom line is the CV rework is a total joke of POS release and worse is ALL respects to CVs before.

    They won’t do it, because it will reveal them to be the incompetent jerkoffs they are, but the only decent solution is to abandon the rework and go back to the old style of CV play, then go about fixing the well known problems with the solutions the community has been telling WG for 2 years now.

    WG is one of the worst at feature releases of any game I’ve ever played, and that saying something with 25 years of computer gaming experience.

    • Tovarish, we have implemented this CV rework to also play the game on capitalist consoles! You can’t deny us the roubles we can make from there!

    • Yes, sadly, that is exactly why they did it – so they could have a unified source code base for both console and PC.

      Of course they’re loudly protesting the didn’t do it for that reason. But there’s no possible other reason to do it, then.

      WG is just a shitty organization. Not *the* worst gaming company out there, but they’re trying hard to get worse…

    • +Erik Trimble I’m still surprised how no one else managed to exploit the market yet in making alternatives to the games which have much better implementation, feedback reception and mechanics. Armored Warfare did that for a while, when it was Obsidian (the guys that made Fallout NV), then they got booted out by the ones who were bankrolling their development ( because Obsidian wanted to do a proper job, but just wanted, in their own words, “a WoT copy to eat in WoT’s market share”, WoT isn’t holding any copyright to my knowledge on this type of game.
      War Thunder does not qualify for discussion because it’s not the same type of game.

  15. Aaand that’s why I don’t play the game anymore. GJ Wargaming, GJ!

  16. Once I heard about Flamu saying Bombs has ballistics, this is what I totally feared as a DD player

  17. Before the rework: 12 TB with 9k dmg per torp 1 attack run and around 3min. reload time. U see a full HP BB and a full HP dd which could dodge most of your torps. Which 1 would u select?
    Now: TB with 2,5k dmg with multiple runs but most of them die by even mediocre AA. Don’t using TB most of the time. See a full HP BB and a DD, which 1 u select? Planes r like mosquitos now. They make low dmg but can be very annoying and finish only low HP targets.

  18. Chameleon Scheimong

    WG: “Destroyers players need to learn to adapt”.
    What? 20km Shima?

  19. This is an exploit. It’s usually referred to as “The enlightened drop”. It will be fixed probably in the upcoming patch so you moght have less than a week with it.
    Theres also an exploit that allows you to dispawn ennemy fighters but not gonna add more fuel to the fire

  20. As a DD main I really feel that 8.0 took most of the fun out of the game for me.

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